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Echinacea, Boneset or Astragalus?

Author Topic: Echinacea, Boneset or Astragalus?  (Read 127 times)


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Echinacea, Boneset or Astragalus?
« on: November 07, 2013, 02:03:23 AM »
Which one is the most worthwhile for immunity boosting out of Echinacea, Boneset or Astragalus?

I would go with Astragalus which in China is known as 黃耆 or Huang Qi.  The advantage of Astragalus is that if you have used it for a while and then stop, the immunity effects continue for up to a couple of months which cannot be achieved with Echinacea or Boneset.  Echinacea is a strong stimulant and has excellent immune boosting functions but you can only use it for fourteen days at a time.  Those who claim otherwise are incorrect and simply out to steal your money whilst you waste valuable herbs.  After fourteen days the immunity affects of Echinacea wear right down so of course this shows how lame it is in comparison to Astragalus.  Boneset is a very special herb which is prized if you have a cytokine storm creating pandemic on the loose.  Not only does Boneset boost immunity, it will regulate it so you can have the advantages of both even during dangers of cytokine which boneset will reduce or clear completely.  If one was having a cytokine storm you certainly would not give them echinacea since this will just boost the immunity further and thus increase the cytokine storm.  Another herb that is special for cytokine storm pandemics is Boldo and guess what?  It is now on the so-called dangerous herbs list by the terrorist MHRA organization which likes to ignore very dangerous drugs but focus on safe and effective herbal medicines.  Now if we are choosing one of these herbs mentioned we would also look at what region we want to tackle such as the lungs and if we need herbs that are cooling like echinacea and boneset or do we need warm where we would use Astragalus instead.

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