Bannon Mobilizes Economic Warfare on China, While LaRouche Mobilizes the West To Save Itself by Joining the “New Silk Road Spirit”

Bannon Mobilizes Economic Warfare on China, While LaRouche Mobilizes the West To Save Itself by Joining the “New Silk Road Spirit”

Steve Bannon speaking at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. (Gage Skidmore / flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Steve Bannon, the recently departed White House aide to President Trump, is frantically mobilizing support for his plan to drive the United States into a geopolitical, imperial, economic war against China — i.e., to sabotage Trump’s stated intention to work closely with China in rebuilding the crumbling U.S. infrastructure, and potentially bringing the U.S. into the New Silk Road process of building infrastructure around the world. A September 28 cover story on Bannon in Bloomberg’s Businessweek spells out his intentions, in a piece titled: “Bannon’s Back and Targeting China,” with the kicker: “From Birmingham to Beijing, the former Trump strategist is leading a movement of his own, now warning of the forced technology transfer of American innovation to China — and working with Henry Kissinger.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, speaking by video to the Saturday LaRouchePAC Manhattan Project Town Hall meeting in New York City on September 30, identified the danger this Bannon operation represents. She pointed to the Obama/Hillary networks and their neocon fellows on the Republican side, who are committed to stopping Trump’s effort to work closely with Russia and China, now joined by “the Bannon factor trying to work on Trump, to try to pit him against China. I think this is strategic, and we absolutely have to counter that because the knowledge or the perception about what China is actually doing in the West is absolutely wrong.”

The reality that China is taking huge leaps in nearly every area of science, technology and industry is no longer questioned in the British and Wall Street circles. But rather than looking at the fantastic transformation of the Chinese economy as an opportunity for cooperation in restoring growth to the Western economies and the world as a whole, they describe it as an existential threat to their unipolar power, and to their capacity to prop up their bankrupt financial system through further austerity and looting of the real economy here and around the world.

Nowhere is this more clear than in Puerto Rico. The lying mainstream press is run screaming headlines that Trump is ignoring the people of Puerto Rico, despite the massive ongoing military and civilian mobilization to restore the devastated island and its people — a mobilization duly praised by the Governor of Puerto Rico and by their representative to the U.S. Congress. The truth of the intentional destruction of that suffering island by the Obama Administration and his Wall Street sponsors can no longer be suppressed. It was Obama who signed the bill last year giving a hand-picked panel the power to take over Puerto Rico’s finances from their elected government, imposing deadly austerity on their hospitals, the electrical grid and more, leaving them literally helpless in the face of the hurricane — all to put the demands of debt (most of it illegitimate) ahead of the needs of the people. President Trump’s reference to the debt crisis in Puerto Rico, which existed long before the hurricane, reflects his increasing recognition over the past week that the private sector has done nothing, and {will} do nothing, to address either the current crisis or the underlying causes.

Trump decided last week that the initial cleanup in Puerto Rico will be 100% covered by the government, and then, the next day, announced that his $1 trillion infrastructure plan would no longer involve private sector involvement — the so-called PPP model — but would be 100% financed by national and local government. Of course, this begs the question of where the national and local governments will get the funds — a question that can only be answered by the LaRouche Four Laws approach, to restore the Hamiltonian credit system, to replace the now bankrupt British monetary system which has increasingly taken over both the U.S. and European nations over the past 50 years.

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche, in her Saturday remarks, addressed this crisis of civilization from the positive perspective which has driven the policies of her and her husband Lyndon LaRouche over this past half-century, what she called “the New Silk Road spirit:” “And the Silk Road spirit is powerful!” she said. “It is something which I think can be injected in every other country.”

She referenced the difficult time when LaRouche and several of his associates were imprisoned by the Bush family — implemented by the same Robert Mueller and his corrupt cohorts who are now running a coup attempt against President Trump — adding: “What kept me going all the time, was that I knew that what we are doing is a policy based on the physical laws of the Universe; that what we are doing in promoting scientific and technological progress, of having an image of Man which is in cohesion with the creative forces of the Universe; that therefore, what we say is within natural law, and our opponents are working against natural law, and therefore they cannot succeed.

“So you have to somehow develop a perspective which is not bound and not affected by your daily environment and your daily experience, but you have to inform your vision about something else: you have to have an idea where mankind should be in 100 years from now. You should have an idea of what are the physical laws of this Universe, and why our opponents are just poor, opinionated idiots who cannot succeed.

“I think if you take an international aspect as your reference point, you will be much better in a position to be an American patriot, because you are a world citizen first, and therefore you are not affected by oppressive environments, and that is how I have been doing it — and that works, I can assure you.”

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