What new gun should a beginner buy

What new gun should a beginner buy

Jim Stone
23 Dec 2016

Things have toned down now to stories about Clinton foundation donors being mad at hillary and other mundane stuff (like the ridiculous truck “attack” stolen truck turned false flag) and quite frankly I don’t care. They are going to make zero progress with that, so I’m going to answer something that has been repeatedly asked by people when there were other more pressing issues. I’ll sum it up succinctly.

My opinon on the best guns for beginners, one hand gun and one rifle.

If you have never shot a gun before my recommended hand gun would be a 380 semi auto at the lowest price possible with the longest barrel possible. The 380 is a mild round that is still lethal, it is dirt cheap, the guns that shoot it are dirt cheap and I could not think of a better way to start out. I have a well reviewed inexpensive beginner friendly .380 linked at the bottom of this report.

Now, what rifle should a beginner buy? Actually, a .22 would not be a bad choice for starting out. Here again you have a dirt cheap round and the longer barrel will make the tiny bullet a lot more effective. It is super mild, fun and cheap to shoot and after Trump got in ammo manufacturers suddenly dropped the price of the ammo. It is falling like a rock and at present looks like it will once again become so cheap that it is practically free to shoot, and nothing could be better than plinking off a 500 round box for target practice. With it’s mild nature it won’t wear you out and you can focus on learning rather than dealing with getting kicked to death by something big.

***rambling paragraph here***

As for the larger calibers, despite having lots of shooting experience I have only shot .22, 30/30, 30.06, .270, 223, 7.62X39 8mm and .50 cal. in rifles. In Handguns I have only shot .357 and 380. I don’t have any experience with varmint rifles that won’t kick a whole lot. .223 does not noticeably kick (in my book) but you can’t get the gun cheap. In shotguns I have only shot 16 and 12 guage. I have heard the .410 is a wonderful cheap to shoot learner’s shot gun but I never bothered with it because 12 and 16 guage worked so good. I really liked the 16 guage because it really was enough. If I was going to go back and buy one rifle again, I’d go for the .270 but if it is not semi auto it will kick quite hard (mine was a specifically made for precision bolt action) and it kicked like a mule, it was worse than a 12 guage but wow was it ever accurate. I don’t think you want kick. For a big rifle, the 30/30 does not kick that bad but I saw it as a boring kid’s round. Maybe for a beginner who wants to graduate the the first “real” gun a 30/30 would not be too bad. TO SUM IT UP:

***end of ramble***

If you never shot a gun before, you really can’t go wrong with a .22 rifle. Only get the semi auto with tube feed. You do not want a single shot or clip or any other action, (trust me on that, the semi auto tube feed is THE FUN GUN that you really will learn with and I have what I believe is the best cheap .22 in the world linked at the bottom of this report.). And with hand guns, go for the 380, the cheapest semi auto you can get. It will be fine for learning and super cheap, on top of being actually useful despite critics calling it gutless. Who cares. It will work if you need it. I sure as * would not want to get shot by one. It is the same bullet that goes in the classic .38 special revolver with less gunpowder behind it but it is still enough. Don’t bother with the revolver, get the semi auto. To be specific, if you want cheap and good, get the 3.5 inch barrel version of this exact model the smaller 2.5 inch version is not friendly to beginners but the larger one reviews very well for beginners. I have not owned this but the reviews say there is nothing better for the price and the longer 3.5 inch barrel will make the small round work better for self defense.

The rifle

To be specific, Marlin has the most famous semi auto .22 in the world. It is super cheap, super reliable, as accurate as you need a .22 to be and despite Marlin not being the best brand name out there, this .22 of theirs has been a gem for decades. It is great, and is THE GUN I’d buy if I was going to get a .22. The tube feed works great and holds 14 bullets. I have owned this gun (without the scope this one has mounted on it). With over 3000 rounds through it while keeping it it clean and oiled it never jammed once. It was the target practice rifle for acquanting kids, and even with kids shooting it it was totally problem free.

In a self defense situation a .22 (RIFLE) is guaranteed to be 50, 000 times better than nothing. Yeah, the bullet is puny but the rifle actually makes it useful. It will easily kill someone at 100 yards or more if used right. For reference, hand guns are widely considered useless (no matter what they are) past 50 yards.

So that is where I’d tell someone who never shot a gun before to start. Two guns that are useful and so cheap to shoot that actually getting good at shooting won’t have the slightest chance of breaking the bank.

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