Ex-Trump aide and CNN pundit accused of drugging lover with abortion pill

Ex-Trump aide and CNN pundit accused of drugging lover with abortion pill

Ex-Trump aide and CNN pundit accused of drugging lover with abortion pill
US news network CNN is facing calls to drop ex-Trump aide Jason Miller from its pundit roster, after court documents were leaked accusing him of drugging with an abortion pill a pregnant woman he had an affair with.

The court documents obtained by the website Splinter come from the custody battle between Miller and another Trump aide, AJ Delgado, with whom he had a child with in 2017.

Supplied by Delgado’s legal team, the documents allege that Miller had previously engaged in another extramarital affair with a Florida-based woman he met at a strip club.

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Polly Sigh@dcpoll

Court docs allege former Trump aide Jason Miller secretly drugged a stripper he got pregnant with an abortion pill. It killed her unborn baby and she nearly died. In a panic, Miller tried to force her to sign an NDA, presumably in exchange money.
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Upon finding out that she was pregnant with his child, Miller called to the woman’s apartment with a smoothie, which unbeknownst to her was laced with an abortion pill.

Known only as Jane Doe, the woman claims Miller’s actions resulted in the termination of the pregnancy and almost resulted in her own death.

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Fearing for their own child’s safety, Delgado wants the court to order Miller—whom the filing says has “unsupervised time”with their child—to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Miller, who was hired by the Trump campaign as a senior communications adviser, was also in line to be the White House communications director.

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However, he later turned the position down citing a desire to put his family before his career. His Twitter bio states he is the managing director at Teneo Strategy and a political commentator on CNN.

Those angry at the scandalous allegations are voicing their concerns on Twitter, with many demanding that CNN drop Miller as a pundit. Others call into question the network’s choice of other pundits who have had run-ins with the law.

Nick Fish@NotNickFish

Holy shit.

Hey @CNN, you should have stopped booking Jason Miller a long time ago, but now would be an excellent time to correct that error.

aleksander chan


new docs in the jason miller-aj delgado court battle now include an incredibly disturbing story of miller allegedly drugging a woman he got pregnant https://splinternews.com/court-docs-allege-ex-trump-staffer-drugged-woman-he-got-1829233105?rev=1537575293318 

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darsky: Crusader for Justice@darsky

Hey @CNN — after all of this, you still employ @JasonMillerinDC?

Thank God I only watch @MSNBC.

Hey @andersoncooper: you may want to tell your bosses at CNN that it’s time to clean house. Fire Jason Miller. And Rick Santorum while you’re at it.

Stephanie Songer@snsonger

This guy is a total creep and will likely be fired from @CNN
At this rate, how will news channels have anyone left to support Chumps views? https://www.rawstory.com/2018/09/former-trump-aide-jason-miller-allegedly-gave-pregnant-woman-abortion-pills-without-her-knowledge-report/amp/?p=1356309&__twitter_impression=true 

Former Trump aide Jason Miller allegedly gave pregnant woman abortion pills without her knowledge:…

According to a court filing, President Donald Trump’s former aide Jason Miller allegedly gave a pregnant stripper an abortion pill without her knowledge. The court document obtained by Splinter News…


Miles James Tepatti #RehireJamesGunn@mtepatti15

Hey @CNN @CNNSitRoom @cnnbrk @PoppyHarlowCNN
@jaketapper @wolfblitzer @brianstelter @AC360 @Acosta@OutFrontCNN
You ok with a man like this? Fire Him immediately. Jason Miller is a scumbag.

Mark Agee@MarkAgee

The amount of women who have sex with Jason Miller who aren’t his wife is astounding. Dude looks like a volleyball with a goatee drawn on it https://twitter.com/splinter_news/status/1043293179091607552 


@CNN @CNNPolitics


Paris Dennard – suspended for
sexual assault allegations.

Jeffrey Lord – fired for using Nazi slogan

Michael Cohen – guilty tax fraud, bank fraud & campaign finance violations

Jason Miller – allegedly using abortion pill

Fraude – FIRA Inc 😼@Fraude_1

Paris Denard
Jeffrey Lord
And now Jason Miller

CNN, I am starting to see a pattern are you?

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