Gun oil, and the BATF being abolished

Gun oil, and the BATF being abolished

14th Jan 2017

Anonymous sent:

The ATF is amending gun law 27 C.F.R. Part 555 on explosives, stopping the purchase or building of ammunition nationwide. Recently gun oil regulations have been tightened, and the only 2 companies up to legal federal code are his G96 company and Chemtura Corp, who only sells to the government… says these new gun oil regulations are set up to wipe out just about every other gun oil company that sells to the public leaving you with NO OIL FOR YOUR GUN making even stockpiles of ammo useless..’He says the contracts from the government coming across his desk are so BIG, it’s possible he will be forced to pull his oil from public sales in the next few months and triple his company just to keep up with what the government wants’ can we use other oil effectively for the guns???”

JIM STONE: On January 12, Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner re-introduced the Abolish the ATF act, which has a high chance of passing under a Trump administration. Here is a direct quote from him:

“Despite our country being trillions of dollars in debt, government spending continues to rise. Common sense budgeting solutions are necessary, and the ATF Elimination Act is one measure we can take to reduce spending, redundancy, and practice responsible governance. The ATF is a scandal-ridden, largely duplicative agency that has been branded by failure and lacks a clear mission. It is plagued by backlogs, funding gaps, hiring challenges, and a lack of leadership. These facts make it a logical place to begin draining the swamp and acting in the best interest of the American taxpayer.”

So your worries about gun oil availability might be moot. That said, with regard to using something other than gun oil, I have never tried that. However, based on what I have seen with various oils and how they behave in relation to gun oil, I’d say 0W-10 or 5W-20 synthetic would fit the bill just fine. HOWEVER, due to the detergents in that type of oil the oil will wash away quickly if you get the gun wet. So if that became an issue, then your choice would be air tool oil or sewing machine oil, followed by non detergent straight 30 weight as a last option. If your gun was old and sloppy, non detergent 40 weight would probably do. But I never tried any of this. I always used gun oil. Trump and Congress will probably kill this problem with early swamp draining. I would not worry much.

UPDATE: I searched this and it looks like people are having good luck with using full synthetic motor oil, as I said for my first recommendation. That would make any gun oil shortage irrelevant. THE LIGHTER THE OIL, THE BETTER or cold weather operation might make things stiff. 0W-20, 5W-20 and obviously, you would put it in a gun oil bottle to make things easy.

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