By The Unhived Mind 29th February 2012

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Finally a mention of The Work(fare) Programme from hell for adults over 24 years old who are unemployed and claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance. Why has it taken this long for action on this area compared to the youth slave programmes? Why has there not been any word on the utter involuntary servitude of adults? All compulsory workfare slavery schemes must be stopped immediately. All benefit sanctions must be stopped immediately. Right now people are being forced to do these Unlawful mandatory schemes under duress and fear of losing their most basic human rights being a right to life. If they do not do these schemes a benefit sanction is placed upon them which removes all their Jobseeker’s Allowance meaning they have no currency to pay for heating, food or even water. Who ever cuts you off from getting water under duress should be sent to prison for threatening your life and the same for food and heating. This is a modern World not ancient times. The nations should be able to provide comfortable living standards for all forms of people.

Remember daily behind the scenes in a secret slave economy you are not privy too, these merchants at The Worshipful Company of Mercers and offshoots make a fortune off you just breathing. How? When you were born your parents were hoodwinked under duress of a fine in order to get them to register your birth using a wet signature to sign the deal. When your parents did this act, the UK Plc (registered at Companies House) was informed that new stock in the corporation had arrived. A second secret you which is your person (a means of commerce or a corporation) was created which created a security to be held by the Bank of England. This security three years ago was the equivalent of £1.3 million. This security is traded daily with World banks in a secret economy which makes profit on the original security. Now over the years this makes a very high price but you never get to see it or collect on a dividend within the UK Plc which in truth you are a shareholder within. What happens is when you die and once that death certificate gets created, the funds amassed by the person then become the property of The Worshipful Company of Mercers through the Escheat Law. No different to if you have wealth and there’s no descendants or family to pass that wealth onto. The difference here being you never knew about it.

This person or corporation which you animate in your real life body is considered dead and lost at sea. That registering of your birth enslaved you to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 at the Crown Bar within New Jerusalem aka City of London which is a separate covert Sovereign Nation. You have become a slave to Jesuit trained Knight of Malta, King Juan Carlos of Spain and the House of Bourbon along with his puppet Evelyn De Rothschild. Prior to 1975 you were enslaved by Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II. The House of Bourbon on installment took over the reigns from the House of Windsor in 1975 as the Bourbons are the second oldest Monarchy in existence. This gives the Bourbons the most power within the still existing Holy Roman Empire where King Juan Carlos of Spain is really the covert Emperor with great power from his title of Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. So you have been enslaved in a secret system making a fortune and to prove secret systems are around and working well and thus there’s not even a need for taxation I suggest you study the already highlighted Annual Comprehensive Financial Report from the U.S. You had better believe the same thing happens in the U.K Plc too. On top of this you have the overt slavery coming through via the economic depression aiding the mass of further influxes of slaves to Serco and G4S to become competition with outsourced companies in slave labor lands like the Far East.

Its time to add Jamie Oliver restaurants on the boycott list until they totally remove themselves from any of these involuntary servitude schemes from hell. Lets not forget that the players behind these schemes are an organization called Unum. Yes the very one touting for insurance business in case you lose your job and need something to live on. This Unum is also known as Unum Insurance and Unum Provident. I highly suggest you study what they have been up to in the United States and what happened to them because of it. Make sure you read the pdf book I have online about workfare and involuntary servitude. Do not submit to the New World Order. Its time to make a stance before its too late. Please read my other works on this subject for more knowledge and insight into this vile feudal system coming in right now. These companies aiding this feudal system had better watch their backs during these already tough times of the covered-up economic depression. They do not want to lose any more custom or its all over for them and will put them in the bankruptcy Courts. What will happen to the staff of these companies destroyed? They will end up on the Government slave labour workfare the same so be careful what you aid or else…


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