Revive Alexander Hamilton’s Genius

Revive Alexander Hamilton’s Genius

Nov 29 2016

In four reports presented to the U.S. Congress, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton made clear that only his approach would solve the young nation’s unprecedented crisis: resolve the national debt in good faith, preserve the international role of U.S. credit, initiate and expand broadscale productivity and full manufacturing employment, and fulfill the scientific advancement that Hamilton uniquely foresaw would achieve American greatness.

In June of 2014 Lyndon LaRouche provided his precise scientific assessment and cure for the economic crisis facing the American people today. This program is now known as his Four New Laws.

Now, two and a half years later, his assessment in the wake of the recent election, could not have been more prescient. If the incoming Administration has sufficient wisdom and courage, the path towards economic recovery and national success has been provided. This is not an opinion, nor an option, but as LaRouche indicates, an immediate necessity. These four laws, as developed by Mr. LaRouche, not only address the perceived problems of our nation, as are well known, but they also have the power to address the underlying root cause for the long-tolerated degradation of our nation—which fundamentally lies in our misconceptions regarding the voluntary creative power of the human individual as it relates to Universal development.

There is a unique quality known to qualified persons of political leadership: when facing an unprecedented crisis there is only one pathway which will suffice to sufficiently resolve the intrinsic contradiction of the problem. That contradiction can be defined in this way: that the cultural assumptions that had until that point been regarded as true, whether about society, economics, the Universe more generally, etc., must now be considered failed assumptions, and acknowledged as such. Yet the new cultural outlook, the one which is now required for successful survival—though it is entirely distinct from its predecessor and shares no similar assumptions—remains lawful when perceived from the progress achieved in past periods of cultural advancement.

It is this quality of transformation, from a failed system towards one with long-term success, which is now dominating the majority of the human race throughout much of Eurasia and beyond. As Russia and China each emerged from the collapse of the Cold War system in 1989, albeit through various incarnations, they have consolidated a new state of success within the framework of a new paradigm of human development (one entirely consistent with, if not inspired by Alexander Hamilton). This new paradigm is a far cry from the post-Cold War framework within which western elites have perpetually deluded themselves of their own intrinsic greatness.

To achieve this transformation of U.S. culture, also known as successful survival, the LaRouche-Hamilton pathway must be both followed and fulfilled, i.e., the necessary direction must be taken, and the subsequent actions must be sufficient in comprehensive effect. The college try, or being practical, will not only be the cause of failure, but at moments of great crisis, they will beget far greater destruction and loss of trust than the average New York liberal can imagine, all while the catastrophic effects are felt in far away places.

Presidents Lincoln and F.D.R. each recognized this higher, narrow path as an intrinsic quality of the Universe, a quality which lies behind the veil of mere appearances. Nothing less than this quality of leadership will suffice today.

This road today is the narrow path set forth by Hamilton 225 years ago, distilled into four simple laws by Mr. LaRouche, whose public political record began no later than 1966 in New York City with his unrivaled forecast of the collapse of the Bretton Woods gold-reserve system. This was followed by his eight consecutive campaigns for the U.S. Presidency, beginning in 1976—all of which were run in accordance with the political and economic tradition of Alexander Hamilton—and sustained by his ongoing leadership today.

In summary:
First the Glass-Steagall Act must be reinstated, and Wall St. speculation eliminated. Second, a Hamiltonian National Banking System must be established, to secure the economic power to rebuild the nation. Third, Public Credit must be issued for technologically advanced great projects, including collaboration with other nations such as China, to create millions of productive jobs. And fourth, the productivity of each individual citizen must be increased with a commitment to master the Universe, with an emphasis on the development of thermonuclear fusion power in a crash effort comparable to the Manhattan Project during World War II.

It’s time to get to work!

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