Zionists and the nation of Turkey

By – An Anonymous Turk (Jim Stone website)

The delay in your receiving the last report may have had a silver lining in allowing it to be plainly seen that things have indeed moved in the direction indicated by those first two dispatches – and that the information being shared is independent of the collusive and misleading narratives which now totally infect media of all descriptions. There is need of a break, however, from that straight up geopolitical assessment of events in order to match the nature of what is unfolding to a historical background as complex as it is forbidden – by mutual agreement of all sides.

Your site is the correct venue for such a review, as your placement of the campaign- to vilify Muslims in preparation for a major war – as THE major issue in the west of the moment is altogether true; the lack of such an understanding is what will lead to the mutual destruction of east and west so desired by the players behind scenes. Just as we here face the dangerous calumnies of radicalized Islamist jihadis unleashed by terrorist-controlled states, the peoples of the west need to confront – and defeat – the forces of hate and division whose storyline has, via ‘the Donald’ now so conveniently surfaced in a manner which will make tacitly acceptable the profiling of ethnic and religious communities.. Targeting Muslims as a group comes at a much greater cost than simply vilifying or marginalizing one quarter of the worlds population – it’s covert purpose is to lay the group for stigmatizing and removing ALL real resistors to the machinations of the hegemonist powerseekers. Covertly state-sponsored campaigns for the kind of socio-religious hatreds such as 9-11 was designed to achieve are now the norm globally, assisted in their strategies of public disinformation by complicit media organs and organized the sort of ‘black ops’ which you so diligently work to document as false flag events.

The primary danger to those of us in the Middle East – and, due to the destructive power of modern weaponry, to humanity as a whole – are the hegemonist projects of those who seek to divide and rule by means of racial and/or religious grouping. The zionist project is relatively well known and understood in it’s character and methods; however other, superficially competing but ultimately collaborative efforts are also underway. The Turkish model is one that is much less well known to those of the Occidental world.

A “Pan-Turkic” vision of uniting all those of that ethnic grouping throughout Asia has been an ongoing project since the “Young Turks” ousted the decadent Ottomans from their diminished Empire, in the early part of the C20th. As a part of that vision, we have witnessed the expulsion and genocide of Armenians from their Anatolian homelands, a similar if less bloody exiling of Greeks, and other ‘foreign’ minorities, along with a long standing suppression of the Kurdish populations predominant in the south and east of that country.

As if that were not in itself enough for one nation to be embroiled with, the C20th also saw an ongoing effort to “Sunnifi” a nation which is constitutionally secular. The divisions between Shia and Sunni Islam which have worked such destruction in other parts of the middle east are less of an issue here in Turkey than a fusion of the racialist project of “Turkification” with the religious fanaticism of “Sunnification.” This is a project directed against the 1/3 of Turkey’s population which remains loyal to it’s indigenous Anatolian character, expressed as the self identification as “Alevi” people.

If we are ever to be successful in cutting through the barrage of acroynms, unknown ethnic and religious affiliations, and the state-sponsored distortions of history which mask the underlying complexities of Anatolia’s heritage as the probable real ‘cradle of civilization’ – there needs be found a very simple way of explaining this concept of ‘indigeny’ as applied to that territory which was once called “Asia Minor.” Over a timeline of millennia, peoples, religions, and cultural currents have come into and run through that place. which is now being once again fought over by the representatives of “east” and “west” – whether it be Rome vs Parthia, Christendom vs Islam, or modernity vs tradition, the underlying theme remains unchanged, no matter the stage fixtures.

The clash of these competing currents has been at the center of orthodox historiography for so long that it is almost unchallengeable in its persuasive power. Yet challenged it must be – for the truth lies some where else than within its too narrow frame. What all this is meant to say is simply this – the deep sea of peoples living lives unchanged in basic structural continuum has gone on unruffled by the chop of surface waves of conquerors who have come and gone. Slow and steady mixing of these various superficial currents has indeed occurred – Greeks, Arabs, Mongols, Europeans and others have all left their mark on the terrain – yet the flow of popular culture underneath it all has been remarkably steady in it’s adaptation to and absorption of those passings. A project like that of the moment – the “Turkification” of a people predominately of other, non-Turkic ethnic and cultural affiliation – is one that flows against the tide of history, and against the ultimate well being of Turks themselves.

At this decisive moment, we have now reached the inevitable and conclusive phase of the joint Turkification/Sunnification project. It is the desire of the despotic Jihadis in Ankara that the countries’ “Kurdish problem” will be solved in a manner similar to the earlier “Armenian problem” of the C20th. As I write, the Kurdish majority cities of southeastern Turkey are being cleared of their civilan populations – who are fleeing on foot, in cars and buses, leaving behind all but a few of their possessions. School teachers in the cities of Cizre, Silopi and Nusaybin received text messages from the Ministry of Education telling them to return to their hometowns for “on the job training.” The public was quick to understand the subtext of this closing of schools in the middle of the school year! Doctors in these cities have been barred from leaving, and there is word that morgue facilities are being greatly expanded.

As tanks and heavy equipment reach the zone, the Army appears to be instructed to take position around the towns where Kurdish ‘self-defence units’ have been digging in, while the PKK filters it’s seasoned fighters into the neighorhoods that have been chosen for the coming urban confrontations between the state and those finally convinced that a state of civil war has irreparably commenced. What the suicidal maniacs holding Turkey to ransom appear to have facilitated via their confrontation with Russia is a strategic alliance between that country and the Kurdish forces who I previously mentioned are operating in the area of northern Syria where infiltration into Turkey is easiest. The munitions and weaponry which I also mentioned in that dispatch to be arriving in the newest Russian aerial forces facility include the kinds of weaponry which will be most suitable for this coming urban warfare campaign in Kurdish Turkey. Shoulder-held anti-tank missiles, flamethrowers, and the small arms necessary to sustain dug in positions will all be flowing north now into the hands of PKK and PYG militants who gained invaluable urban combat skills while successfully defending Kobane and other Kurdish centers in Syria from the ISIL jihadis last year.

The Pan-Turkic vision of a jihad against all ‘infidels’ has come to fruition in the Ankara regimes sponsoring of terrorist groups in all of the Muslim-majority former soviet republics, as well as western China. A more poorly conceived foreign policy against powerful Asian neighbors can hardly be imagined. Now, with the Kurds, those same neighbors have a powerful weapon of revenge at hand.

What would have been simply unthinkable only 6 months ago is now the reality that will confront the conscript army of Turks whose service training has not remotely prepared them for what is coming. Due to the wild adventurism and posturing of their newly reinstalled government, families all over Turkey will soon be mourning the loss of loved ones in a fashion all too reminiscent of the sad years of 1980-90 – but this time in greatly expanded manner, due to the international dimension added via the Russian decision to support the Kurds in a Turkish civil war. And though the downing of the Russian plane made this stage more or less inevitable, the fact is that Turkey had already made its bed months before the incident. In arming and training a veritable ‘foreign legion’ of jihadists which it has inserted in the Ukraine and Crimea as fighters and saboteurs against the Russia populations there, Ankara made a covert declaration of war against Russia already. When the chickens return to the roost, it will be to the cost of this countries economic and social stability. If one were seeking, in other words, the best method of destroying the very country one governed, it would be hard to find a better way than that which the AKP regime has engineered for itself!

There can be little doubt that the tacit strategy of the PKK, if forced into a full scale war confrontation with the Turkish military, will be to take the war to multiple fronts – including the urban landscape of Turkeys’ major cities. But if Kurdish militant bombings and assassinations fail to ignite the required level of fear and hatred in those cities populations, one can be sure that the state will step in to arrange that required level of mass terror. The Turkish deep state has a long history of arranging false flag actions to that effect – most famously, in blowing up a mosque in Cyprus, in order to make possible the widespread violence which led to the partitioning of that island on orders of zionist operative Hans Kissinger. The recent Ankara bombing of a rally for peace before the recent elections has already shown the degree of cynical bargaining with the blood of it’s own citizens which that state will go to in order to achieve it’s aims.

If those aims merely extended to arranging for the full scale removal of Turkeys millions of Kurdish citizens to a proposed new Kurdistan carved out of northern Syria, that would be a war crime of sufficiently large proportion to stain the regime’s image indelibly. Yet there are plenty of indications that the blood crazed madness infecting the Sunni supremacists in control does not stop with the mass disenfranchisement/deportation of it’s Kurdish 1/3 of the population. All over the parts of Istanbul where the countries’ Alevi population have congregated, for months we have seen the splashing of markings on doorways and buildings which serve to identify the homes of those whom the Turkish jihadis wish to see join the Kurds as fellow victims of the Sunnification/Turkification pogrom. This will literally pit one half of the country against the other, as the Alevi gradually realize that they will need to band together to collectively defend themselves against terrorism surreptitiously organized by their own government or perish individually as victims of that same terror.

And with all that said, we return to the initial starting point – the hegemonist dreams of madmen which threaten our world with blood and turmoil without end. We have seen those formerly stable nations like Syria and Ukrania descend into factional chaos at the dictate of foreign string pullers – the collapse of Libya into a terror zone at the command of the same – and are on the cusp of witnessing another formerly stable and relatively prosperous country dissolve into a civil war. At this point, we must ask – cui bono? In answer, it should now be obvious that the dreams of hegemony as here outlined – whether of Turkic, zionist, or radical Islamist nature, are all of a piece, in intent and execution. Accordingly, it is logical to suppose that this shared tactical dimension belonging to those separate strands allows us to also see a common strategic one! In all the above-mentioned visions of ethnic or religious supremacism, the millenia-old dream of the kabbalistic black magicians can be traced as the source and motivator of the evil confronting us.

All media narratives of the present moment share the same goal of hiding this truth from public awareness – some may seem to favor ‘the west’ over the Asian powers, others seem to place Russia, or China, or putative entities like the ‘BRICS’ in special light as defenders of justice and equality against the ragings of empire. They are all gross simplifications and distortions which cater to the extremely debased ability of the modern reader to process and assimilate information in an objective and independent manner. Only one entity stands to gain from this continual process of destruction of secular states and national sovereignity which the post 9-11 era has been witness to. Only the planned creation of a “Greater Israel” can go towards explaining how these superficially disconnected events have a thread which fashions them into pieces of a bigger puzzle picture. Yet even the word itself – Israel – is a dissimulative trick designed to foster a misunderstanding of what lies behind all these collusive efforts to provoke wars and bloodshed where peace and properity could more naturally reign. As surely as the 10 northern tribes of the Israelites rejected, and then split off from the Judean and Benjaminite tribes under the domination of the caste of pharisees who invented the very idea of racial separation and supremacism, the modern state which calls itself by that name has no connection with those peoples or their religion. The “Judaist” project under which Babylonian black magic and the ravings of rabbinic cliquists have been fused together as ‘kabbalism’ has been the covert source of almost the entirety of the world’s mischief for centuries.

The well known antecedents of the means by which this cult of racial supremacism became the predominate driver of world affairs – the dispersion of Ashkenazis throughout Europe after the break up of their Volga-based empire – have been occluded from plain view by the masking device of having a religion known as “Judaism” serve as the front through which the activities of that ethnicity have created an efficient and terrible control mechanism over states and economies – supranational and without challenge. All the apparent ‘opponents’ to the putative “Jews” – Muslims, Nazis, Christians and the like, are but part of this same control apparatus. As we have seen most clearly in the intrigues guiding events in Ukrania recently, the conjunction of apparent opposites – Mossad operatives who are ‘neo-nazis’ by self description, Ukrainian ‘nationalists’ who are dedicated to tearing the Ukraine to pieces, and so on – is a template via which the observer can begin to recognize and reflect upon the Turkish situation. An apparently “Islamist” hard core Sunni regime attempting to foment a racialist and religious segregation of it’s own and neighboring populations is superficially supposed to be an ‘enemy’ of the zionist terror state run from Tel Aviv; yet in reality, it is a covert ally and operative of the later, in the same way that Saudis, and groups like the Hamas organization or the Houthis of Yemen are.

In clarifying this important reality it is necessary to draw attention to the distinction between the zionist project of racial[more properly stated – ethnic] hegemony and the religion called “Judaism,” which can itself exist and operate outside of zionist prescription. In fact, those who operate the levers of real power in the mentioned terror state are ‘atheistic’ in their orientation – in the sense of having no belief in “GOD” as such, other than their collective tribe as Supreme Being. Only with such a realization can one properly understand the process whereby atheistic Bolshevik Ashkenazis created a ‘communist’ Soviet terror state which ruled over Russia and Eastern Europe for half a century or more. Using the screen of “Judaism” to conceal an entirely ethnic project of political hegemony has allowed the adherents of a cult of millenialist ‘end of days’ madmen to intimidate the global community of self-described “Jews” into complicity with their plans, as well as keep their supremacist views from being called into question by the rest of the “gentile” world.

The adherents of this cult are the true “jihadis” of the world of mass terrorism, existing as an echelon or network within apparently competing ‘religious’ affiliations like Islam or Judaism. Only when this is understood can the apparently witless and suicidal actions of the current regime in Turkey be properly evaluated. All of their collective activities are designed to break down secular states where those of mixed religious and cultural heritage live as a single polity, as well as destroy sovereign states with the power to resist the hegemony of the “Greater Israel” project and thereby keep their strategic resources out of the control of that network. A breakdown of those states into tiny, ethnically homogenous micro statelets which can be manipulated and managed easily by the dominant zionist power is the goal of both the Turkish regime and it’s foreign controllers, just as it is for the Ukranian regime and those of it’s ilk. All the above share in common the millenialist vision of ‘creation through destruction’ which marks the true socio-pathic conditon of mass murderers and genocidists.

The sketch of coming events in Turkey I have provided is not available to the citizens of that country, as the state and it’s complicit media outlets will not allow the terrifying dimensions of it’s plans to reach the popular imagination whilst there is still time for it to be stopped. Yet somehow this message must reach them – any and all who consider themselves to be true ‘nationalists’ – in the sense of wishing for the continued health and existence of that territorial entity – need to act now against the designs of the foreign controlled proxy regime intent upon destroying it.

Unfortunately, those who seek to stack up opposing groups, like the Russians, or the Kurds as the ‘good guys’ in a global battle of good versus evil are just as capable of distorting truth in media as the hegemonists of the zionist variety – in fact, it bears asking whether they themselves may be simply more operatives in the same global network of disinformation. In my next dispatch I will provide some further context as to why neither the Kurdish or Russian sides should be viewed as saviors, or warriors in the service of peace and justice. in returning to a more strictly geopolitical slant on events impacting our joint futures, I will also show how Ankara’s successful division of the Kurds into competing factions will create the conditions for a ‘civil war within a civil war’ so necessary to their plans.