On June 24, this web site advised readers “NATIONAL EMERGENCY AS U.S. FARM CROPS FAIL – FOOD SHORTAGES BY LATE JULY; FOOD RIOTS THEREAFTER!”   Turns out, the food shortages have already begun . . . You had better take heed and stock up now — or go hungry.

The sign in Walmart tells the story:

This is going to get worse.  Read the story HERE to understand how this developed, then get yourself to the store and start stocking-up.  This is going to get very much worse and people are going to find themselves FIGHTING EACH OTHER for food.

Those of you who are of a mind to buy EMERGENCY FOOD can find half a dozen sources on our “PREPPING” page HERE.

You are also going to need guns and ammunition to fend-off the savages who come to steal what you’ve got.  You can find sources for GUNS and AMMUNITION on the prepping page above too.

Folks, this is serious.  Farm production is off by almost ninety percent this year due to massive and ongoing flooding.  There is NO FARM CROP in most of the areas of the country right now.

No crops mean no food.  It’s that simple.   Prepare.  Time is rapidly running out as evidenced by the sign in Walmart shown above.




  • uhm

    Feral Woods · 5 days ago
    Not a single acorn was produced last fall in the vast oak forest of the Ozark Mountains. As result, most of the wildlife which get through the winter on acorns died off. Currently, right now, mountain lions have been forced to seek food in the many resort communities. Cats and dogs and ranch animals. My next door neighbor lost both his dogs to an 3 ft high, 8 ft long lion a couple of days ago, and the lion was screaming in my yard last night. Any city fool who thinks that when the system goes down they will dash out into the wild forest and live off the land are in reality going to end up as supper because the cats and dogs are almost all gone.
    Ratcoon · 2 days ago
    I hear ya ……I was tracked out of the woods a couple weeks ago by something that looked like a large wolf…..when I turned and spotted it , it started pacing side to side ……not normal for a wolf ….. however as soon as I pulled my pistol and walk toward it , it slowly went straight off into the woods…………..
    I think they call it “Rewilding the woodlands” the globalists are bringing in the wild and letting it go into the normal woodlands to drive the sheep back into the cities where they are easier to control .
    Gifford Rodine · 5 days ago
    My mother was a farm girl from the northern Missouri area. We raised sweet corn as kids, 1950’s. Her saying was it should be, “Knee high by the 4th of July.” The hybrids and GMOs changed that. Could it be not for the better?
    Stephen Ellis · 5 days ago
    This week in Australia, major grocery chain store brand muesli went from $2.50 to $3.00, a 20% increase. (900g Packet). Also seeing shortages of organic grains.
    His self · 5 days ago
    OT Are you watching the news Hal?

    Nothing on the 6.2 quake in the Cascadia Plate overnite?

    Nothing on the 6.2 quake under China Lake this morning?
    News Desk · 5 days ago
    Every media outlet on the planet is covering it. Until we have something to offer which is new, different, or important, there’s no use in us covering it.
    Gifford Rodine · 5 days ago
    Go to this site: There are hundreds of quakes every day in the CA/NEV area. We live on a very active planet. If you live near a big one, it is not your lucky day.
    TL Spurlen · 6 days ago
    Supposedly that Walmart is in Eastland Tx
    Ratcoon · 6 days ago
    Sooooo…. those wonderful socialist countries gonna supply the U.S. with their great “QUALITY” of foods …….. we already know how great their pork and beef is …… guess it is gonna be a great way to bring in the toxic, unprotected productions of …. WHATEVER …. OH , yah we already know about their wonderful techniques of fertilizing with human shit….ground up human body parts…. and the CARE involved with the handling and production of their foods. Just ANOTHER method to CULL the herd of sheep.
    Feral Woods · 6 days ago
    Went to the feed store yesterday, the place was packed, and forklifts were wheeling out livestock feed like I’ve never seen before, running out of everything fast, even while waiting for my turn to get loaded. I had to return to the counter for refund on items they ran out of between order time and loading time, then reorder a different brand. Farmers and ranchers know what the situation is, it’s going to get very desperate.
    Ratcoon · 6 days ago
    Where you at Feral ……
    Feral Woods · 6 days ago
    Flyover, USA
    Ratcoon · 2 days ago
    Got it ……..we’re neighbors ……heh heh
    Doug Brown · 6 days ago
    It’s just a suggestion, but the practice of prolonged water fasting is a skill to learn.
    First, doing it proves to yourself that you can do it, and second, it may be necessary one day if women and children are in need of food, and there is a limited supply.
    Fasting seems frightening at first, and it is, it triggers interior dilemmas, but once the fear is past,it becomes really easy.
    Fasting boils down to several basic reminders:
    -You need to stand up slower (you will be light-headed, even dizzy)
    -Walk with a firmer deliberation, (you may be tipsy)
    This, of course, isn’t a remedy for a major nationwide food shortage, but still, fasting for prolong periods is a dandy skill to develop. And lastly, if you are a Christian, fasting heightens a sensitivity to Christ and the Bible in an uncanny and wonderful sense.
    TSlinger · 5 days ago
    Definitely a discipline- something most in this country are averse to and are loathe to embrace- if not scream rejection (or some other ‘r’ word) to.

  • uhm

    “Good, it’s what the farmers deserve for poisoning our food supply with GMO’s, chemicals, and unsustainable farming practices.” -TraditionalistVeteran@Traditiona


    Well in one way you’re correct and I agree with you but be very careful what you wish for because if food supplies collapse you’re DEAD. What we need are slow transitions to different methods of doing things otherwise fast issues like this cause outright collapse. The Club of Rome have always wanted to attack the U.S food supply as it has been the food basket for the world and the COR want a food crisis to aid their Ortes population-reduction model. You had better hope that Vladimir Putin’s creation of a Russian food basket will be enough to supply the world the same as what the U.S was doing. If the Russian food supply is enough then the world can have organic foods as a whole. If Putin hadn’t started this Russian food supply the World would be doomed.

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