Neo-nazi site Daily Stormer threatened by hosting providers and possible hackers

The site’s coverage of the Charlottesville protests has sparked outrage

Neo-nazi news site the Daily Stormer has been given 24 hours to move its domain to a new host after its current provider, GoDaddy, said it would cut off support. The decision was made in response to a Daily Stormer article about Heather Heyer, who was killed during the Charlottesville protests this weekend. In a statement sent to TechCrunch, GoDaddy said the article “could incite additional violence” and thus violated the company’s terms of service.

Heyer, 32, was part of a group of counter-protestors marching against the white nationalists, and was struck and killed when a car plowed into another car, according to The New York TimesThe offending post on the Daily Stormer was written by the site’s editor, Andrew Anglin, as part of its coverage of the Charlottesville protests this weekend.

Image: The Daily Stormer

We informed The Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service.

It also appears that hackers, who claim to be from Anonymous, have taken over the Daily Stormer website, saying they plan to shut it down within 24 hours. The hackers claim to have been targeting the site for months, but took action because of the Charlottesville protests.

“For too long, the Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin have spewed their putrid hate on this site. That will not be happening anymore,” the group said. “We will allow the site to remain online for 24 hours so the world can witness the hate. Then we will shut it down permanently.”

A tweet sent out by popular Anonymous account YourAnonNews, said there was no confirmation that the group was involved. The account has previously been associated with the hacking collective, and it questioned whether or not the apparent takeover of the Daily Stormer website was a hoax perpetrated by its owners.

Anglin founded the Daily Stormer in 2013 and endorsed Donald Trump for president last year. Over the weekend, he praised Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville protests, saying: “When asked to condemn, he just walked out of the room. Really, really good. God bless him.” The hackers claim to have details on Anglin’s whereabouts, and said they would send allies to to “pay him a visit.” Anglin has claimed to be living in Lagos, Nigeria, but previous reports have suggested this too might be a hoax.

The hackers said they plan to publish server data from Daily Stormer when the “time is right,” but did not specify what kind of information this might include. “We want you Nazis to know: your time is short,” they wrote.


Facebook is deleting links to a viral attack on a Charlottesville victim

Daily Stormer article violated community standards, company says

A blog post attacking a victim of white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend was shared more than 65,000 times on Facebook — but those posts are disappearing. The company said today that links to the post on the Daily Stormer website violated its community standards and would be removed automatically unless the post included a caption condemning the article or the publication, a haven for Nazis and white supremacists.

The blog post offered a series of personal attacks against Heather Heyer, who died Saturday after she was struck by a car while protesting a gathering of white supremacists. The driver, James Alex Fields Jr., is being held on charges including second-degree murder; 19 other people were injured in the attack.

also if ur wondering how garbage like daily stormer is disseminated, that story has 65 THOUSAND shares on @facebook & is listed under news.

Any shares of the Daily Stormer article that don’t include a caption will be deleted, Facebook said. The company’s community operations team reviews posts with captions to determine their context, and will remove them if they do not condemn the post or the domain, Facebook said.

Facebook’s move came on the same day that the Daily Stormer lost its web host and its YouTube channel over similar terms of service violations. The step to remove all shares of an article, while unusual, is not unprecedented, the company said. Still, for a company that has taken pains to avoid making editorial judgments about the articles shared on its platform, the nearly wholesale removal of a viral post marked a noteworthy step against the spread of white supremacist propaganda on the network.


Google says it will ban neo-Nazi site after domain name switch

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Just hours after being dropped by GoDaddy, prominent white nationalist publication The Daily Stormer attempted to find a home at Google. As of press time, the site’s registration info pointed to, indicating the web giant had taken over services as registrar.

Shortly after the switch was noticed, Google announced plans to drop the site. “We are cancelling Daily Stormer’s registration with Google Domains for violating our terms of service,” the company said in a statement. Later in the day, Google also banned The Daily Stormer from YouTube, according to Bloomberg.

It’s not clear when Google itself became aware of the shifted registration. Google’s domain-management system is available to anyone with a Gmail account, and it’s likely the registration was shifted automatically after the relevant information was entered. Previous registration data indicates Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin is a Gmail user.

It’s still unclear which policy in the Terms of Service was violated. Unlike GoDaddy, the Google Domains’ Terms of Service does not currently include any provisions forbidding users from making violent threats. Google’s contact privacy agreement does include provisions against using WhoIS privacy settings to “to conceal involvement with activities that are… bigoted based on racial, ethnic… or political grounds.” However, the current registration does not seem to invoke any of those privacy provisions, and it’s unclear if the language would apply.

Update August 14th, 8:00PM ET: Google has also removed The Daily Stormer’s YouTube page.

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    When will people learn you never use any form of hosting and/or domains registered in the United States and this is yet more proof of the hypocrisy of the region and its constant violation of the U.S Constitution’s First Amendment. I’ve said time and time again to never ever use Godaddy as a hosting website as their service is absolutely abysmal across the board and if you have a business then most definitely never use Godaddy, Why would this site owner even think about registering his domain up with Google? Google is a head honcho of the New Venice Empire and the worst of the worst for internet censorship especially on JewTube. This guy should have registered his domain outside into safe and well known jurisdictions and preferably outside of the five eyes network of the GCHQ/NSA New Venice (Britain) Talmudic Empire. So now you see out right censorship tyranny coming to independent websites as we’ve been seeing with the Talmudic social media networks such as DARPAs Facebook fronted by Talmudic Zuckerberg. As for Anonymous I’ve told you before these work to suit various elements of the intelligence crowd and it’s this intelligence who control the group from the very top. Many of Anonymous hackers are genuine normal bedroom guys not having a clue that they’re being used by the likes of the Central Intelligence Agency, MOSSAD and the MI6. Hacking is a criminal offence and if a website is hacked then it should be reported to the authorities and you should also personally seek compensation from the offender. You cannot have tyrannical web censorship and then nonsense from the likes of Anonymous bullying everyone off the internet that wont toe the line.

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