Corbyn would win if there were elections in UK: Analyst

British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has slammed London’s foreign policy, asserting that “terrorism is thriving in a world our governments have helped to shape.” Corbyn made the remarks at the party’s annual conference in Brighton on Wednesday. Press TV has talked to Brent Budowsky, columnist of The Hill, as well as Ian Williams, member of Foreign Policy in Focus, to get their opinion on Corbyn’s speech.

Budowsky believes Corbyn’s speech was very “well-thought-out” and “well-delivered”, adding that he has “made a move up in looking and acting” like Britain’s next prime minster.

“I think Corbyn to his great credit has grown, I think his speech was a success … and I think it is good to see that view point well stated by a British Labour Party leader at the time when the conservatives and [British Prime Minister] Theresa May … really are floundering and are not clear about what they want to do on almost anything,” he said.

The analyst also opined that Theresa May is acting very “weak”, asserting that she is unable to deal with the different factions within the Conservative Party who are “at war with each other.”

“I think Britain has had a problem with not having the best leadership. I think the Conservative Party which is dominated politically in recent years has a problem with internally divided, conservative against conservative and unclear about what it stands for,” he stated.

Budowsky further maintained that Corbyn’s remarks on human rights were completely “right”, asserting that Britain should be a world leader for human rights rather than removing it from its foreign policy.

Corbyn has hinted at the double standards of British foreign policy in the Middle East region, criticizing arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The Labour leader addressed the brutal suppression of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and demanded that Aung San Suu Kyi end the violence against the Rohingya and allow the UN and international aid agencies into Rakhine state.

He also criticized Israel’s 50-year oppression of Palestinians and called for an end to the “oppression of the Palestinian people, the 50-year occupation and illegal settlement expansion.”

Budowsky further called Corbyn a “conviction leader” and a “breath of fresh air”, arguing that British people trust him more than Theresa May.

He also predicted that if there was an election today in Britain, Corbyn would win it because voters believe that they need politicians who speak the truth and do not play politics with everything.

Ian Williams, the other panelist on the program noted that Corbyn’s speech was “very satisfying” and “well-received”, adding that it was gratifying to see him talk about issues such as Britain’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

He went on to say that Corbyn is renowned for his concern for human rights and democracy in Britain, adding that he is an example of a politician who is prepared to stand up and say the truth.

Williams also stated that polls have already shown that if there were elections now in Britain, the Labour Party would win because people are looking for change.

According to the analyst, if Corbyn becomes Britain’s next prime minister, he can make a difference in British foreign policy because he has the popular support for it.

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