Zionists launch smear campaign to create religious tensions: Analyst

Zionists launch smear campaign to create religious tensions: Analyst

Fri Sep 14, 2012 5:8PM GMT

Protests have erupted in several countries including Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan and Morocco in response to the sacrilegious film.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, member of Dignity, Human Rights and Peace, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: I want to ask you as we have said this comes in a line of many Islamophobia acts both in the United States and by US soldiers, etc. in Afghanistan. Do you believe that this latest incident will have a lasting impact?

Short: I actually hope it does but I hope it is a response versus reaction. It would be helpful if Muslim media groups such as Press TV were to truly educate the world to who Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was and what the Qur’an is actually about and if anything, it would be wonderful for there to be a discussion of the Talmud for it verbatim for it to be understood, we would better understand what is happening in the world right now.

Press TV: So then moving forward Mr. Short, how do you see this reaction that currently we are seeing as far as these protesters go on the ground, many of these protesters have called for their respective governments to break off relations or to at least ask the United States to hold accountable the people behind this video? Do you believe that those are positive moves and that would actually be respected by the US government?

Short: I think it is legitimate. You know, they have been insulted, there is a constant, there has been nothing since the discovery of oil in 1908 over in Iran and the importance of petroleum in the early 1900, there has been nothing but abuse of the Arab and Muslim world.

And this is a breaking point. People who have nothing else to rely on go to God. When you attack their core beliefs, they should expect this kind of reaction and in reality requesting that the people be brought to justice who have made this vulgar, sacrilegious, pornographic piece of trash is not violent, it is rational and it is showing the same people who are stereotyped, these terrorists who have no respect for law are asking for law and common sense to manage the day versus this cloak and dagger Zionistic attack on Islam.

Press TV: I want to expand on what you just said. Do you believe that the US government and US officials will then use common sense and law to end their reaction to this incident?

Short: That is a tough question. If AIPAC wanted them to do something about it I am certain that those persons who made this film and funded it would be on their way on an extradition flight to wherever they needed to go but there is a conflation of interest of Zionist and of imperialist and militarist and elitist who see Islamophobia, hatred of Islam and war as a way to make money and the other thing that I need to say to you about this film it shows about a curious time where people in Western societies like myself who happen to be Christians are looking at things almost from a Muslim perspective.

You have boycotts, I mean you have Christian churches that are siding with the heroic people of Gaza, they are siding with people in Bahrain and in Yemen and they want peace. So they invent this thing as a distraction to get those persons who empathize with Muslims, who are tired of seeing them being killed and blown up and their resources stolen, they now want to create this tension hoping that they can use religion to fight one another.