Sanctions Obama’s last attempt to start war with Russia

‘Sanctions Obama’s last attempt to start war with Russia’

Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:2AM

Tensions seem to be simmering once again between the United States and Russia. Washington’s recent blacklisting of Russian companies and individuals over their alleged connection to the Ukrainian crisis and the 2014 reunification of the Crimean Peninsula with the Russian mainland, has drawn threats of “asymmetrical answers” to “the hostile acts” from the Kremlin.

A former US army psychological warfare officer, Scott Bennett, sees Washington’s latest sanctions against Moscow as part of President Barack Obama’s last attempts to try to start a war with Russia.

“He [Obama] has been effectively waging economic war as well as psychological war against Russia for the past few years with regards to the Syria intervention. They are on their last legs,” Scott Bennett told Press TV in an interview on Wednesday.

He also stated that US President-elect Donald Trump does not want antagonism with Russia, predicting that these sanctions would disappear with the emergence of the new administration.

He went on to say that Trump and his team are “strategic thinkers” and they know that Russia is the best friend the United States has in the war against the terrorists.

Bennett further argued that the notion of making Russia the boogeyman has no grounds, and that the sanctions have instead hurt the indigenous peoples of Europe rather than the Russians.

Russia’s economy has become stronger, he reasoned, explaining that the country’ entrepreneurial and economic adaptability has been “strengthened” and “diversified.”

Bennett further opined that the West’s designs and psychological warfare tactics have only backfired, causing the Western governments’ reputation to deteriorate.

“These sanctions are meant to somehow frustrate Russia and ally the world against it. I think it has had the opposite effect. It has actually ostracized America and it has caused the entire European Continent to see Russia in a whole new light and with its (Russia’s) economic growth, I think that is going to increase,” he said in conclusion.

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