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Why is Rome so special?

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Why is Rome so special?
« on: October 26, 2013, 01:06:50 AM »
Why is Rome so special?

I do not find Rome special in the slightest but some of the elite groups obviously seem to adore the region.  In ancient times Italy was known as Saturnia after the Planet Saturn the astro-theological representation of Satan the controller of the Generative Force via the base chakra system.  What is special about Rome is that it is built on top of a very ancient volcano.  Under Rome there are many natural caverns where some secret societies perform deep Mithraic rituals.  Will the Jesuits use an ignition of this volcano in order to destroy the Vatican?  I do not know but I believe the Vatican will be blown up in light and fire.  Fire is important to these people as they are the Philosophers of Fire and this element purifies as well as destroys enemies.  Look on the top of the tunnel where Princess Diana was sacrificed in Paris and you will see the flame.  When the powers behind the Vatican desire to rule from the Latin Kingdom (Al-Quds/East Jerusalem) then the Vatican will be destroyed like what the predictive programming 'Angels & Demons' showed happening.  The King Solomon's Temple III is being built by Grandmaster Giuliano Di Bernardo the man behind the creation of that very movie.  I'd be worried about any British or US Embassy in Vatican City as a nuke may be primed ready in their basement for the big event.  Will it be a different method used in order to claim God created the explosion?  Lets wait and see...
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