Zeusian UK Political Party Leaders Keep Hunting For An Addiction Fix Within A Bankrupt Nation

Zeusian UK Political Party Leaders Keep Hunting For An Addiction Fix Within A Bankrupt Nation

By The Unhived Mind – 5th April 2015


I was asked to comment on the ITV Debate for the UK Election 2015 so here goes:

world_war_3-compressedQuite frankly these six puppets of illusionary choice mastered by both the New Doge (Queen Elizabeth II) and the City of London Corporation will always just end up urinating once a day in the ocean and expecting it to rise. The fact of the matter is that the Trans-Atlantic Zeusian monetary system has collapsed and it’s bankrupt meaning both the City of London and Wall Street need an out such as another World War (read Smedley Butler’s ‘War is a Racket‘ not to mention the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst representative George W. Scherff’s [Bushfraud] first and only truthful words on war and corporate interests).  If New Venice (Britain) cannot achieve this World War then they’ve made sure their bets are hedged by joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and its Promethean future.  In attempts to hinder the BRICS Alliance the Empire of New Venice has been using coup d’etat attempts (Nazi Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina), War (Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen), NATO troop build-ups/propaganda (Eastern Europe), assassinations (Muammar Gaddafi and Christophe de Margerie) and economic warfare (sanctions, vulture debt).


Alexander Hamilton

We’ll just keep going nowhere like a pet gerbil on wheel until someone talks about the real and needed issues of moving over to the BRICS New Development Bank whilst taking on an Alexander Hamilton economic plan. Under Zeus all we’ve had for centuries is a backward and unfair global society which in recent years has degenerated at an alarming scale. When you talk about education we need real education and not Marxist indoctrination like we see today with all these ‘education’ subjects like for example death and sex which will continue to degenerate under the Common Core State Standards Initiative and Outcome-based de-education systems.  Our education should work for the progression of mankind meaning a following of the powerful teachings and thinkings of Germanic, Johannes Kepler.  We see such a Kepler mindset when we look at the China National Space Administration’s foundation of their space programme.  We can also see the Alexander Hamilton underpinnings by the Chinese on the BRICS New Development Bank.  We the people no longer want a continuation of the pseudo-sciences of the Royal Society of London and destruction of the education system by the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers.  Education in Britain has purposely been attacked since the introduction of the Education Reform Act 1988 where by children aren’t even taught about the all important British Constitution.  Why would such a move be necessary against young Briton’s?  The British Constitution is the key to a Brexit destroying the UKs membership in the European Union, whilst also being able to destroy the Admiralty law slave system superimposed over the land by the City of London (Temple Bar) since the covert bankruptcy of 1933 meaning even the statutes prior to the EU takeover would become null and void under English Common Law.


Roger Hayes

If you want to stay in a Zeusian dark age system then the best bet out of these debating Zeusians is of course Nigel Farage.   Nigel Farage was the clear winner of this debate screened by ITV.   Since we are so trapped in Zeusianism, Britons could use Nigel as a gradual stepping stone towards further future changes as a brainwashed populace gradually removes the programming more in favour of Prometheanism which could take decades we haven’t got right now unless the Zeusians can be defeated by a Promethean triggered global economic collapse, full implementation of the BRICS New Development Bank or both.  Right now for Britain to move into Prometheanism it would need the leadership of Roger Hayes a member of the British Constitutional Group and the man behind The Lawful Bank which already has a credit currency ready for Britons called the Sovereignty.  I wonder why Nigel Farage hasn’t spoken about the need for a credit currency created by the U.K Treasury?  Even the covert British Secret Intelligence Service spy agent, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has highlighted The Chicago Plan by the International Monetary Fund (be very careful not to get succoured back into another Zeusian faction plan).  I should point out that Pritchard was one of the main MI6 agents sent by New Venice to destroy President Bill Clinton and why?  Bill Clinton had a major Promethean economic plan for the United States with his dramatic energy policy which ruffled the feathers of the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Worshipful Company of Fuellers.  This Clinton energy shock wave had exactly the same affect as the North American Water and Power Alliance backing by President John F. Kennedy.  Kennedy ended up being assassinated by Permanent Industrial Expositions (MI6) for many Promethean actions and in part for the NAWAPA and of course his national credit currency.   If the NAWAPA had been implemented back when Kennedy had called for it then we would now have little worries about the current drought situation in California (one of the Club of Rome’s targets for destruction due to its food baskets).  So there we have have two fine examples of Zeusianism squashing Promethean progression.


Lets not forget the recent New Venice mastered false-flag attacks on Paris funded by the HSBC Bank Middle East based in Qatar in conjunction with Saudi Arabia (funding the Order of the Bath 9/11 attacks as evidenced in the classified 28-pages) controlled by New Venice since 1763.  Why was Paris attacked including an incident outside the Elysee Palace?  As a warning to Francois Hollande about his support for Promethean Vladimir Putin.  As you’ve seen both Hollande, Merkel and Putin have aided the Minsk-2 ceasefire agreements in the Ukraine.  Now only a short time ago we had an attack on a Germanwings plane which French intelligence is purposely falsely blaming the co-pilot as the third truth (two levels of lies and the first truth) that gets given to the herd by the media.  What you wasn’t told is that this plane was on route to take out the Promethean energy flux density future of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor based in Cadarache and had to be blown out of the sky by numerous French Mirage fighter-jets.  The herd are not informed that such aircraft actions are impossible without some kind of stuxnet like malware attack on the aircraft electronics.  This is just the same how people are not informed that the drones used against the World Trade Center buildings were precision guided utilizing the QRS-11 gyrochip from BEI now known as Systron Donner Inertial.  So awakened people who think a commercial aircraft could not make those kinds of manoeuvres would be partially correct but on that day of 9/11 the towers were hit by military upgraded drones tied to the Master Trust of Bombardier and of course a highly skilled foreign Air Force team under the command of a former pilot to the New Doge aka Dame of Malta, Queen Elizabeth II.  One of the typical ways these pirates bring down aircraft is either through back-doors into the FADEC system or through the Uninterruptable Autopilot systems all these aircraft have had even before the Order of the Bath 9/11 attacks (a secret you were not meant to know) and thus all we have in the sky today is remote accessible drones whilst the Black International’s Serco have major control over the air traffic control and similar systems making it easier to manage these planned New Venice attacks on aircraft.  The Worshipful Company of Fuellers detest the idea of limitless clean energy such as Nuclear Fusion which is one of the BRICS goals and even beyond this aided by Helium-3 mining of the Lunar surface.  Of course some attempts were made to try to fool the herd into thinking Andrea Lubitz may have been a terrorist with ties to Takfiri Muslims.  If that particular lie gets taken up by the herd then this would be blamed on Yemen in an aid to remove the Houthi’s people who are fighting for their rights and to remove New Venice backed Takfiri terrorist cells which are funded by HSBC Bank Middle East.  What we have here is a connection again to the destruction of the New Venice Empire as Promethean Muslims like the Houthis with some Iranian backing hit back.  We’re in a global battle for monetary power between Zeusian New Venice and Promethean BRICS.  The Olympians are at war!


On top of all that we have Utah now being classed with Texas as hostile and hit with Operation Jade Helm special forces at the same time as Barack Obama touches down in the State to meet with the heads of the Church of Latter Day Saints.  It is no coincidence that this church and religious state is heavily investing in China meaning yet another connection to the Promethean BRICS economic system.  Isn’t it very interesting to now see both Bill Clinton and Martin O’Malley backing a reinstatement of the Glass Steagall Act which could destroy New Venice’s Wall Street fork and its $1.5 quadrillion derivatives market?  Lets not forget that JPMorgan flies a Union Jack and how the New Doge Elizabeth II owns most of land of New York City (the Empire State)?  If you want to know who’s the power in the region then look her way as well as to the ‘powerhouse’ aka St Patrick’s Cathedral not to mention Fordham University.  What other New Venice pirates fly the Union Jack and the English flag? The pirates sitting in the headquarters of Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts which is a puppet of the the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath controlled by Great Master Prince Charles the very being who ordered the 9/11 attacks on the United States.


In this debate those other than Nigel Farage just conformed, hid truths or were simply living with their head amongst the clouds similar to Professor Douglas McWilliams the crack smoking adviser of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.  The worse two politicians on the panel were Natalie Bennett of the Green Party and Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru.  Talking about head in the clouds this was evidences on the comments on immigration and NHS tourism. My mother knows someone personally from Pakistan who came over to Britain just to use the NHS for their cancer treatment. So if anyone makes out its just migrant workers then rest assured it isn’t and the NHS is being milked by foreigners and ones who aren’t even in the European Union let alone British.  As with many British systems that are now in decay the NHS has been bought down from the inside out by the same infiltrating parasite known as Common Purpose.  Both Nick Clegg and David Cameron’s first speech after their coalition mentioned the words Common Purpose so many times it made our ears bleed.  Farage highlighted it costs £25,000 a year to fund anti-retro viral drugs for one being and that many are coming in from abroad to get tested and receive free drugs. This NHS tourism must immediately be stopped, you cannot complain about NHS funding when you allow leaks like this its just not common sense. This is even worse when you know that HIV is a complete farce as proven by intelligent beings such as Robert Wilner and Peter Duesberg not to mention numerous others. Who makes more of the monopoly IOU toilet paper from all this folly? The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London along with the Worshipful Company of Barbers (what many call big pharma). Therefore I’d cut the NHS bill dramatically with all those victims of proven-false HIV testing and I’d also have cut down the death rate from DNA terminating anti-retro viral poisons.


The Green Party is a complete farce but do have the odd few decent points within their campaigning but they cannot be trusted on the economic side, they have zero economic worth. The Green Party continue to push the House of Windsor’s genocidal farce of climate change and you can bank on them challenging a Johannes Kepler future involving a high energy flux density economic and progressive world. The mindset of the Green Party is in fact aiding this dark age which they claim they’re trying to tackle.  It would be wise for people to understand the United Nations Agenda 21 programme which is veiled to the public as Sustainable Development, Smart Growth or Comprehensive Planning.  Maybe Nigel Farage could talk about the threat to National Sovereignty posed by the United Nations.  The second biggest city in England known as Birmingham since 2008 has been taken over by the UN using the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.  We have far more to worry about than just the European Union, the greater threat is the United Nations!  For more understanding of this I would suggest you look up the information of the Iron Mountain Report and you’ll see what this report outlined was needed for an era of peace has in fact gradually been taking place since its creation.


The 1001 Club

Notice how the Green Party leader was quick to bring up so-called facts from Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund (controlled by a bunch of 1001 Club Noble Pirates). Yes the world goes through cycles of climate change but they’re all natural and driven by the output of the Sun.  Right now man has no significant role in climate change but the Green Party would have you thinking us common sense non-brainwashed realists are working for the energy sector.  I do not work for the energy sector (the Worshipful Company of Fuellers) but the Green Party does in its illusionary choice for the managed and controlled herd.  It is a proven fact about the Sun and right now believe it or not the Earth is going through one of these cycles and it is not a warming cycle but instead it is a cooling cycle that may last as long as fifty to seventy-five years.  If it wasn’t for the U.S. Air Force Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering program using the Open Skies Treaty along with other covert programs then you would be far colder than you feel today.  Please take note of how each Autumn and Winter we continually see Worldwide cold weather records being broken.  The green policies are genocidal brainwashing by the Venetian Arsenal in Venice and the House of Windsor in New Venice.  These green policies have been designed to achieve the population reduction goals of yet another fork of the New Venice Empire known as the Club of Rome.


King of Scotland

Now I should point out something quite important that not many people realize. It is far easier to exit the European Union when there hasn’t been a Referendum in favour of being part of the EU. So we need to be careful of a 2017 Referendum under any Government other than UKIP or non-Zeusians. Please remember that the Scottish Referendum was part vote rigged and the rest made up of psychological operation scared Scots thanks to the likes of the bias paedophile nest of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The same would happen in Britain and then the Referendum would actually make things more difficult if we wanted to leave and certainly more time would be taken in doing so. Any leadership of a nation forced into the EU without a Referendum can easily exit without needing a Referendum. For some reason Nigel Farage doesn’t like to point out that those supporting the EU are committing Treason under the British Constitution.  We didn’t see any attempts by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem member Franz Bonaventura Adalbert Maria Herzog von Bayern to aid the sovereignty of Scotland.  Forget this Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP ever helping to make a truly independent Scotland, not once did she or Alex Salmond give a real reason for the Scottish people to have confidence to rule themselves.  Alex Salmond and the SNP should have told the Scottish they could have their own credit currency or adopted the Chinese Yuan.  The Scottish economy could have been protected within the BRICS Alliance.  Scotland could have had Scottish waters and mainland protected by the Russian military to prevent internal geopolitical and terrorist acts attempting to destabilize the region in order to pull Scotland back into the United Kingdom.  Unfortunately the Genoa rooted powers of Clan Campbell with the witchcraft Most Noble Order of the Garter rule Scotland with an iron fist and lightening bolts from Zeus continue to imprison the ancient land of Hibernia.   It is about time these Norman, Genoa and Venetians were removed from the Blessed Isles of Albion once and for all, even the English flag stems from Genoa.


Promethean Vladimir Putin

Now if we want to know if Syriza is the real deal or just a puppet of New Venice’s George Soros it is very simple.  Greece should transition out of the Eurozone and enter the BRICS Alliance and all the other points I made out that Scotland should have done.  If something dramatic on these lines doesn’t happen in Greece then the nation is doomed and the people have again been hoodwinked.  Alexis Tsipras will be meeting with Vladimir Putin in three days time so we will soon find out.  Nigel Farage’s fears of a Eurozone collapse could be very close and those UK borders needs to be closed.  After hearing the news of a soon-to-be attack on the Greek Euro note by the fascist ECB I now believe we are on the tipping point of full blown collapse ready for a new European Union system which may lead to finally an overt economic depression.  If this happens the global economy will collapse and the BRICS isn’t fully implemented yet and it will take another sixteen months or so.  The only hope in a full collapse of the global economy will be if the BRICS can be immediately bought online, if not we’re in trouble.  This could be the reason why Syriza seem to be holding back and by doing this they would transition into the next system without causing a shockwave.  If the BRICS isn’t ready yet then you can understand why they might want Greece to keep things calm in the Eurozone.  Naturally many in the alternative media will be worried that Syriza are a flop but things aren’t always quite as simple as some people think.  Lets see what happens we’re in very dangerous times and you must be prepared by now for almost anything.


So in conclusion what is in store for Britain under the current Zeusian regime? We can already see the sinister new communitarian dictatorship system mixed with Marxism replacing the typical democratic British system which has been decayed by the likes of Common Purpose since the reign of war criminal and Knight of Malta Tony Blair (protected by Royal Prerogative under the New Doge and Dame of Malta Queen Elizabeth II) who called for this new type of system to replace the previous democratic model. People will continue to be forced into debt as part of a debt creation agenda in order to snare the debt victim as a slave in the next Zeusian economic prison after the planned collapse of the UK economy. Ask David Cameron and his pirate brethren about why they’re fomenting future violence on the streets of Britain? The London Riots were a planned psychological operation test-run for future race baiting events. Did you wonder why the New Venice mainstream media were happy to expose paedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church and even the Anglican Church? What have we seen lately? The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers using their media forks in order to now push Islam as the new paedophilia master in Britain and thus stoke the fire of Islamophobia.  All this anti-Muslim propaganda hits right  at the same time as the hype of false-flag terrorist events being blamed on patsy Muslims mastered by western intelligence networks. This is all happening at the same time that the real big paedophilia networks in Westminster and Dolphin Square go unquestioned. What is the goal of exposing religious paedophilia? Divide and conquer! How? The idea is to start a race and religious war in Britain between whites, blacks and Asians who’ll be part made up of Christians vs Muslims. Keep your eyes on the situation as it progresses and you’ll see what is really happening. At the same time all this is happening these religions can be undermined just as desired by those wishing to implement a new global religion which will be made up of of a combination of Earth worship and a scientific dictatorship.


The police forces will continue like the U.S to become more Nazi and aggressive whilst courts will continue the treason and corruption. Children will continue to be stolen by the state over minor issues thus disrupting the family unit and making large sums of cash for each child abducted by social services. This is also happening in the U.S and each child abducted by the Child Protection Service earns the pirate criminals between $100-150,000 a pop. So rest assured the figure will be something similar in Britain. Please study the work of Dr Mohammed Naseem and Harry Beckhough and rest assured the controllers of the fourth Reich will be the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals over the likes of G4S and Serco both part of the Octopus Black International network.  We’ve known since 2008 that these pirates have been preparing for violence on the streets and a World War.  Each County has a panel of fifty people working on the planning for this event which involves traffic wardens and security firms taking over general policing whilst the general police forces are militarized and fighting the violence them and their masters have created.  People will be fighting over divisions as well as food rations and its all by design.  This is a blatant conspiracy, they know the war is coming and preparing so its been planned from day one for years and therefore a conspiracy.

I put myself at risk reporting the way I do as I name the real powers that dominate this world.  I do not cover up the evils of these organizations by labelling them as one title such as ‘elite’.  I do not work for the Scherff (Bushfraud) family and therefore my website is a genuine alternative media and not another form of social engineering by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst/Carlyle Group, MI6, Mossad, Central Intelligence Agency, BND or the DGSE.  Please remember to pray for the greatest Promethean being of modern times, Vladimir Putin as he puts his life on the line for you all.