Trump’s Solving Of “Triffin Dilemma” Now Has World Poised On Brink Of Nuclear Holocaust 

November 9, 2018

Trump’s Solving Of “Triffin Dilemma” Now Has World Poised On Brink Of Nuclear Holocaust 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An intriguing, yet fearfully worded new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today confirming an agreement for President Putin and President Trump to meet during the G20 Summit in Argentina between 30 November-1 December, shows Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reacting with alarm to the United States’ unannounced test launch of an nuclear multiple warhead capable Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile with her warning that Washington is playing with the devil” as it seriously considers the concept of a limited nuclear war—a fear further voiced by French President Emmanuel Macron who has just warned that Europeans cannot be protected from America without a ‘true European army—and whose fearful words of warning are being made against the backdrop of the looming 2019 Global Economic Crisis that now has the entire world poised on the brink of an all out nuclear holocaust—all of which is due to Trump attempting to solve the most intractable and existential threat his nation has ever faced, that is known as the “Triffin Dilemma”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


American people kept blinded to the reality that World War III may be just months away


According to this report, yet being kept from the knowledge of the American people, is that the entire economic system of the United States is built upon a fantasy mirage due to what is known as the “Triffin Dilemma”—that sees the US Dollar being the only global reserve currency required by all of the world’s Central Banks as Reserves—with the only one way that these Central Banks can obtain US Dollar Reserves being their forced to undersell all US producers in order to be able to sell more to the US, than they buy from the US—and whose unexpected result has been the de-industrialization of the US, as the world geared up to undersell all US producers wherever they could do so, in order to obtain the indispensable US Dollar.

The underselling of US producers in order to obtain US Dollars, this report explains, has taken many forms, most often in nations placing high tariffs on American made goods and services, that are known as trade barriers—that has seen American manufacturers and service creators having to abandon the United States if they were to survive—that in turn created for the US what is known as trade deficits—and as predicted by the immutable mathematic logic of the “Triffin Dilemma”, now sees the United States spiraling economically out of control as its national debt needed to make up for these trade deficits has made it bankrupt.


2018 becomes year United States owes more than it’s worth—which means it’s bankrupt

The only way to protect the United States from bankruptcy, this report details, is for it to solve the “Triffin Dilemma”, and whose only cure for is the gold standard being enacted to replace the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency—that would then see the world’s Central Banks no longer having to accumulate US Dollars, which in turn would eliminate all US trade deficits forever.

During this past year, this report notes, American economic experts began to notice that President Trump was, indeed, moving the United States towards the gold standard and his abolishing of the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency—with multi-billionaire Mexican business magnate Hugo Salinas Price being one of the first to notice that Trump was solving the “Triffin Dilemma, and the noted American financial guru Jay Taylor noticing what was occurring, too, and who quickly told his clients:

There is a method to Donald Trump’s seemingly mad economic and geopolitical policies including tariffs and the reversal of the Iranian nuclear deal that Obama orchestrated…the Triffin’s Dilemma not only explains Trump’s political success and the reasons for his policies, but that we may be nearing a massive tectonic shift in global markets as a result.



To the “massive tectonic shift” occurring due to President Trump solving the “Triffin Dilemma” by returning the United States to the gold standard just now being noticed by these experts, this report continues, has been known about since Trump took office by every nation in the world—and is why Russia and China have been furiously buying up all the gold they can, as well as every other nation in the world buying as much gold as they can, too—with Russia being the best prepared for what is to come after tripling its gold reserves as it prepares for full-scale economic war with the US Dollar.

To how the world was able to know that President Trump was preparing to solve the “Triffin Dilemma”, this report explains, was telegraphed by Trump himself on the first day he took office—and was when he walked reporters into his White House Oval Office where predominantly displayed behind his desk was the portrait of President Andrew Jackson—the slave owning founder of the Democrat Party whose candidate, Hillary Clinton, he had just defeated.


President Donald Trump orders portrait of President Andrew Jackson to be hung behind his desk in White House Oval Office on 20 January 2017


Not because of President Jackson being a slave owner or Democrat Party founder did President Trump order his portrait hung behind his White House Oval Office desk, this report details, but because of the symbolism it showed to the entire world of what he was going to do—destroy the central banking Federal Reserve system in the United States whose survival depends on the “Triffin Dilemma” as it robs the entire world of its wealth for the benefit of American-European globalist elites—and is exactly what Jackson had done over a century prior to Trump taking office.



The Federal Reserve central banking system that controls the economic life of the United States, and accumulates its massive wealth via the “Triffin Dilemma”, this report notes, is not a part of the US government, but exists by an Act of Congress—and whose Board of Governors is an independent US government agency, and the Federal Reserve Banks themselves being private corporations.

To how powerful the private banking Federal Reserve has become, this report says, is best exampled by their having President John F. Kennedy publically executed when he tried to shut them down in 1963President Lyndon B. Johnson having to physically assault Federal Reserve Chairman William McChesney Martin Jr.—and President George Herbert Walker Bush threatening to destroy them, but whom the Federal Reserve quickly removed from office replacing him with President Bill Clinton.

Since its founding in 1913 under the administration of President Woodrow Wilson, however, this report further notes, no American leader has been more poised to take on and destroy the Federal Reserve than President Trump—as the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is required to have seven members–it has three—two of whom were put into their position by President Trump—two more have been nominated by Trump and are awaiting confirmation by the US Senate—and after these two are put on the Board of GovernorsTrump will then nominate two more to follow them—meaning, in essence, that six of the seven Board of Governors members will have been put into place by Trump.



With President Trump having called the Federal Reserve “my greatest threat” and his having declared total war against them, this report continues, the European based globalist aligned International Monetary Fund quickly came to the defense of the Federal Reserve—that Trumpquickly retaliated against by denying the Europeans sanctions waivers for their purchasing of Iranian oil—the Europeans than firing back against Trump telling him that they will defy his sanctions—and Trump responding to that threat by telling the Europeans that if they defy his sanctions, he will cut them off from the global banking system SWIFT.

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system used by the Federal Reserve to maintain their “Triffin Dilemma” global hegemonic scheme to rob to the world blind, while at the same time setting up needless conflicts among nations to keep themselves in power, this report explains, is President Trump’s main target for destruction—with SWIFT knowing this fact and buckling under to Trump by keeping the Europeans from being able to pay for Iranian oil.

The grave dilemma the Europeans are now left in, this report says, is that unless they choose to watch their economies grind to halt, and their homes and businesses freeze this winter, they will be forced to buy Iranian oil through Russia’s alternative to SWIFT known as the System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS)—that runs on impregnable blockchain technology and whose number of users of around the globe are now greater than that of those using SWIFT.



With Russia’s superior SPFS bank messaging system being immune from all American sanctions of any kind, or against any nation, this report concludes, its further benefit to President Trump is its not allowing any financial transaction to be made in US Dollars—that the private Federal Reserve bank can’t survive without as its Petrodollar System is what undergirds its entire “Triffin Dilemma” scheme making nations having to have US Dollars before they can buy any oil—and in whose collapse would see Trump having to place his nation on the gold standard—that would immediately wipe out all his nation’s trade deficits, with his only then having to decide on how to pay off his nation’s debt to these globalist Federal Reserve bankers—and that no one would be surprised to see him do by having his US Treasury mint $1 trillion platinum coins to pay off this debt, and as President Obama once contemplated doing, too.


You have to think anyway, so why not think big?

45th President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump

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