Americans Mobilize: Trump Must Join United States To The New Silk Road

Americans Mobilize: Trump Must Join United States To The New Silk Road

President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit | July 8, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Helga Zepp-LaRouche said yesterday that Trump’s supporters must mobilize for the President to bring America into the China-initiated Belt and Road Initiative of worldwide building of new infrastructure. The issue of that “win-win” initiative, and whether the United States joins in its worldwide projects and also builds its own new-technology infrastructure, is central to peace between the United States and Russia and China; to Trump’s surviving the ongoing coup against him; and to the revival of the United States as an industrial power.

On Aug. 20 both China Daily and People’s Daily ran major articles highlighting Lyndon and Helga LaRouche’s role both in conceptualizing the New Silk Road or World Land-Bridge policy decades ago, and in bringing that policy to the United States and Europe as China adopted it. Their movement is the power to bring the Trump Presidency to it. Helga LaRouche said that movement must now mobilize Trump supporters to get Trump into the Belt and Road. British-driven efforts by Steven Bannon, for example, to poison Trump’s base against the Belt and Road Initiative, have to be countered by this movement.

On Aug. 26, Helga LaRouche addressed a Manhattan conference on “Reviving Alexander Hamilton’s American System through LaRouche’s Four Laws,” which itself brought together overlapping circles of Trump activists and Chinese-American activists, along with engineers and citizens organizing to rebuild the New York region’s crumbling transportation system.

“Just think what enormous potential is opening up if the United States would cooperate with the Belt and Road Initiative,” Helga told the conference. “This could rebuild its own middle-level industry. They could invest in all of the projects in Latin America, Africa, and along the Eurasian Land-Bridge. It would just completely change the situation and also rebuild the United States. You could have complete change in the United States. You could have 50 new cities. Why not build 50 new cities? Basically, between the coasts, there are many states which are completely thinly populated, almost no cities; you could connect those cities with those of the coasts with the fast train system, you could have science cities….

“I think it is really important to imagine a completely different system. If the United States would now do what Franklin D. Roosevelt did — a New Deal, Glass-Steagall, cooperate with China — the United States could experience an industrial revolution bigger than any time in its own history. People just have to imagine that we are right now at the end of a system, a system which cannot be saved. We need to replace it with a completely new system, and most people have just a hard time to imagine that, but there are examples of such changes. For example, the Marshall Plan in Europe was such an example, and the Meiji Restoration in Japan was such an example — what Roosevelt did with the New Deal; so people have to just think that such a dramatic change is absolutely possible today.”

The real problems the President must deal with — whether the opiate addiction scourge, or now the worst Gulf storm ever to hit Texas, requiring many thousands of rescuers, widespread rebuilding of housing, infrastructure — demand the principle of the general welfare, the common good of humanity. Trump cannot do this on his own and under attack. Americans must mobilize so that “dramatic change is absolutely possible today.”

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