“Ghost Of John McCain” Rises From Grave To Ignite “Holy War” As Russian and Hungarian Forces Gather On Ukraine Border [TYMOSHENKO IS AN ANTI-RUSSIA NUTCASE]

October 13, 2018

Ghost Of John McCain” Rises From Grave To Ignite “Holy War” As Russian and Hungarian Forces Gather On Ukraine Border

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A grimly worded new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today describing President Putin as erupting in anger at last evening’s meeting and declaring “What the hell is going on?” [Какого черта ты делаешь?] “Has that bastard child McCain risen from the grave?” [внебрачный ребенок], states that a Holy War” declaration is nearing against Ukraine after US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker(who is, also, the Executive Director of The McCain Institute for International Leadershipcatastrophically interfered in the biggest Christian Schism since 1054 that now has Russian military forces massed on the eastern border of Ukraine—and who are now joined by NATO member Hungary whose military forces are massing on the western border of Ukraine to protect their ethnic peoples now under dire “death list” threat.  [Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


Russia nears Holy War declaration against Ukraine that could lead to World War III


According to this report, even though President Donald Trump has re-set the United States foreign policy to the neutral non-interference state of “Principled Realism” that vows America will no longer interfere in the internal government and/or religious affairs of other nations, the over 30 year Clinton-Bush-Obama Regime legacy of neocon warmonger inspired wars and conflicts he was left to manage has littered Europe, the Middle EastAfrican and Asia with numerous failed state World War III minefields ready to ignite at the slightest provocation.

One of the most dangerous failed state World War III minefield nations President Trump was left to manage by his neocon warmonger predecessors, this report says, is Ukraine—that, in 2014, had its internationally recognized democratically elected government overthrown by the Obama-Clinton Regime in what the global intelligence organization Stratfor (aka “Shadow CIA”) called the most blatant coup in history—and that was done by theAmericans as retaliation for Russia declaring “Holy War” and entering Syria to protect that nation’s Christian peoples against radical Islamic terrorist barbarians.

With the Obama Regime knowing full well that Russia had lost over 20 million of its peoples fighting against demonic German Nazi forces in World War II, as opposed to the United States having only lost 400,000 of theirs, this report continues, the Americans, nevertheless, after overthrowing the Ukraine government sadistically installed in its place a Nazi Regime whose ruling forces now include:

Svoboda—stands for neo-Nazi nationalism, anti-communism, far right and is considered fascistic and/or anti-semitic party.  Svoboda neo-Nazis spread their terror at the Euromaidan as they attacked government police.

Right Sector—stands for nationalism, ultra nationalism, neo-Nazi fascism and far right.  Right Sector terrorists fought against government police forces at the Euromaidan.

Patriot of Ukraine—stands for racism and neo-Nazi political beliefs. Its neo-Nazis attacked the police at the Euromaidan.

Social-National Assembly—their terrorists brought their terror to the Euromaidan, and these neo-Nazis happen to be anti-Russian as well.


Neo-Nazi forces begin reign of anti-Russia terror in Ukraine to demonic glee of Obama-Clinton regime


Aiding the Obama-Clinton Regime in overthrowing the government of Ukraine, and supporting the Nazis’ rise to power there, too, this report notes, was neocon warmonger US Senator John McCain—one of the most loathsome human beings ever recorded in American history whose crimes against humanity include his show-off stunt performed while on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal as a US Navy pilot during the Vietnam War that caused a giant flame to erupt from his fighter jet engine that nearly destroyed the entire vessel and killed 134 sailors while seriously injuring 161 others whose arms and legs were blown off, and many of them being left blind.

Being the son of one of the US Navy’s highest ranking officers, this report continues, McCain was never executed for his war crimes, and the following year was captured by North Vietnam after his fighter jet was shot down—with a fairy tale thereafter being spread that he voluntarily refused to be released when absolutely no such thing occurred—and that after the war, saw McCain refusing to acknowledge the over 1,000 American prisoners of war North Vietnam was holding until they were paid war reparations—with his even insuring that all of these American prisoners would die when, in 1991, he forced through a law making it illegal for anyone to ever tell the truth about what he and his fellow neocon warmongers had done—thus making it no surprise to anyone in the Kremlin when, in 2014, he showed up in Ukraine to celebrate the Nazis rise to power.


Neocon warmonger US Senator John McCain celebrates rise to power of Ukraine Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok

With US Senator John McCain, this past August, having joined his other Earthly departed neocon warmongers in the special place in hell reserved for such demons, this report says, many Kremlin experts believed that with his much deserved, and long overdue death, President Trump would be able bring these Nazi forces in Ukraine under control—but all of whom were blindsided when Kurt Volker, the director of McCain’s leadership institute, pretending to be the US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiationsshockingly hailed Patriarch Bartholomew’s decision to split the Russian Orthodox Church, and that Foreign Ministery Lavrov declared would never be allowed to stand.

Not being understood by the American people, or even being told to them, this report notes, is that the Russian Orthodox Church is inseparable from the Russian government as both of them are the same entity—and to threaten the existence of either one is threatening both, thus meaning total war is justified in their defence.

Known as Russkiy Mir, this report explains, Russians consider the decision to recognize an independent Ukrainian Church as an attack on their very identity as there is the almost mystical belief, held by many in positions of influence, that the Russian world—sphere of influence and culture that belongs to Russia by God-given right—includes the Crimea where the first Russian sovereign was baptized, with even the idea of a separate Ukrainian Church considered an attack on the very foundations of their identity.


Russkiy Mir is the entirety of Russian existence


Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, which has a single, undisputed leader in the pope, this report details, each of the 14 branches of the Eastern Orthodox branch of Christianity enjoys significant sovereignty—and is why, in 1686, a letter was signed granting supervision over the Ukraine Church to the Moscow patriarchate—but that McCain’s Nazi supporting demon Kurt Volker is now trying to tear away and give to the patriarchate of Constantinople as evidenced by Thursday’s revocation of the legally mandatory status of the 1686 letter, which empowered the Patriarch of Moscowto ordain the Metropolitan of Kiev—that prompted the Kremlin to quickly declare that Russia will protect Orthodox believers in Ukraine if religious disputes go beyond lawful confrontation, and further warn: “Russia protects the interests of ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers everywhere and in a similar manner Russia protects the interests of Orthodox Christians, Putin has spoken about this more than once.”


A solemn President Putin joins with Christian faithful for prayer in Kremlin on 13 October 2018 as Holy War against Ukraine draws near


To the notices that this conflict was nearing, this report further notes, has been stated by many experts, too—most particularly the Soviet-Russianpolitical icon Aleksandr Skobov [English] who just weeks ago warned: “If Moscow isn’t compelled to return Crimea to Ukraine, a major pillar of the international system that has been in place since 1945 will have been destroyed and a drift toward a major war is inevitable…If the international community lacks the will to achieve that, the pre-existing international system will collapse into a chaos that will not be resolved without a major conflict.”

Not being fully known at this time, however, this report grimly states, is if President Trump is prepared to plunge the United States into this Holy Warthe Russian people have no choice but to wage—and whose early conflict actions are taking place now as Ukrainian military forces have fired over 700 artillery shells against their Russian peoples this week alone, and whose fighter aircraft are preparing to take to the skies with NATO fighter jets as global conflict looms—which believed to be Russian special forces have responded to by detonating and destroying one of Ukraine’s largest ammunition and arms depots.

Preparing to join this war against Ukraine, too, this report continues, is NATO member Hungary—who became alarmed this past Spring when theNazis in Ukraine began building a military base near their border after their ethic Hungarian peoples began refusing to sing the Ukraine-Nazi national anthem with their preferring to sing Hungary’s instead—but all of whom are now living in daily terror after it was revealed these Nazis had compiled a “death list” in preparation for extermination.


President Putin (left) and Hungarian President Viktor Orban (right) meet in Kremlin to discuss Ukraine crisis


The reason behind these American neocon warmongers attempting to push Russia into declaring Holy War on Ukraine, this report concludes, is due to their terror of what’s soon to occur in the upcoming Presidential elections expected to be held in Ukraine on 31 March 2019 that will see both them and their Nazi forces destroyed—and whose current poll leader of is Yulia Tymoshenko whom President Putin has supported in the past, and President Trump is supporting now—and upon whose taking power, would see both Russia and the United States working with her to restore her nation that has been left an economic basket case by the Obama-Clinton Regime, thus defusing this failed state World War III minefield before it explodes and takes the rest of the world down with it.


Hoped for future Ukraine President Yulia Tymoshenko (left) and President Putin (right) begin talks to heal Orthodox Church schism before Holy War begins


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