Proxy forces assisting US to intervene in Syria: Journalist

Gearoid O Colmain, an author and journalist from Paris, says recent progress made by the Syrian Democratic Forces to push back Daesh Takfiri terrorists from their stronghold in the city of Raqqah is a change of US policy in Syria to use counter-gangs against gangs.

“The policy of creating proxy forces and sending them into Syria” by the United States and Britain to invade the Arab country was not successful and “counter-gangs” have been created to dislodge terrorists like Daesh, Colmain told Press TV on Tuesday.

“It looks like the counter-gangs that the US has now created, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Kurds, may in fact dislodge the Islamic State (Daesh) forces from Raqqah, which were only created as a means of intervention,” he said.

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