Snowstorm hits New England, 2 dead

Snowstorm hits New England, 2 dead

Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:8PM

The most powerful nor’easter in nearly two years has left mountains of snow in some parts of New England and killed at least two people.

The storm dumped two feet of snow in some areas, leaving tens of thousands of people without electricity on Friday.

Naples, Maine, around 30 miles northeast of Portland, received at least 27 inches of snow, with parts of Maine having intense snowfall at a rate of three inches an hour.

Over 100,000 homes and businesses were in the dark in Maine at the storm’s peak, with officials warning that it would take days to restore service.

The storm, which began on Thursday, also left thousands of residents in New Hampshire without power on Friday.

“It went from just a garden-variety, low-pressure system to a turbocharged storm,” meteorologist Eric Schwibs said.

The nor’easter also brought rain, powerful winds and even thunder and lightning to some other parts, including northern New England.

In Brunswick, resident Jason Weymouth, who heard powerful thunderclaps, said, “It hit over the house, and it was pretty loud and very strong and very unusual. That set me a little bit on edge.”

In Vermont, a man, 69, was killed in Cornwall when his car slid off the slippery road on Thursday and crashed into a tree, according to state police.

In Maine, a man lost his life in a fire at the height of the storm in Pownal, police said, but added it was unclear whether the weather played a role.

In Portland, resident Richard Haynes slipped Thursday night and was taken to hospital.

“It caught us off-guard,” Haynes said Friday. “I almost broke my back, had to get it checked at the hospital before I started shoveling.”

In addition to New England, Boston and Providence, Rhode Island, will experience winds of up to 50 miles per hour, but not much snow will fall in those areas.

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