After NATO obviously downed the Russian plane, America is kicking out Russian diplomats!

After NATO obviously (in my opinion) downed the Russian plane, America is kicking out Russian diplomats!

Jim Stone
29th December 2016

It could not be any more obvious, the Obama administration wants war with Russia at all costs before Trump gets inaugurated. 20 more days. QUESTION: Will Russia be disciplined enough to just take it rather than responding and sparking something big? That all depends upon how mature that country is. Obviously SOROS wants a world war rather than Trump, and Soros, along with his helpers, is doing all he can to get it started.
But Putin is not stupid. Russia is not stupid, and my bet is that they will indeed just sit and take the B.S. and wait for Trump to put it right. I am not worried about the recent sanctions Obama put on Russia for “Russia hacking the election”, a totally unfounded claim – I am more worried about hard action such as the downing of the Russian jet, and possible hot military action against Russia. One can only hope Obama will not go so far overboard that Russia is forced to respond to defend its life.

Not fluff, this was in the Jerusalem Post.

UPDATE: other msm has now picked up on this.

The U.S. is expelling 35 New York and Washington DC stationed Russian diplomats. They have been given 72 hours to leave. And what is worse? Diplomats work out of embassies which are now referred to merely as “compounds”. This type of thing is always done before war is officially declared, because if the diplomats are allowed to stay on U.S. soil they can help the Russian war effort. This is an ominous sign of war despite the fact no official declaration has been made yet.

This has come only a day after Russia concluded that the crashed Tupolev with the Russian military choir on it was done by France via electronic hijacking. There is more on this topic down the page a ways.

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