November 29, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump met with retired General David Petraeus Monday, as a senior official said the former CIA director is being considered for secretary of state as open infighting has broken out among Trump’s advisers about who to pick for the post.

“Just met with General Petraeus — was very impressed!” Trump said in a Twitter post after their session at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Petraeus told reporters that Trump “showed a great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. So a very good conversation, and we’ll see where it goes from here.”

The possibility that Trump might pick Petraeus instead of Governor Mitt Romney, who is backed by the shadow government that has infiltrated his closest circle, will encourage Trump supporters to believe he is finally fighting back against being bounced around by Mike Pence and Reince Pierbus.

It was Vice President Mike Pence, considered by Globalist journalist Eric Frey to be aligned with the New Word Order, who phoned Mitt Romney and offered him the job of Secretary of State, according to media.

It is not even clear if Trump knew about this offer.

Likely Pence also picked Wall Street bankruptcy king Wilbur Ross for and Steven Mnuchin for the key posts of Commerical and Treasury secretary, thereby, all but garanteeing an economic downturn. Ross’s inflationary infrastructure plan and Mnuchin’s plan to repeal the Frank Dodd act sent Wall Street bank stocks soaring.

Wilbur Ross is a top Globalist insider who attended a secretive meetings with Recep Erdogan in New York together with James Rothschild and Magnus Carlsen just before Erdogan suddenly began making claims on Greek territory, escalating tensions in the region.

Carlsen, incidentally, appears to be a chess friend of Alex Soros, who in turn, is closely linked to Hillary Clinton, whose daughter is a good friend of Ivanka Trump.
Picking the cabinet is the job of the president not the vice president.

Trump must stop letting himself be bounced into making announcements by Pence. If Pence announces picks Trump does not want, he has to go onto twitter and slap Pence down. He can be humorous. (Mike’s a great guy who wants to get on with the job, but that’s way too fast for me. I am still reviewing the candidates for the posts…)

Would Donald Trump allow Mike Pence to pick his golf team? Or a bar tender at a hotel he owns to pick the manager?

Would he listen to Jared Kushner’s and Mike Pence’s advice every time he played a hole?

Meanwhile it has emerged that Jared Kushner, who lives at 666 Fifth Avenue, played a role in setting Chris Christie up for a fall by encouraging his aide to illegally block a bridge.

I wouldn t be surprised if Kushner is setting Trump up for impeachment by encouraging his wife, Ivanka, to attend Trump’s first meetings with foreign officials.

Globalist historian Niall Ferguson is predicting the first part of Trump’s presidency will be marked by huge losses in mid term elections and impeachment for financial irregularities.

Everything will depend on whether Trump gets a good team together who can be relied on to deliver jobs and prosperity to the real economy, stop immigration and fight ISIS.
Crucial picks will be the Commerical Secretary and Treasury Secretary. My choice would be someone proven to be a true patriot like Rick Perry or Sarah Palin. After all, you do not have to be an Einstein to grasp the principles of sovereign money, and slashing federal taxes and, so, allowing money, the air or life blood of an economy, to flow again to facilitate trade.

No genius IQ is needed to grasp that a plan is needed to strengthen domestic production and consumption as tariffs go up.

No Harvard Business School degree is required to grasp the dangers of inflation and the importance of matching the money supply roughly to the good in circulation or investments in further economic growth like Renewable Energy.

The path to prosperity and jobs is very simple. But it does mean reigning in Wall Street, which has captured Trump’s inner team.

For defence, James Mattis is a great choice. He rejects waterboarding and torture, reads widely and is flexible thinker. Moreover, he has shown concern for his soldiers, meaning he is in touch with the average American, and has his boots on the ground.
Petraeus is a more problematic figure, but if he is open to implementing Trump’s foreign policy priorities after reasoning through the issues, he would also certainly be a better pick than Romney.

As for having two retired generals in his cabinet, that would be a talking point in the Soros media and New York Times only, not among his voters.

Once he has a solid cabinet in place, Trump should ask Pence to go, resign, give some plausible reason, or fire him if necessary. A genuine patriot as a VP is his best life insurance policy.

For the Globalists will consider guns, poisoning, electromagnetic radiation, to kill Trump if they cannot control him by psychological manipulation if experience is anything to go by.

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