Female draft is part of the depopulation program

Female draft

Jim Stone
Dec 26th 2016

This has not passed entirely yet, but they are probably going to get it done before Trump gets in to stop it.
Tyrants who want depopulation want women drafted for a simple reason – Since the beginning of time (practically) when large numbers of men died in wars, populations rebounded quickly because the returning soldiers took more than one wife, or had more than one woman. So with all the women present after a war, lots of kids could be born to replace populations quickly. But if you draft the women also, and kill them off, a a few “good men” will have nothing to restore the population with quickly.

We all know global depopulation is a key agenda. That’s been on the Georgia Guide stones for practically as long as people have known about conspiracy. And that agenda is the ONE reason behind the push to get women to die on the battle field.

1 guy living, 10 women = 10 women pregnant. 1 woman living, 1 guy living = 1 woman pregnant. It is as simple as that, and history is full of examples of the 10 women living scenario. “They” are trying something new this time around with getting the women killed, and only the mindset caused by their feminism psy op could have ever made it reality.

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