Italian govt makes vaccinations mandatory for schoolchildren amid measles outbreak

Italian govt makes vaccinations mandatory for schoolchildren amid measles outbreak

Italian govt makes vaccinations mandatory for schoolchildren amid measles outbreak
Parents in Italy will now have to ensure that their children are vaccinated up to the age of six against a number of infectious diseases or face a ban from school, as the government approves a law following a drop-off in inoculations and a measles outbreak.

The Italian cabinet has made it compulsory for parents to immunize children to be eligible to attend pre-school nurseries, with the number of required vaccinations rising from four to 12. Parents flouting the rule will face hefty fines, said to be up to 30 times the current ones of some 150-250 euros, according to local media, citing Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

“Without vaccinations, there can be no entry into schools from ages 0-6,” Gentiloni said, as cited by Italy’s ANSA news agency.

In addition to four already compulsory vaccinations, for polio, diphtheria, hepatitis B and whooping cough, the new law now also covers vaccination against measles and meningitis, diseases that have recently seen a dramatic spike in Italy, prompting the US to issue a travel warning for Italy.

The law was proposed by the country’s health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, who has long been campaigning for mandatory vaccination amid the growing popularity of the science-skeptic movement against it. Lorenzin previously urged the parents to “not be afraid,” sharing a photo of her three-month-old twins getting vaccinated.

I miei gemellini hanno tre mesi, li ho vaccinati stamattina: Mamme non abbiate paura, i vaccini salvano la vita.

“The lack of appropriate measures over the years and the spread of anti-scientific theories, especially in recent months, has brought about a reduction in protection,” Reuters quoted Gentiloni as saying at the news conference in Rome.

As of May, 2,395 cases of measles have been reported, with 89 percent of those affected being unvaccinated. The figures stand in stark contrast to the numbers from 2015 and 2016, with some 250 and 840 cases, respectively.

With the health minister calling it “an emergency generated by fake news,” the blame for the epidemic has been placed on the growing anti-vaccination movement, believed to be fueled by the anti-establishment Five Star Movement. The party’s leader, Beppe Grillo, had previously come under fire for his controversial statements about the possible side-effects from vaccines.

While acknowledging that vaccination had contributed to the victory over some of the world’s most serious and dangerous diseases, Grillo said that they still “bring a risk associated with side-effects” and are aiding pharmaceutical companies across the world.

“Five-Star is riding the wave of disinformation, nourishing fear and favoring a position that is anti-science and dangerous for the whole community,” said a deputy from the ruling Democratic Party, Federico Gelli.

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    This is yet another method in order to force parents into giving their children various levels of autism via the dreaded and proven dangerous combination vaccine poison know as the MMR jab. I strongly suggest people study the banned documentary called ‘Vaxxed’ and listen carefully to the data and also the words of CDC whistle-blower William Thompson. A child should not be leaving their mothers before the ages of 5-6 so just make sure your child is kept at home and away from these indoctrination centres they call school. All combination vaccines are highly dangerous whether it’s the MMR or any other variant. Combination vaccines cause vaccine injury and this is proven and has been for a very long time thanks to the work done in Japan. Children were made to only take singular vaccines and spaced out after years without any jab whatsoever. Ask yourself why the establishment will give you nothing but grief even when asking for a singular measles vaccine? Why are they so hell bent on this MMR? What have they hidden inside this poison and for what reason? If you’re ever forced to take a vaccine always claim you’re Jewish and demand a Kosher vaccine and that you want to make sure its kosher before use (right in front your eyes).

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