Historic American Election Of “Caravans And Queers” Prompts Putin To Order Immediate Hypersonic Missile Deployment

October 22, 2018

Historic American Election Of “Caravans And Queers” Prompts Putin To Order Immediate Hypersonic Missile Deployment

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A bleakly worded new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today viewing with growing alarm the radical Nazi mobs in Ukrainepreparing to destroy the last vestiges Christianity as the United States abandons the most vital nuclear treaty of the 20th Century while it prepares for its hoped for unipolar world it’s pumping another $1 trillion into the Pentagon to defend, states that at this most critical juncture of modern world history, the American people are preparing to vote in an historic election having nothing whatsoever to do with these crucial issues for them, instead, focusing on the issues of “Caravans and Queers” as they stumble blindly within a “Deep State” generated hysteria bubble with even President Trumpknowing that “this whole thing is rigged to blow—thus leaving President Putin with no choice but to order the rapid deployment of Russia’s new hypersonic missile system no country in the world is able to defend against as the Democrat and Republican forces in the US continue their “battle to the death”. [Note: The use of the word “queers” in this report is approved by the largest Gay-LGBQ organization in America.]  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


President Trump’s Republican forces continue to outwit and stymie Democrats in most critical game for world survival


According to this report, with emerging economies the world over stockpiling gold in expectation of a US dollar banking system collapse—joined by Russia who has liquidated nearly all of its US debt holdings converting them to gold—with gold reserves surging 1,000% in Hungary as it joins PolandRussiaChina and other central banks buying gold—and India just becoming the next in line by its selling off its US debt and converting it to gold, too—the American people remain oblivious to the fact that they are causing this global panic by their failing to notice what experts describe as aUnited States, ruptured by a thousand grievance groups, torn by shadowy agencies drunk on a gross excess of power, robbed blind by oligarchs and their treasonous henchmen and decimated by frivolous wars of choice, that has finally come to a point where the end begins in earnest.


World watches in horror as blinded American people destroy their own nation


Not being told to the American people as they tear their own country apart at the seams, this report says, is that its main cause is the Democrat Party—who have total control over the five richest states — MarylandNew JerseyHawaiiMassachusetts, and Connecticut—in their nation and control their nation’s 20 richest states in total—with it, in fact, being President Trump’s Republican Party as the only political force representing their nation’s middle class and poorest peoples.

In their rightly fearing that President Trump is exposing them to the American people for their being the elitist oligarchs they really are, this report explains, the march towards the critical 2018 Midterm Elections now sees these Democrats telling their mainstream propaganda media organs to begin hiding who they really are, and, likewise, ordering their political candidates to do the same—best exampled by the radical leftist AP News Servicechanging its headline describing illegal caravans heading towards the US southern border as an “army of migrants—and Democrat Party US Congress candidate  Ammar Campa-Najjar—who is funded by radical Islamic terror organizations—telling his leftist supporters how to deceive voters by his saying: “What you all have to understand — I need to stress this: We gotta check our feelings at the door about how we feel about the other side because there’s no way on God’s green earth that we can win this race with only Democrats.  It can’t happen.



As in the 1861-1865 American Civil War that cost the lives of over 750,000 (equivalent to 7 million today), this report details, the Democrat Partytoday is fighting to the death to preserve what it sees as its right to rule over their “plantation slaves” in any way they see fit—but as they were opposed 158 years ago by Republican Party President Abraham Lincoln, who believed that freedom of human beings was more important than Democratelite privilege, so too today are they being confronted by President Trump—and as before, now sees these Democrats attempting to ignite their entire nation in flames once again.



And with barely a fortnight to go before this historic 2018 Midterm Election occurs to decide the fate of America, this report says, these demonic leftist Democrats have decided to unleash upon their nation a campaign of “Caravans and Queers”—with the first referring to an onslaught of over 10,000 illegal migrants rushing towards the US southern border who are demonically painting swastikas on American flags and gleefully burning them—and who join the 12,000 other illegal migrants who have swamped the US southern border in the past three weeks alone causing American border patrol forces to cry out to President Trump for help—and the second referencing the leftist Democrat exploding outrage over Trump daring to proclaim that the there are only two definitions of human beings—male and female—not the multitude of made up sexes these leftists claim exist.



To which of these forces the American people will ultimately support before their nation erupts in flames, this report concludes, remains at this time uncertain—but with it to be noted that Democrat Party leader, and former Obama vice president Joe Biden was only able to draw a crowd of 500 people when he campaigned in Nevada this weekend—that stands opposed to the over 100,000 people preparing to see President Trump as prepares to campaign in Texas tonight, tens-of-thousands of whom have camped out for days to see him, too.



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