Clandestine censorship

Clandestine censorship

18 Dec 2016

Anonymous sent:

JIM, I’ve sent you a couple of comments today already concerning RT and I’ve been stewing on it and getting more angry when another thought occurred to me. what if it isn’t the RT mod’s , what if the stuff is being intercepted before it gets to RT and the “held in moderation”and final disappearance is an outside sham. Obama did threaten retaliation, is this some sort of hidden attack I wonder , am trying to think of a rational explanation.

My response (Jim Stone): This happens. Many people who have forums and comment sections never see half of what should come in, (or even less). It all depends upon the software they are running. A lot of it can be intercepted or sends everything through an intermediate step the people who use that software do not even know about. WordPress is absolutely classic for this to the point of absolute doom. PHPBB is another absolute whack job to the point of it being worthless, and admins do not even know it. They think it is all running local when NO, for every damn thing it gets sent through a central location that can just nix stuff. They won’t do it to admin, because then it would be obvious but admin can forget about getting legitimate random content sent by others unless it is degraded or pure trash. Those are not the only two that do it, but they are two I have direct experience with doing it.

This type of thing has as far as I can tell happened at, Rumormill news, Project Avalon, to name a few. I don’t know what software they are running, but know this is a problem for them. All of the operators are good people, but they have problems with censorship they don’t even know about. And I guess it is all a matter of priority for the censors, many who do not normally get censored are getting censored now, and this is part of the “back channel censorship” I talked about earlier.

Comments via facebook only

Anonymous sent:
Have you noticed how many sites only allow comment via facebook, however many people (self included) would not touch face book with a barge pole, so is this a technical thing that sites don’t have the ability to accept live comments or a filter ?”

My comment BETTER QUESTION: How many relevant comments actually make it through facebook when they do that? Do I need to answer that question? If a “truth site” uses Facebook for that step, I won’t even read the site because they are too stupid to be in the business. Any real truther avoids Facebook like the plague. Disqus is not much better.

Wanna know how hard it is to block crap? The message window is on the front page. It gets hundreds of bot hits a day, and NOT A SINGLE bot has EVER gotten through, not even ONCE. NEVER HAPPENED. And I successfully taught the message window to throw any flat earther or other hoax tard straight in the trash as well as anyone else who is only there to crap the window out. And it tells them it gladly took their message on top of it. Why can’t Alex just have someone write a message window like that that is smart enough to not need captcha or any verification steps to keep the garbage out? It took me only two days to do that. It is not that hard!

And that gets to another point – SpamHaus and other spam checkers are nothing but censorship tools. They don’t block spam even 5 percent as well as the message window does, but WOW, they do a GREAT job of nailing any mail I send out to anyone who is not expecting it and stopping virtually any mail anyone sends me. IF I CAN WRITE A STUPID ROUTINE THAT VERIFIES IF SOMETHING IS LEGITIMATE AS A PORTION OF TWO DAYS WORK, YOU CAN DAMN WELL BET ANY MAIL APPLICATION COULD HAVE THAT AND THE ONLY REASON WHY THEY DO NOT IS CENTRALIZED CONTROL OF WHAT GETS SENT THROUGH THE MAIL. STOPPAGE OF ANYTHING LEGIT FROM GOING VIRAL. It should not take Alex or a post to a major web site to make something go viral. Spam filters are nothing but sentinels in the information war, to crush all dissent. They should be BANNED.

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