Solar panel use banned in Florida after Irma

Solar panel use banned in Florida after Irma

Sept 2017 – Jim Stone

Florida power and light has done such a good job of lobbying a corrupted government that if your home has solar, and you decide to use it during the power outage after Irma, you can go to jail.

The excuse? Because Florida power and light previously successfully lobbied the government to enforce rules that all solar panel systems had to be grid tied, and since they are grid tied, they could feed power back onto the system and electrocute workers trying to restore main power. That’s a B.S. excuse, because all homes with grid tie in Florida also were requred by law to install a transfer switch which can simply be flipped to disconnect the solar power system from the grid.

All homes with solar power in Florida have a switch that cuts off the tie to the grid. Yet even if a homeower flips that switch and disconnects the system from the grid, they can’t use their solar panels anyway. This means that the excuse about electrocuting workers is a lie, and the rule against using your own solar power after a hurricane is simply a control mechanism to prevent anyone from being self sufficient in any way whatsoever.

There is no finer example of corporate/government collusion in corrupt policies than this ANYWHERE, so the “sunshine state” can just eat crap after a hurricane, even for those who do not have to!

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