How to destroy the NFL. Quickly. And easily. Traffic jams


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Jim Stone 28 Sep 2017

How to destroy the NFL. Quickly. And easily. Traffic jams

Hi. former navy nuclear machinist mate here. Born with a decent brain on my shoulders. Trained to use it by the navy.

So, been crunching numbers. NFL is not afraid of a boycott. Because left has deep pockets. Just not enough of us to hurt them financially no matter how long and hard we boycott.

And a veteran’s day boycott? It will just drive prices of tickets down. And the left will then buy them cheap and fill the seats. Just making it worse. So, we just can’t empty the stadiums with a boycott. No matter how hard we try.

So, I approached the situation strategically. Like a military operation. What could we do to really hurt the NFL? Disrupt them.

And I realized the NFL has a huge weakness.


NFL players want to have a peaceful protest? Well, we can too. Only takes a few people to peacefully protest an NFL game by shutting down traffic into and out of the stadiums. Just park in the traffic stream and pop the hood.

I can see it now. Huge traffic jams caused by cars, trucks, you name it ‘broken down’ blocking all the routes into and out of the stadiums.

With huge traffic jams… cameramen, equipment, players, and of course fans, won’t be able to make it to the games. The stations will be unable to air the games. Even a one or two hour delay will destroy their profits as advertisers won’t want to waste ad dollars.

The NFL will be destroyed in… a couple of months.

And there is literally nothing they can do to stop it. Because… it’s just a mechanical breakdown, or at most – peaceful protesting.

There you go

My comment: I think a TV boycott would have a huge impact, but that alternative problems would make it even better.

Simulate a real problem. Here’s what you do. Find the fuse for the fuel pump ahead of time and pull it when the car is in the right spot. Tie a string around it ahead of time and put it back in, then at the right time by the stadium just pull the string and hide the fuse. If your car is older, find the ignition fuse and pull that. Fuel pump will be less obvious. Also, if you can find a way to jam the wheels on your car that no one will notice (even with it out of gear and the brakes off) DO IT so it can’t be pushed out of the way. An easy one would be a 4 wheel drive with all wheels locked, with the transmission set in the low position. It would still be pushable, but it would be awful. Have the tires a little flat too. Check it ahead of time to make sure the ruse works.

Also, if you can get 10 or 15 buddies to cooperate, be together in traffic and have everyone break down all at once. There would be no place to put all the cars without causing a huge delay no matter what.

Also, you could just be a turd, sitting there with a perfectly working running car, and just not move. But you’d lose your excuse to be blocking traffic, but then again, a few people doing it in sequence would cause absolute havoc.

HERE’S A GOOD ONE: Have a whole chain of people “go to the game,” get to the gates, and when you are right in the gate to the parking area, suddenly discover you forgot your tickets and just sit there.

There is a LOT you could do to screw traffic into an NFL game, BE CREATIVE.

How about, drop a few pallets on the road. People usually won’t drive over them and they are laying around any industrial park to be had for free. You could do that while walking. There is so much you could do to disrupt traffic.

How about, find two telephone poles across the street from each other, and use them to chain the street off with a locked chain or cable? Don’t use a rope which can be cut easily. You’d have to string the chain across the road (already locked on one side) and then suddenly pull it up, when there is a gap in the cars, pull it up and lock it on the other side (only when traffic is already stop and go so no one hits it while doing 50) and run. No one would get through until someone got a way to cut it, and no one drives around with the tools for that in addition to the confusion about what is going on and what should be done – that would cause a hellish delay. Heck, people are such stupid rule followers now that even stringing “do not cross” tape between two telephone poles would probably work, people probably would not drive through it or get out of their cars to take it down. The bottom line? BE CREATIVE.

How about, wear a hard hat, (which is a license to do anything) and a reflective vest, and block off the street with portable construction barriers. Even traffic cones would work. Put up a sign with an arrow. Make sure the sign has an NFL logo on it somewhere. Do it right where there is a side street you can divert traffic down – into nowhere. They’ll believe it, and think it is official.

Or here’s a good one – carry a chain and lock up to an entrance gate, and if the gate can be closed, close it yourself and lock it. This would be so unexpected you’d get away with it the first time, and it would jam everything completely until someone managed to cut the lock off, which could take an hour to arrange.


Carry on, sailors

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