VIDEOS show Maduro’s speech cut midway by explosion, panic ensues

VIDEOS show Maduro’s speech cut midway by explosion, panic ensues

VIDEOS show Maduro’s speech cut midway by explosion, panic ensues
The moment Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro’s speech was interrupted by approaching drones laden with explosives was captured on video. The authorities confirmed the incident was an attempted assassination.

The Minister for Communication and Information of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, has confirmed that the Venezuelan leader was targeted in a failed assassination attempt, that was broadcast live on national TV.

The broadcast showed Maduro and senior officials standing nearby in the government box peering into the skies before the video cuts off abruptly to show troops, lined up in parade order, breake rank and scatter from the scene.

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Speech by Venezuela President cut off during a military parade, soldiers seen running

A Ruptly video shot from another angle shows bodyguards rushing to shield Maduro from potential impact with what appears to be several bulletproof vests.

The sounds of glaring sirens can be heard over the half-empty square in the wake of the incident.

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En este momento en la Av. Bolivar de Caracas.

Rodriguez said two drones filled with explosives were shot down by trained military guard and seven servicemen were taken to nearby hospitals with injuries.

It was also reported that an explosion hit a building near the presidential palace where Maduro was delivering his address to mark the anniversary of the National Guard. It’s unclear if the two incidents have been related in any way.

Scores of uniformed military personnel can be seen hurrying down the streets in videos captured by onlookers.

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‘s president Nicolas is alive for now. At-least 7 army officers are wounded after the drone equipped with explosives was exploded as a part of (by now) failed attempt for assassination of . National Guard soldiers are running away. 👇