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What do you think of the state forcing c-sections on pregnant mothers and kidnap

Author Topic: What do you think of the state forcing c-sections on pregnant mothers and kidnap  (Read 88 times)


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What do you think of the state forcing c-sections on pregnant mothers and kidnapping of the child like in Britain with Essex County Council?

First of all the UK has zero rights to remove any child from anyone outside of the nation. Italy may think it has a right to do the same but even they cannot do such a thing. The corporation of Italy claims ownership of the corporation on the birth certificate which is of course supposedly this woman. If this woman has also had a marriage then they have more of a claim to the child since the marriage certificate signing granted ownership and power over that sexual product. So do you think the UK has any chance of these rights unless the woman is a UK citizen? Of course they do not. Also the Mental Health Act is an act of parliament (statute) which means it needs acceptance by the governed. Common Law is the highest law of the land in England and cannot be trumped by statutes and UCC/Admiralty (Roman Civil Law). Make sure you never sign for a birth certificate and never ever get married and sign for a marriage certificate. The state believes it can control you as it claims all of the people are mentally insane since the creation of the birth certificate. This is why they make you jump through hoops for licenses to do the simplest of tasks. You must be insane to accept becoming a dead fictional corporation right? A child without a birth certificate cannot be controlled by any state. What we have here is a violation on the woman and now the UK Police State will have quickly created a birth certificate to grant them false control over the newly created slave to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, the dead soul beyond the sea to be mastered by the Templar Bar and Crown Corporation. This child has seven years to prove it is living and not beyond the sea. Of course the police state will never accept it is a divine being who’s blood flows and flesh lives. The police state is the biggest dictatorship on Earth and as corrupt as they can be. They no longer even follow their own laws, systems and remedies.  This C-Section has also hindered the child's intelligence and immunity so they have violated and injured yet another innocent being.

-= The Unhived Mind