Trump May Be Breaking from British War Trap: What His Next Step Must Be

Trump May Be Breaking from British War Trap: What His Next Step Must Be

May 2 2017

Trump, official White House portrait. Kim Jong-Un, sketch by user P388388 on Wikimedia Commons. (CC BY-SA 4.0)

President Donald Trump’s statement yesterday, of willingness to negotiate peace directly with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un — which will give nervous breakdowns to the lying major media of London, New York and Washington — is the beginning of a potential break by the President out of a British war trap. “Under the right circumstances,” he said, and those circumstances may be precisely the multilateral direct negotiations being worked on, hard, by Presidents Xi and Putin.

And as China and Russia continue to develop the One Belt, One Road initiative — the nations the British elite has been trying to drive Trump to war with — Brit officials Boris Johnson and Michael Fallon repeatedly announced that they knew for sure, that Trump was about to go to war on North Korea, as they had pushed him into the war trap, briefly, in Syria.

It is urgent that every Trump supporter understand this, and push him further to escape from the Brits’ deadly “geopolitics.”

His destination should be Beijing May 14-15, with 30 other heads of state and 101 national delegations in the Belt and Road Forum. That is collaboration with China on economic development worldwide, including a new economic infrastructure in the United States.

The President stunned Wall Street in the same Oval Office interview, by again saying he wanted to break up the Wall Street banks with a “21st-Century Glass-Steagall.” No doubt they will offer Barack Obama even more — half a million per speech! — to attack Trump. From the February 2009 G20 meeting in London on, Obama followed the British policy lead: Bail out all big banks, and pass anything BUT Glass-Steagall. It would end London’s role as the world’s imperial financial center.

More important, it would push the Wall Street banks’ speculative derivatives and “casino” operations out of taxpayer support and Federal insurance, and leave them to fail if they will. With an immense, $14 trillion corporate debt bubble starting to default and threatening to fail now, that is the crucial first step to return to economic recovery. As EIR Editor-in-Chief Lyndon LaRouche said today of Trump’s interview, “This financial system has been completely degenerate, a fraud, since well before the crash, which I forecast in early 2007. You simply have to do away with it.”

The President is taking steps to escape the deadly British trap of geopolitics and war, from which — since FDR — only JFK and Ronald Reagan have broken, at least in part. One was assassinated, the other nearly so. It is a matter of life and death for the nation, that President Trump’s supporters understand what he’s fighting, and what his next step must be.

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    Donald Trump will now be attacked with more anti-russia propaganda after his phone call with Vladimir Putin. The British will now be in a state of war against the Trump Administration after the public talk about Glass Steagall as now it’s heading to the wire as Donald shows true signs of breaking away from the British Empire. The British have threatened in the past that a move towards Glass Steagall would be considered an ‘act of war’. Expect a sudden false attack by the fifth column ziomedia outlets utilizing complete lies and Russophobia nonsense just as they did with MI6’s Christopher Steele with the Russiagate dossier of stupidity. You’ll also start to see the color revolution Marxist forces get ramped up by British agent George Soros. If these angles fail then some kind of assassination plot will take place. This is why Trump has been surrounding himself with the military and now he’s gunning for the ziomedia and attempting to put in place liable laws.

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