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Do you eat meat, butter and milk?

Author Topic: Do you eat meat, butter and milk?  (Read 158 times)


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Do you eat meat, butter and milk?
« on: November 07, 2013, 02:18:39 AM »
Do you eat meat, butter and milk?

There is nothing wrong with any of these animal based products.  Do not believe the hype spread on the internet and by doctors, trainers, some alternative health followers or the media.  We need these animal based products in our diet to help our life-force stay healthy and strong.  Most of the people who jump into these so-called healthy diets then end up getting a serious illness and feeling unwell, this may take a short time to occur or a long time but rest assured in the majority of these people it will end up being the case.   All you have to do is stay away from ingesting the poisons and chemicals like aspartame, colorings, preservatives or processed foods including irradiated foods.  Meat, butter and milk are not the enemy, far from it.  These are the true super-foods including red meat.  You want to get the best quality meat you can find, ideally this would mean Kosher or organic varieties.  If you buy chicken breasts from a hell hole like Tesco then expect poor quality and plenty of hormones/chemicals.  If you buy the same from a good independent butcher you may be pleasantly surprised.  I have done this even without organic versions, the Tesco version I would not eat whilst the butchers was amazing to eat.  The problem with these types of foods is not the original food it is the processing from the farm onwards.  You will find it hard to source proper butter today since all the shelves are packed with vegetable oil spreads falsely marketed with butter names like 'utterly butterly'.  Try to source yourself real raw butter and milk and watch as your health increases as your body gets its real needs and nourishment.  Even Dr John Christopher the herbalist would try to brush off anyone pushing raw milk even though they were healthy through drinking raw milk.  To many people are blinded even when they believe they are enlightened.  Look at the demonization of Lard yet this was one of the best sources of vitamin D and should have always been used in the winter.   Make sure you are getting your saturated fats and take no notice of any of this propaganda being spread to aid the Global 2000 population reduction program of the Club of Rome.  Ideally people need to do metabolic typing to find out exactly what their needs are.  If you do not do the metabolic typing then you should eat a broad range of original quality foods to help get what you need and buffer some of the negatives your metabolic system did not want.

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