January 30, 2017

This blog is the world Gold standard when it comes to reporting on economic and financial issues as well as on the eugenicist World Government programme.

Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros has been proven to follow my blog avidly, and also to target me for death. His respect of my reporting underlines just how accurate it is in explaining how our financial system really works.

This blog correctly predicted that Greece would enter a debt death spiral in 2010, for example.

Now, for the first time, busy government officials with no background knowledge of economics or finance will be able to order briefs on key topics to help them solve real world economic problems effectively.

The briefs will contain the cutting edge information they need to deliver sustained prosperity and employment to support free countries at this time of transition.

Each brief will be bite sized (three to five pages), simply and clearly written, and avoid economic and finance jargon. Briefs will also avoid information overload by prioritising the essential facts.

First, a problem is explained. Second, the solution is shown. Third, an approach to monitoring real world results is outlined. Key concepts will be defined.

Illustrations may also be used to help busy people absorb information more quickly.

The topics covered will be

    1. How the USA can win a trade war

    2. Victim of debt or vanquisher? How the USA can leverage China’s vast holding of Treasury debt to wipe out China

    3. How tariffs work

    4. Why attempting to balance a budget sends countries into a debt death spiral

    5. Taxes and the IRS

    6. How does the private creation of money work?

    7. What are the benefits of debt free or sovereign money?

    8. How should private banks be reformed?

    9. Interest rates explained

    10. How to control inflation

    11. How do company house banks work

    12. Foreclosures and fair value accounting

    13. Stock market crashes and bank crashes

    14. Essential economic concepts explained (GDP, growth, production, inflation, taxation, supply, demand, wages, costs, competition, markets etc)

    15. Essential financial concepts explained

    16. The basics of fair trade

    17. How to calculate the impact of interest rates on a real economy

    18. How to analyze economic data

    19. How to analyze statistics

    20. How to analyze economic reports

Each brief will cost 10,000 dollars or 10,000 euros or 10,000 pounds to keep it simple.

A complete set of briefs will cost 190,000 dollars, euros or pounds.

Contact me at jmburgermeister(at)gmail.com to order your department’s set of briefs

Small change for real information that can be applied to real situations to get real results in a multi trillion economy like the USA.

George Osborne is set to be paid (a bribe?) hundreds of thousands for fake information by bankers eager to suppress real information.


Theresa May is paying lawyers 33,000 pounds a week to deliver Brexit. And these lawyers could not even win the case at the Supreme Court.


May sold the court loss as the result of very complicated legal issues, but then introduced a bill of just 137 words to address them.

In fact, the 137 word bill just states that MPs have given the Prime Minister executive power to trigger Article 50 unconditionally, something implicit in the first vote and referendum.

Government finally kickstarts Brexit with streamlined 137-word Article 50 bill set to be fast-tracked through the Commons in just a fortnight

Compared to the pseudo knowledge generated by Globalists, these economic briefs will be extremely good value, easy to absorb and easy to apply.

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