EM Drive using a Cone and Magnetron

If you take a magnetron and put it at the small entrance of a cone, it produces thrust. Obviously this proves the theory of relativity wrong. So there are probably many arrangements this will work with, I’d try more than a cone, and many variables such as reflectors, uneven angles, different metal types, whatever you think of.

You will need to sacrifice a microwave oven to get the parts. Microwave oven parts are dangerous in the open. Obviously the emissions can mess you up, but on top of that ALL microwaves produce approximately 4,000 volts at a current that can kill you. So you will have to deal with that.

The FCC will hate your guts if you do not do it right. Forget trying it in a wooden home. You will need an underground concrete work area that is shielded completely with wire mesh (the stuff from home depot will work, get the finest mesh) and once your test area is set up, close it off and try to use a cell phone in it. If the cell phone works, you messed up making it.

If you use a magnetron from a microwave, you will at least get ounces of thrust if you set it up right, it is not a fringe effect. You won’t need any special measuring equipment to know it works.

Jim Stone

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