George Soros: ‘I Am A God, I Created Everything, I Control America

George Soros: ‘I Am A God, I Created Everything, I Control America

The original is taken from Vseneobichnoe in Soros: It will start on December 25, 2016. And the countries will begin to pour in like dominoes.

It will start on December 25th 2016. And the country will crumble like dominoes.

(Note: ( From memoirs of stock exchange traders and businessmen ) In the early 90s, his friends and employees noted changes in Soros’s attitude toward religion and an awakened interest in his past.He asked the friends, including Daniel Doron, relevant books, including Talmud: “He became interested in Jewish culture, somehow he suddenly realized that he had not emerged from emptiness,” says Doron, and the changes manifested themselves in different ways. “At the opening ceremony of the Soros Foundation in Bucharest he came out to the crowd and exclaimed:” I George Soros, and I’m Hungarian “Sandra Pralong was standing next to her, she remembers that the stricken crowd at once fell silent, and the Romanians are not accustomed to confessing that one is proud of their Jewish origin.
Incredible metamorphosis, especially for a man under 50 years old who did not want to be considered a Jew and considered his nationality a burden. However, now, in the early 90’s, everything seemed to change.

What caused the second birth of Soros?)

He imagines himself to be God.

George Soros: “I am God, I Created Everything, I Control America
George Soros: ‘I Am A God, I Created Everything, I Control America

His God complex explains much of how George Soros, the billionaire and globalist, uses his powerful influence in every corner of the Earth. Soros declared about himself that “normal rules do not apply” to him and that he is a “selfish” God.

Much that Soros did on the agenda, it molded the world in its worldview. He has influence over the heads of state, and his Open Society Fund plays a crucial role in the massive influx of Muslim immigrants in Europe and the United States.

The initiator of racial riots and the inspirer of revolutions, George Soros throws an ultimatum across Europe. Each country should “take responsibility” for the massive influx of Muslims that flooded the continent.

“The EU needs a comprehensive response plan for the crisis that must confirm the effective management of the flows of asylum seekers, so that they take place in a safe and orderly manner and at a pace that will allow Europe to absorb them. To be comprehensive, the plan should also extend beyond Europe, “Soros writes.

The plan should be globalistic in nature, argues Soros, and under the leadership of the United Nations. “This will make it possible to distribute the burden of the Syrian crisis to more states, and also to establish global standards for addressing the problems of forced migration in general.”

George Soros with the God complex and in combination with his godless riches, makes him the sworn enemy for all those who oppose his ideas of the World government. He took direct part in many schemes to change the balance of power and create the world the way he wants to see it.

“I imagine myself to be God …”
I carried some powerful messianic fantasies that I felt I had to control them, otherwise they could lead me to trouble. “- Soros told the British newspaper -” it’s a kind of disease when you consider yourself God, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable from the fact that I began to live this way. ”

“I started to live like this.” Those who are not familiar with Soros will probably argue that this is nothing more than a typical babbling of a madman, but those who have followed his career and social and political endeavors understand that at a time when he can Be crazy, he is a crazy billionaire, and billionaires, as a rule, have no boundaries.
Soros freely recognizes that he plays people like dolls and keeps people in a purse, and it shows by his understanding that he is “God.”

Yesterday Daniel Estulin, an expert on the world behind the scenes, received from the insider the first access one phrase from the conversation of Soros with the representative of the highest echelon of power of the Illuminati.

(C) – This will start on the 25th. The end of December, everyone is relaxed. Candy and toys on Christmas trees, light bulbs and salutes. This is a good time to start a change .. America and the world will shudder .. and the countries will begin to pour in like dominoes …

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