Drudge report down, up, down, RT on cable in the U.S. is down

Drudge report down, up, down, RT on cable in the U.S. is down.

Jim Stone
29TH Dec 2016

UPDATE: Drudge just tweeted he’s under the biggest DDOS attack in his site’s history. https://twitter.com/drudge
The Drudge report has been accessible, then not accessible then back up and now it is down. People have had comments in the past about a secret Drudge signal. This time, —-> appeared at the top left corner of the page the last time it came up. Make of it what you will. Update: Just checked, still down. Confirmed nothing wrong with my connection.

Update: Drudge still down. Now RT went down on cable networks in the Washington DC area, but the web site is still up. This is one to watch for sure, especially with recent aggressions towards Russia.

UPDATE: RT is apparently down everywhere in the U.S. but not the rest of the world. Drudge is down for everyone. Drudges last big headline was “RUSSIA MOCKS AMERICA’S LAME DUCK” with a picture of Obama above it. This was the page that had the —-> at the top left corner, possibly a distress signal. That was the last page I saw, and it showed after the site went down the first time. Now, an hour later, Drudge is still down.

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