Homoeopathic potencies

Homoeopathic potencies

By udaya kumar

30C was considered highest potency by Dr. Hahnemann for a long time……and was very sparingly used by him initially and with lot of care and apprehensions. ….Whereas as Dr. Kent practised mostly with Highest potencies…
After 30 we have 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM, LM1, LM2, LM3 upto LM30 or more.

As per books the usage of potency is as per depth and chronicity of the ailment…..therefore medicines, in strict followers of Dr. Hanheman’s teachings or classical homeopaths or the bookworms from the Colleges of Homeopathy use and follow only the books as their commandments which invariably has a medico-legal reason and fear attached to it, and lack of confidence, experience inquisitiveness and perhaps an entire lack of spiritual insight or Faith in what they are practising….The body is understood by the present day homeopaths anatomically and physiologically…..To understand the body anatomically and physiologically and the like, one need not be a homeopath….one can continue to be an allopath the practise of which Dr. Hahnemann abhorred which led to his reinvention of homeopathy…..If Hahneman had not gone out of the box of allopathic thinking he would not have reinvented homeopathy; Similarly if we practise homeopathy and confine ourselves to the methods of allopathic learning and practise, we are not practising homeopathy….. Homeopathy is based on symptoms and not on what a machine is calculating and giving to you on a piece of paper or lab report…….they may be used as additional information but the symptoms should not be casualty to reports.

To know the fundamentals as per books, one need to go in the ascending order or potency from Q, 1X, 2X,3X,6X, 8X,12 X, 30X, 1C,2C,6C,30C etc. according to the depth of the ailment as per the judgement of the physician.

To my mind also the lower potencies affect the body level and cure the body level meaning in acute cases lower potency should be looked into first….the body level means the earth level or the material level….So, if I am suggesting one single dose of Rhus Tox 1M in an acute case of back pain or knee pain, ostensibly it is a case of physical ailment afflicting body and is acute in nature…..BUT at the same time one should keep in mind that all pains are caused by the blockage of subtle air and therefore the Element or the Mahabhoota involved is not Earth or Body but Subtle air which is the deepest and higher most of the firve Mahabhoothas or elements that constitute to form the human cell and human body……..In order to control the Subtle air therefore higher potency is the best choice though it may not be a chronic case….single dose of higher potency therefore usually cures that within seconds…..the pain disappears like a miracle.

The classic practice is to start with the lowest potency single dose and work higher up, single medicine, single dose, minimum medicine and wait for a period of time for the medicine to act, react, or whatever……and then chose the higher potency of the same medicine…..This is found inadequate in the modern days with millions of layers for the same ailment which the modern medicine system has conveniently named as syndromes.

I have many a times wrote on the dosages, and other related subjects in this forum in the last ten years…..I would not be repeating them…..I am using usually only 30C, 200C and 1M in this forum…for the reason that we are depending on the information provided by the patient who submits here the case which need not be the actual condition and we can in no way judge the depth of the ailment in a forum….therefore it is safer to work in 30C and work downwards or upwards according to feed back received…..and it has proved its merit in this forum for the last ten years as no serious aggravation was ever reported in 10 years.

Usually it is not the potency but it is the medicinal strength.or the medicinal value contained within the stuff that is significant……. some medicines are characterized as acute, some as chronic , some as long acting, some as short acting, some as acute like aconitum even if you give in 30C or 200C or 1M or whatever it works for short period of a day or two……lycopodium or silicea for example are considered as long acting and deep acting respectively and may be working within the life force or the activated life force symptomatically tell as that they are working for upto 45 days….Potency of 30C is repeated normally at an interval of 3 hours to 4 hours and if it is being repeated within that span, it should be understood that their working time is that much and the life force need be awakened again after three to four hours……though I do follow this practise, i do not fully believe in it because my impression is that the homeo medicines reports to the Life Force at the designated ethereal space of its affinity and function the moment it touches the buds of the tongue and the second usage is normally redundant and is for patient satisfaction or on the assumption that the earlier activation could have been antidoted due to various reasons including the ailment factors.

200C potencies are repeated single dose in a week…it can be used six hourly also….in split doses it can be used in 10 to 15 minutes also….like as an anaelgesic, belladonna 200, Calcarea Carb 200, Colocynthis 200, Mag Phos 200 etc. can be diluted in larger amount of water and given as split doses of one spoon every 15 minutes in pains like organ pan…..kidney stones/gall bladder stones/ appendix and the kind of pains.

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