Passenger reading aloud from Bible causes paranoid panic on London rush hour train

Passenger reading aloud from Bible causes panic on London rush hour train

Passenger reading aloud from Bible causes panic on London rush hour train
Train passengers forced open the doors of a carriage and climbed onto the tracks Monday morning, after a religious man sparked mass panic.

In the wake of a weekend of terror, in which 50 people were killed in Las Vegas and two women knifed to death in Marseille, commuters in Wimbledon were on edge.

As a man began to read aloud from his bible, fear spread through the crowded carriage outside Wimbledon station in south-west London at around 08:30am local time.

The man began spouting phrases like “death is not the end,” one passenger said.

Held up on a train to Waterloo, some nutter starts reciting verses of the Bible, causes a crush and a panic as people fear for their lives

Spooked, passengers forced open the train doors and “self-evacuated” the rush hour train.

Emergency protocols were engaged as the rail network cut the power to the tracks to avoid injuries.

The mass panic caused major disruption and some trains were delayed until 3pm.

“He was scaring people,” one commuter told the BBC.

“The guy stopped and stood there with his head down.”

Bag is empty, just a drink bottle and some books. On the move to Wimbledon where he’s being intercepted apparently..

Cops, transport police here to meet him, all very calm, police shake his hand, take him to chat. Some people offer to be witness for him

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The train had been travelling between Shepperton and London Waterloo when the man’s Bible-reading led to a “commotion.”

British Transport Police (BTP) said no arrests had been made but “significant delays” have been caused on services in and out of Waterloo.

A Network Rail spokesperson said no passengers or train staff had been injured.

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