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Asteroid agenda and how to combat the New World Order endgame

Author Topic: Asteroid agenda and how to combat the New World Order endgame  (Read 122 times)


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Asteroid agenda and how to combat the New World Order endgame
« on: November 07, 2013, 01:33:05 AM »
First the idea is to scare you with phony terrorists. Next you will be made to fear asteroids. Finally you will be made to fear aliens from outer space. I believe the asteroid agenda may start as early as 2030 onwards. Do not believe a word of the lies during these staged events created to force the globe into a New World Order international system.

-= The Unhived Mind

Seeking truth:

Is there something we should know about asteroids and what is the reason they are targeting asteroids specifically? I heard once space rocks are made up of rare minerals we can use on earth, etc.

I do not know what you can or cannot get from an asteroid since I have never been on one or looked at any samples from one. There could possibly be a rich amount of minerals we can utilize here on earth after taking them from an asteroid. This would of course be used in order to bump up prices of certain minerals whilst mining on Earth would be halted to aid the mass profiting from space.

-= The Unhived Mind


Is that a part of the VVerner Von Braun tellings of what to expect, and in what order? Why do you believe it is actually that so far off also. What might be the end game plan of NWO global slavery?

Also, what solutions might be possible right here and now to start combating this blatant tyranny?

Thank you for all your work as well, always.

Yes Deutsche Verteigungs Dienst Nazi, Werner Von Braun spilled the bins on the overall deception agenda. Do you believe the terrorism agenda has expired already? The terrorism agenda has a long way to go yet. I’d say at least another good twenty years minimum! Of course terrorism will be the big bad bogeyman for longer but I am talking about the prime use. Keep watching from 2032 onwards if you are alive and I am sure the asteroid scaremongering will be in full swing or just starting.

You know what the end game of the New World Order is, a trans-humanist society linked to a central computer system watched over by the United Nations using former Pentagon and US Navy minds until almost all the computer systems are self-run where a pure dimwit can control them. Once that technology is in place only a few elites will have manual control over the borg system. These elites will also be transhumanist but at a higher level than the rest of the people in the form of their powers within the new virtual world and at the same time they will have the ability to release themselves from this virtual world and exist within the real world, a bit like in the predictive programming movie, 'The Matrix'. The world as we know it today in our reality will also look so terrible like in The Matrix movie compared to the false utopian virtual world they give to us as our invisible prison. Imagine a virtual world where you have perfect sun and heat daily and then coming out of this virtual world and living in a harsh cold winter. Most within this virtual world would not want to exit it even if they found they could do so.

I believe they will explode the planet Saturn but not before new genetically created creatures have been created to cope with the new Earth parameters this event causes. Everything is connected such as minerals, planets and chakras etc. If we destroy the planet Saturn this will have massive affects which will affect all live on the planet Earth and not just from the cosmic radiation side effect after twenty-eight days of the event. What affect will exploding Saturn have on our Sun? If we hinder our Sun then where will the Earth orbit or will the Earth even exist? The planets are positioned where they are due to the harmonics radiating from the Sun, alter those harmonics and we have totally new parameters which could mean the Earth moving closer or further away from the Sun. I think it is very dangerous to tamper with space!  These same vermin try to tamper with the human body using sorcery known as pharmaceuticals. What have pharmaceuticals done for man other than line the pockets of the pirates at The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries? Playing around with space could destroy the world or even the universe as we know it. They desire to blow up Saturn which I believe will be their symbolic way of bringing back Satan. Do a study of NASA’s Project Lucifer and the agenda is very real. People were duped the event would happen in 2008 but we found the Cassini (Jesuit named) probe’s mission was to be extended. Today the mission is still in full swing and as far as I know there is no official ending listed yet. When you do see a guaranteed final mission date then this will be close to the attempted destruction of the planet Saturn. What will this do to the sexual functioning of Earth’s creatures when the explosion occurs? I do not have the answer but it will have a big effect as the base chakra is no longer influenced by Saturn. Will the chakra weaken or increase? Will serious imbalance across all the chakras occur quickly in a ripple effect? If I hinder your liver function then the ripple effect will be a lack of power to your heart and lacking or no balancing of the spleen and so on.

If you want to try to combat the tyranny then you need to look at the Common Law of your land and your nation's Constitution. If your land does not have either of these important systems then you must implement them based on the versions of England and the united States of America (lower case U for the Republic). Look at the important ideas, models, systems and actions of groups like the British Constitutional Group run by Roger Hayes. Try not to follow too much of the information spread in the well-known alternative-media such as Alex Jones who are all run by the Order of Malta through the likes of DVD head, George H.W. Bush. An example of why not to follow the majority of the alternative media is the promotion of a bullion only backed financial system. They will have you hating a credit fiat system but the truth is that if these are run correctly you do not have a problem and man can progress and prosper. A fully gold-backed currency can never work! In order to have any reasonable financial system based on bullion means you have to have silver as well as gold or else it will all fail miserably. Nothing is as simple as some in the bullion game may make out. I would direct you to look at ideas put forth by Roger Hayes on a new credit banking system he terms The Lawful Bank and you will understand what I am getting at. Bullion has a nice role in finance if you want it to but we need to also have a form of credit system to go along with it. I think even Lyndon LaRouche has highlighted the importance of a credit based system. Notice I call it a credit based system and not a debt system like we have today under The Worshipful Company of Mercers/International Bankers.

Another thing you can against the tyranny is stop purchasing oil, electronic goods and in fact just stop consuming in general and try to do away with as much as possible. If you buy something wait for a super deal and buy in bulk for a lifetime so you do not have to buy anything again?  When the massive financial crash starts between 2015-17 you will be able to buy things for pennies if you have exited the toilet-paper debt instrument game.  Vacuum pack items so they do not get oxidized or damaged. One of the things you can do is buy up lots of cheap kitchen and home appliances so you do not ever have to have a smart chipped version in the future which will rip you off on your energy bill during peak times.  Look at buying kettles and similar which you can purchase very cheap and stock up with. Those types of items will never lower much in power so you will not lose out in the future compared to say a once 60w computer becoming a 30w computer. Look at buying items which you can run off a solar cell. A good example would be a Gtech vaccuum running at just 100W rather than a 1000w+ Dyson etc. Use a decent laptop which can be run off solar with ease for long periods of time rather than a powerful desktop you do not need.

Make sure you stop all banking or at least never leave currency in the bank especially as the bail-ins start rolling in to steal your wealth and then give you an illusion of a share in a great bank when in fact it is a useless share in a bankrupt bad bank for god knows how long and most of all it is unlawful theft as witnessed in Cyprus. If we all stopped going to work, banking or consuming we could collapse the system in hours and days. If people no longer have trust in the toilet paper currency debt instruments then the system will collapse. Try to be self-sufficient and have little to rely on when it comes to the state.  If you want to grow food you must have a greenhouse to combat the effects of the Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and its side-effects. People need to get in the streets protesting like the French do and harder over minute issues let alone the big issues. Charges of treason must be bought against all the leaders who are destroying the nation states including the Monarchs (Moon arches) like Dame of Malta, Queen Elizabeth II (highest level witch) who has signed all the Unlawful treaties throwing England and Great Britain to the Catholic wolves of the European Union. All those involved with the Club of Rome and its wicked agenda should be jailed or executed for their crimes against humanity. I think Ben Fulford has some good ideas on how to improve the world if the tyrants can be destroyed, whether you like him or not his information on this subject of improvement is quite good. You could not improve the peoples lives and society with the financial strait jacket we have today or even a bullion backed financial system.

-= The Unhived Mind