Facebook Becomes First Company In History To Be Designated By Russia And China As “Hostile War Target” After It Attacks Free Elections In Brazil 

August 19, 2018

Facebook Becomes First Company In History To Be Designated By Russia And China As “Hostile War Target” After It Attacks Free Elections In Brazil 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

In a move that has no counterpart in modern world history, a stunning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China have jointly invoked Article 9 of the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation Between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation in order to designate the American online social media and social networking service company Facebook as a “hostile war target”—and is in direct response to Facebook having just launched an “unprovoked cyberattack” against the Federative Republic of Brazil to grossly interfere in that nations upcoming free elections—and that sees Facebook (Seriously, you can’t make this up!) using its power to silence the Christian populist-nationalist candidate Jair Bolsonaro, known as “Brazil’s Donald Trump”, in a blatant bid to aid their favored globalist candidate Geraldo Alckmin, who is known as “Brazil’s Hillary Clinton”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


Evangelical Christian Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro (above) prays to God after Facebook launches unprovoked attack against him


According to this report, as Brazil is a full member nation of the BRICS Alliance (stands for Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) and is afforded certain guaranteed protections to protect its national sovereignty against foreign attack as stipulated in the 2001 Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation Between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation—most particularly Article 9 that states: “When a situation arises in which one of the contracting parties deems that peace is being threatened and undermined or its security interests are involved or when it is confronted with the threat of aggression, the contracting parties shall immediately hold contacts and consultations in order to eliminate such threats.”

The reason both Russia and China guaranteed these defense treaty protections to Brazil, this report explains, is due to this South American countries highly secretive nuclear weapons programme—whose concerns about were raised, in 2004, when Brazil refused to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect its nuclear facilities—that earned both Iran and North Korea massive international sanctions for doing the same thing—but placed Brazil in the same category as Israel for being a “suspected” nuclear weapons power no one wants to either talk about or deal with.


1980’s press coverage details Brazil-Argentina rivalry that led to the suspected “Brazilian Atomic Bomb” being built


For nearly four decades, this report continues, a “tacit arrangement” regarding Brazil’s nuclear weapons programme was put into place overseen by two of its main trading partners Russia and China—and that, also, pertained to Israel whose nuclear weapons programme was, likewise, overseen by its two major trading parties, the United States and European Union—with the implicit understanding between all of these major powers being the prevention of either Brazil or Israel from being attacked, in any way, as the costs of an inadvertent conflict could reach catastrophic proportions should atomic weapons be used.

During this past fortnight, however, this report details, this “tacit agreement” of the major Western powers not to attack Brazil, in any way whatsoever, was broken when Facebook launched an “unprovoked attack” on the Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL) [English] libertarian political party of Brazil by censoring all of its pages—and that Facebook did in a deliberate attempt to derail the presidential candidacy of national-populist Jair Bolsonaro—who, like President Trump had done before him, has marshaled the forces of his nations Evangelical Christians behind his bid to become Brazil’s next leader, and to such an extent, he now leads the polls to become Brazil’s next president—and that has terrorified Facebook because their desired candidate,  Geraldo Alckmin (Brazil’s Hillary Clinton), if failed to be elected, wouldn’t be able keep Brazil in the grip of the globalists—and, even worse, would see a Brazil under President Bolsonaro joining the forces of President Trump to free the world from globalist tyranny.



During a nearly fortnight of high-level “discussions” between RussiaChina and the United States about Facebook attacking Brazil, this report continues, the Americans continued to maintain their position that Facebook was a “private company non-state actor”, and that under current USlaw wasn’t able to be reined in—with the Americans further noting that Facebook is, likewise, now attacking the US free election system, too, by their censoring of conservative political opinions—and that President Trump vowed to personally start addressing—and in doing so saw him order his government to file suit against Facebook, along with him publically declaring yesterday: “Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices, and the Trump Administration won’t let that happen”.

Both Russia and China, though, this report details, strongly objected to the American characterization of Facebook as being nothing more than a “private company non-state actor”—as all of the evidence substantially proves that it is a mass surveillance tool and spying organization wholly created for and funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)—and who, in 2005, began secretly funneling tens-of-millions of dollars into a rather ordinary collage dating website created by a Harvard University dropout named Mark Zuckerberg through its In-Q-Tel financing arm. [Note: The name, “In-Q-Tel” is an intentional CIA reference to Q, the fictional inventor who supplies technology to James Bond.]

In a CIA directed mass deception operation targeting the American people, though, this report explains, Facebook was said to have received its tens-of-millions of dollars of “private” funding from billionaire tech giant investor Peter Thiel, and the venture capital firms Accel Partners and Greylock Partners—all of whom were cutouts intended to give the appearance that Facebook was a private company as the truth shows that Peter Thiele’s investment in Facebook was made using In-Q-Tel funding given to his startup firm Palantir—Accel Partners CEO James Breyersat on the board of directors of military defense contractor BBN with In-Q-Tel’s CEO Gilman Louie—and Greylock Partners CEO Howard Cox served directly on In-Q-Tel’s board of directors.


American people remain clueless to the fact that their tech giant overlords are part of massive CIA surveillance and spying operation created to keep them under control


With the United States refusing to stop the CIA directed Facebook presidential election attacks against BRICS member nation Brazil (that President Trump appears not able to even stop against him and his supporters), this report concludes, Russia and China were left with no choice but to designate Facebook as a “hostile war target”—that now places it into the same category as Western intelligence and military organizations and structures—and against whom both covert and overt measures are now authorized to be launched against—to include the assassination of its spying organizational leaders and the destruction of its buildings and computer network infrastructure—and though the exact war countermeasures against Facebook to used by Russia and China are not contained in this report, the secretive global intelligence network Flashpoint, in their latest Business Risk Intelligence Decision Report, notes how terrifyingly formidable they are to the point of being catastrophic:

Russia and China are the two nation-states with the most concerning capabilities.  Both are considered to possess the highest levels of technical sophistication, reserved for only a select set of countries.

The actors can engage in full-spectrum operations, utilizing the breadth of capabilities available in cyber-operations in concert with other elements of state power, including conventional military force and foreign intelligence services with global reach.

The capabilities they have are thus alarmingly advanced: Kinetic and cyber-attacks conducted by the threat actor(s) have the potential to cause complete paralysis and/or destruction of critical systems and infrastructure

Such attacks have the capacity to result in significant destruction of property and/or loss of life.

Under such circumstances, regular business operations and/or government functions cease and data confidentiality, integrity, and availability are completely compromised for extended periods.