Sainsbury’s Experiment Tries to Wean us Off Meat

Sainsbury’s Experiment Tries to Wean us Off Meat

By Gary Cutlack on 24 Jan 2017 at 2:30PM

A team of researchers from Oxford University is heading off to Sainsbury’s to do more than hunt for discounted doughnuts late at night — they want to change the eating habits of the nation by putting vegetables next to the sausages in the hope that people might choose the healthier option every once in a while.

It’s one part of the Our Planet, Our Health initiative funded by pharma giant Wellcome, which wants to discourage the eating of meat so less of the percentage of the atmosphere is cow farts and we stop stinking up the solar system. The idea behind the supermarket trial is to somehow trick people into buying healthier veggie options by rejigging the layout of a supermarket, introducing such ideas as placing equivalent veggie options next to their meat-based counterparts, while also rewarding shoppers for choosing the vegetable options though vouchers and extra loyalty points.

There will also be leaflets about healthy choices, as leaflets always work and change things, with Sainsbury’s saying it’ll be trialing it in a few physical shops and through its online sales portal.

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  • uhm

    Once again we see the evils of the Club of Rome genocidal process attempting to turn the global populace into vegans. Why? The Zero-Growth Post-Industrial Society depopulation program. One of the worse offenders helping this agenda is Elizabeth Kucinich of the Masonic lodge known as the Worshipful Company of Coopers. Elizabeth Kucinich is the New Venice (Britain) handler of Dennis Kucinich (controlled opposition). Humans need fats and meat to survive and live healthy lives regardless of what vegans tell you. I was a vegan for a decade and found out the hard way that it’s wrong especially for a mass populace.

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