Homoeopathy for combating SARS/Coronavirus symptoms

How to combat the Corona Virus with Homoeopathy

By: Udaya Kumar – February 2 2020 updated 20th May 2020

Homeopathic Remedies

01. Rhus tox 1M
02. Gelsemium 30/200C
03. Aconitum 30C
04. Bryonia 30C
05. Phosphorus 30C
06. Belladonna 30C
07. Arsenic Album 30/200C
08. Antim tart 30C
09. Baccilinum 200C
10. Tuberculinum 1M
11. Eupatorium perf 200C
12. Hepar Sulph 30C

As there is no known cure in allopathy the medicines have to be used symptomatically. Homeo being a system based on symptom pictures any ailment new or old known or unknown can come under its purview and therefore possibility of cure is quite high.

1. Rhus tox 1M At the beginning of any viral disease single dose and repetitions if necessary

2. Gelsemium 30C  potency three times a day for three days or more for any kind of flu like symptoms with or without Chill

3. Aconitum 30C single dose whenever fear of death is found or anxiety is expressed including all panic like conditions.

4. Bryonia 30C for dryness of mouth throat and mucous linings… It will prevent pneumonia from setting in. It will regulate mucous thickness and will not allow mucous to harden in chest area. It will work against intermittent fevers. It will stop ailment moving upwards to the meninges or other areas of brain…It will help protect liver and kidney.

5. Phosphorus 30C…. Works in curing infections of throat and lungs….prevent and cure pneumonia of all kinds…This is one of the main medicines for corona virus symptoms….and preventive to fatality. It works in eyes, throat, chest, liver, kidney and excretory functions. It will correct vertigo or dizziness and upward movement of ailment. Main function in larynx.

6. Belladonna 30C Follows phosphorus in curing all kinds of infections afflicting throat and deep chest.

7. Arsenic album 30C when ailment descends to stomach and nausea, vomit, chillness or restlessness, shiver or thirst for large quantity of water at intervals are felt in any ailment….main medicine

8. Arsenic Album 200C main medicine for corona virus.  When there is dyspenea or heavy breathing COPD (i.e. obstructions in breathing Asthma or wheezing) are detected…. Specific for corona virus.  Arsenic can prevent kidney damage, bladder issues and protect organs in abdomen in general…

In one of the links provided by you I find that Arsenic Album 30 is highly recommended. This medicine, as per media reports was also recommended by Ministry of Ayush of Govt. of India as a prophylactic. In my two decades of working with asthmatic patients and Severe respiratory distressive patients I have seen that Arsenic Album should be used in 200 C potency and not 30C. Arsenic album works at its best in 30C when the ailment is at Fire level i.e. affecting digestion. Assimilation, metabolism, development and growth and anything impeding them like food poison, dyspepsia or indigestion, ulcers aphthae or litchen and the lime whereas when element air i.e. organ lungs is involved higher potency of 200 is required. Otherwise there can be aggravation before cure is effected…..

9. Antim tart 30C….. when there is pleural effusion, croup or phlegm refuse to come out even though there is rattling in chest… very important medicine to prevent as well as cure pneumonia and pleural effusion as well as pulmonary oedema leading to fatality.

9. 10 and 11 One single doses of any or all of these medicine can be used as intercurrent remedy and repeat other

10. Eupatorium perf 200C wherever there is myalgia or muscle pain or bone pains.

11. Hepar sulph 30C where the infection is in pharynx.

12. Ipec 30C or 200C when Fever is high above 103 and refuse to come down

13. China 30C when convalescing with bitter taste in mouth.

All medicines can go well with allopathic managements….all 30 potency medicines can be used in single ounce of water as combination or use separately.

Rhus tox, Gelsemium, Arsenic album and Phosphorus can work as preventive and immune boosters along with Arnica, Natrum mur etc.

I have found that use of Aspidosperma Q 10 drops in one ounce of water once even stops the the unstoppable debilitating cough in similar trait of ailments……

Medicines of value in similar traits at various stages of development
1. Natrum Mur 30/200C may even be curative along with single dose of thuja or without thuja…where there is thin leaky discharge from nose…where fever does not end in sweat and returns intermittent…where there is heaviness in head, where there is slimy taste in mouth and generally tasteless for any food…Rigidity at the nape of neck and neck movements diminished or nil and painful with swollen glands or otherwise…scary dreams…..and all or any other symptoms as per
materia medica.

2, Ammonium Muriaticum 30C: Very very important medicine where cough is the centre of all ailments and cough is unstoppable and debilitating.. Lung feels debilitated and feeling of dizziness with each cough…. While getting up in the morning everything is dried up and brain feels sliding from one side to the other….All other symptoms as per materia medica be checked. Single dose will stop cough within minutes…as if a miracle…

3. Cardus M Q with Lycopodium 30C in the event of gastric disturbances with or without pain and suspected liver damage being caused by virus. This combination will protect liver from any damage.
Alfalfa Q with Gentiana Lut Q ….where indigestion sets in with multi area headache vomiting and purge not controlled by arsenic album.

4. Veratrum Virde 30C: Where ALT /SGPT counts are very high as in ROTOR virus infections…the stimach behaves like as if Lime (chunna) is boiling in abdomen… Cannot eat or drink anything.. One single dose of this usually clears up the complications of Rotor virus….equally important in all virus afflictions where ALT readings are very very high.

For haemoptysis or haematomesis from lungs use of Ficus Religiosa Q or in 3X is curative and immediately arrests the progress of the ailment….phosphorus also works towards prevention of pneumonia and haemophelic bleeding’s …..Ficus Indica is equally good.

Arsenic Iodatum 30 or lower potency…where there is Pulmonary Fibrosis with pneumonia…hacking cough intermittent fever and purulent discharges or yellow phlegm at the stage of starting formation of abscess in lung.

As far as my personal observation and research goes only two medicines will be required to contain Covid 19N trait of virus

1. Ammonium Muriaticum
2. Arsenic Iodatum

one to three doses of these two medicines should give miraculous recovery in virus infections that tend to be fatal by descending on lungs. And showing symptoms like

1. Ammonium Muriaticum Very effective in unstoppable cough hacking with purulent discharges becoming centre of progress in ailment descending and settling in lungs causing fatality. two to three doses in 30C should give immediate result in stopping cough and underlying symptoms.

2. Arsenic Iodatum 30/200C This I consider specific to so called Corona virus, as already mentioned in my earlier post towards 1.Acute/Chronic Phneumonia 2 Abscess formation in lungs and scars 3 Fibrosis of lungs or elsewhere including Takayasu Arteritis. 4 Typhoid like fever with prostration and emaciation. 5 Hacking cough with irritation in the mucous lining of throat 6 Purulent Expectoration 7.Ailment aggravations to fatality due to immuno deficiency 8 COPD/Asthma 9 Chill
10. Many other minor and major individual symptoms…. Arsenic Iodatum is prophylactic as well. what I can guarantee you is that it will certainly avert fatality in ailments afflicting lungs….

The medicine is Arsenic Iodatum which is specific for Myocarditis also. Arsenic Iodatum works in interalia Pneumonia, Fibrosis, Abscess formation in lungs, Asthma, Immune boost, Oppression of chest, Purulent exhudations or expectorations ,,COPD,Bronchitis and other minor symptoms …For unstoppable cough I have suggested Ammonium Muriaticum which gives instant relief. The other medicines for Myocarditis with pneumonia are Phosphorus…. Further we have Spigelia and Digitalis which addresses Myocarditis with bradicardia with ectopic or cacophonic beats ending in arrhythmia…Rhus Tox and Gelsemium addresses Influenza and viruses of the trait ending as fall out in Myocarditis. other medicines are Aconitum , Adonis vernalis, Bryonia, Carbo veg, Arnica as general tonic, Cactus Glandi.Crataegus, Strphanthus, Gloniinum, Lachesis, Ammonium Carb, Naja, Aeschylus, Veratrum Virde In viral and High SGPT., Causticum, Colchicum, aurum Muriaticum, apocynum etc etc as per other individual symptoms

Arsenic Iodatum 200 is curative of pneumonia.and all lung ailments .

Arsenic is the Micromedia in which every cell is protected and grows. And therefore it has a very large role in all types of autointoxication toxins poisons and germs entering the body and effecting cells including stem cells, particularly so, when the modus operandi of the virus RNA is to detect the weak and mutated cells and overcome, replace and proliferate,before even the DNAs and RNAs of the body is awakened enough to be aware of the situation..Arsenic senses very quickly dangers to cells and their RNAs and subtle air is the first warning warrior…if it is in abdomen subtle air rushes to unchartered areas causing stomach ache when blocked and seeks the help of fire in the form of fever and water in the form of vomiting purging causing main symptom of poisoning as restlessness and thirst to compensate dehydration… in lung area the air gives the warning signals by way of dyspnoea,breathing difficulties, streterous or wheezing or asthmatic breathing, cough, sneeze etc etc.

Whereas the Iodium is fundamental to endocrine functions and development and therefore it’s fine combination is definitely the solution and remedy to any ailment of the nature defined above irrespective of the name of the disease. These two medicines are specific to current prevailing symptoms of the epidemic.

As far as my observation goes Zincum Met and Zincum Muriaticum as well has Chloroquin treatment the role will confine to specific areas like head neurotransmission liver and kidney…. Lungs may not get targeted as needed in instant case requirement.

Zinc has a water retention issue which is in the form of any liquid particularly in Zincum Met. That is evident in its role in hydrocephalus where cerebrospinal fluids are retained. Whereas it has a role when the viral infection irrespective of its name descends to kidney through blood and urine end up in ailments like Brights disease. So this can become handy when this viral infections descend to kidney and complement whichever therapy initiated

Zincum Muriaticum and for that matter wherever the combination of elements ends in Muriaticum it is a highly benevolent medicine value for human body as it works within the salt water balance meaning like sweating is fundamental to relief in fever unless there is syphilitic miasm where sweat does not give relief, as in Mercury and where Merc sol has to be used.

Most of our ailments of endocrine revolves around Muriaticum or chloride…. Your question as to Chloroquinine is also a combination of the Medicinal symptoms of China added to Chloride. Here Arsenic is overwhelmingly a better choice than China or quinine or Chininium Yet again the source of proliferation where Chloroquinine is indicated is liver and not the lungs.

We MUST understand that the great Spirit . ..Mahabhootha…..working in liver or Bile is FIRE and that which is working in throat and lungs is Higher Great Spirit AIR…..The medicines that regulate Air are Carbo veg in lung region Udaana Vaayu where air trajectory is upwards ….Lycopodium in Apaana and apaana-Udaana where trajectory of air is downwards and downward-upwards respectively as well as Vyaana where air is omnipresent.

Functions of China is confined to Air in Fire region or areas controlled by Manipura Chakra and therefore it’s action is limited to upper abdomen as far as air is concerned.

Our focus in the instant viral infection is undoubtedly Lungs and fatalities arising from lungs. Lycopodium and Carboveg works here. For this very reason the allopathic medicine used indiscriminately would aggravate lung and abdominal issues as those white tablets and powders used used to make pills in allopathy are made from the material doses of Lycopodium itself….while they consider it inert, a micro thinker cannot lose track of their role if he is adept in homeopathy


Regarding your query…First of all disease has to be redefined as body welcoming foreign microorganisms rather than body fighting and losing a battle with invaders.

A virus is a dormant protein waking up to conducive ecosystem. Therefore the most effective method would be to potentially enhance the human body to a level where an invader parasite in the form of virus do not dare enter the system and if at all it enters return quietly instantly the same way it entered ..They do have these sensers or sensibility to know what is eco friendly and what is not…. Therefore no fight is necessary ..Body is never offensive it is always defensive…..

Any medicine used therefore should aim at boosting the endocrine system and translate them from a state of immuno compromised, immuno deficient, to that of immuno potent or immuno perfection as is required for human body to live 120 years with Prime Health.

Homeopathy promotes the Glory or the Chaitanya in human beings which is otherwise understood as activating the Life Force. What is basically the Life Force….The Life Force is the spirit within the body….Where does this spirit stay…. The spirit stays within each atom of subtle air within the body.

The Human body is formed by the sub nuclear fusion of the five great spirits…..Mahabhoothaas……. these are Eashwar or god …named as Aether or Ether by Greeks……Air… Fire ….Water… Earth. …..These stay in concentric form within the human body which is basically Earth…. within each atom of earth the water stays….. Within each atom if water the fire stays….within each atom of fire and water and earth the air stays and within each atom of Air the Ether or spirit stays…..The human body has five levels.

The area from foot to moolaadhara chakra is Earth. the bladder region is abode of water…i.e. swadhistana chakra. The area from bladder to lungs is seat of fire controlled by Manipura chakra. the lung region to middle of eye brows is seat of air… vishudhi chakra. And as nice that upto Sahshrara chakra is Ethereal Space…. the seat of ethereal space is in the left petal of Anjana chakra. And that nucleus of pure ethereal is what is considered left brain …. Before birth only left brain works. The right brain or the right petal of the Anjana chakra or the right grandhi of peneal gland works the moment the child breathes its first breath on earth and opens its eyes and allow the subtle external fire enter the right brain as Intelligence…..the moment it sucks the mother’s milk the external element water enters the right brain as emotion and do does the eating brings in earth as ignorance on which all knowledge and experience of human beings are to be built.

This interaction between the left and right brain is cause to all thoughts as peach and actions….

This is the same structure the earth has and the universe has. The visible world is a metamorphic form of these five Great Spirits. To illustrate…. All oils are Liquid form of Fire. all oils are also fire firm of Water. all elements that burn are solid forms of fire… Etc etc etc. All are linked with each other as a composite whole which we call monotheistic God. adwaitha…..There are no I and you in adwaitha There is only We. That plus this…. The Aham Brahmasmi.

Situation being so, everything outside is present inside the body…. As above so below…as outside so inside…..Every substance has an affinity with what is inside and every substance inside also has an harmony among themselves. This harmony of the outside with inside and as mong everything inside is what we call homeostasis or Health or Longevity of Life. That is Ayurveda which teaches how this harmony is achieved when it is impaired.

Coming back to your question…. Your stress was on tissue salts….or Salt…..Salt is fundamental to Organic chemistry of human architecture….so is on the surface of earth. look at the salt in our ocean….what does it tell us….It says if salt and water balance is not there the earth would have become autistic retarded development….If salt is not there rain will not happen….Salt is responsible for expelling excess water in the ocean to become clouds that rain and joining back to ocean as excess water…..The shape of the earth is the boon of the water… if water is completely removed from earth it will crumble to dust. For the scientists who query about extra territial water my answer is in every object in the space having a shape and mass have water in them …not visible visible or concealed…..otherwise they won’t have shape.

It is the same thing within the body…Hydto carbons and chlorides are fundamental…. Therefore if there is a fundamental issue as in stem cells or genetic mutation or elsewhere natrum Mur is fundamental Carboveg is fundamental Hydrogen and Oxygen as homeo medicines are fundamental corrections…. Forces like Magnetas and Electricity as medicines are fundamental corrections…. All salts are fundamental corrections ….To be specific zinc and Natrum Sulph work in head CSF lungs and kidney respectively…..Mur works in water element particularly natrum Mur….,and within each cell, within endocrine and immune system like thymus gland adrenals pituitary and pineal …..Calcium works in bones as well as thyroid and in pH factor….Iodide is fundamental as stem cells are involved…any assault to stem cells reduce immune power…. All chemicals assault stem cells including medicines with side effects vaccines crude metal injestion in any form like tin lead etc etc. Arsenic is the media in which all cell growth takes place. Since the abide of DNA RNA of the invader protein in the form of virus is cells Arsenic becomes the most suitable protector against such invaders….Adding Iodide to it is a bonus just like an armour for a warrior…….

The medicine is Arsenic Iodatum which is specific for Myocarditis also. Arsenic Iodatum works in interalia Phnemonia, Fibrosis, Abscess formation in lungs, Asthma, Immune boost, Oppression of chest, Purulent exhudations or expectorations ,,COPD,Bronchitis and other minor symptoms …For unstoppable cough I have suggested Ammonium Muriaticum which gives instant relief. The other medicines for Myocarditis with pneumonia are Phosphorus…. Further we have Spigelia and Digitalis which addresses Myocarditis with bradicardia with ectopic or cacophonic beats ending in arrhythmia…Rhus Tox and Gelsemium addresses Influenza and viruses of the trait ending as fall out in Myocarditis. other medicines are Aconitum , Adonis vernalis, Bryonia, Carbo veg, Arnica as general tonic, Cactus Glandi.Crataegus, Strphanthus, Gloniinum, Lachesis, Ammonium Carb, Naja, Aeschylus, Veratrum Virde In viral and High SGPT., Causticum, Colchicum, aurum Muriaticum, apocynum etc etc as per other individual symptoms

I was pondering on the use of following medicines for prevention and unsettling the virus and as disinfectant.

1. Ledum Pal Q as hand wash mouth wash and orally in Q/30/200 potency as necessary for respiratory symptoms as quoted below. Since Ledum is a germicide and work against all kinds of animal/insect bites which are toxic or poisonous it should also work in any kind of virus emanating from animal world.

Respiratory.–Burning in nose. Cough, with bloody expectoration. Dyspnœa; chest feels constricted. Suffocative arrest of breathing. Pain along trachea. Bronchitis with emphysema of aged. Oppressive constriction of chest. Tickling in larynx; spasmodic cough. Hæmoptysis, alternating with rheumatism. Chest hurts when touched. Whooping-cough; spasmodic, double inspiration with sobbing.

2. Apis Mel:30 To 1M for diphtheria like conditions of respiratory tract…Hydrothorax….. and where UTI descends to Kidney infection.

3. Causticum 30 to 1M: For respiratory deep chest symptoms and considering the soap containing causticum is able to dissolve and incapacitate the viral covering.

4. Arnica 30/200 for storms and shocks causing fatality.

Cannabis Sativa ( hemp )
” Respiratory.–Oppression of breathing and palpitation; must stand up. Weight on chest; rattling wheezing breathing. Cough, with green viscid, also bloody, expectoration. “
Cannabis Indica ( Hashish )
” Respiratory.–Humid asthma. Chest oppressed with deep, labored breathing.”

Cannabis is an indicated medicine I had also considered but did not include as it would to my mind would be working only in peculiar few where mind symptoms agree…. Like I had recently seen reports in the media of a patient under observation attacking the Nurse…..In those violence or schizophrenic conditions illusions delusions and imaginative or clairvoyant cases I would certainly look for cannibus sativa and cannibus Indica . The mind symptoms though are predominant in these medicines I have seen that the trigger to hallucination can also lie within pulmonary oedema as in Antim Tart……which certainly has much to do with Cardiac Asthma patients, Hydrothorax patients and the like where Bryonia also come into play as patient stays still fearing movement will aggravate the ailment or the mucus is so thick that it envelopes the deep chest to be translated into pneumonia, and also in particular where the case end in multiple system failure. When we go by individual symptoms all these medicines will come into play like occimum sativum, ambrosia, Ambra grisea blata orientalis, adathoda and the like…but when we view it in an epidemic canvas we need to zero down to a minimum medicine applicable to larger community levels considering the general characteristic changing according to he mutated manifestations.

The individuals who fall down are mostly to my mind those with low pressure arrhythmia miocarditis etc or due to annyohilactic or other shocks or triggered by body’ s attempt to boost the immune levels….This to my mind can also happen to an individual who is already suffering from compromised immune levels or auto immune disorders. Considering all the aspects I feel the most suitable single remedy should be Arsenic Iodatum 200 one dose every six hours.

1. There is a neurotransmission channel on planet Earth level observable in the telekinesis of the virus which is a pathway channel within the North Temperate Zone because the countries affected are China Japan South Korea Iran Italy Spain Uk USA etc lying in Temperate Zone 39 to 60 degrees North. Similar to the function of Zinc within Human body for regulating the
neurotransmission.as a non conductor of heat and electricity maintaining a paralel channel of microwavular parallel discharges the morbidity also travelled on the Surface of the Earth. Sulphur being the activator of centripetal and centrifugal forces within the body promotes homeostasis. Therefore zinc sulphate can be an option in material medicine.
2. The second pattern is that the virus in initial outbreak did not effect any of the countries where Malaria has been endemic. In such countries i
which has been using Quinine as an anti malarial drug is finding a natural resistance, an immigration culture, and a sustained release pattern, slowing down the spread with less intensity. This is in favour of using Chloroquine or Quinine as a panacea. And in homeopathy use of China or Cinchona is handy and without side effects apart from time tested anti malaria drugs like Arsenic Album and Ipecuanha.

3. The third one is Azythromycin. Azythromycine in combination with homeopathic medicines like Rhus tox, Gelsemium, Phosphorus, Belladonna, Arsenic Album, Bryonia etc combination has been found curative in toughest of the tough earlier versions of so observed… soar throats endemic…. in earlier traits where people who were treated with azythromycine and resisted cure in conventional medicine system were found effectively cured when combined with homeo. Azythromycin contains Soy Lecithin which addresses internal swellings and inflammation and therefore use of Lecithinum 3X would be equally effective in homeopathy…. The main choice of medicine in homeo remains Arsenic Iodatum, Arsenic Album, Ammonium Muriaticum, China, Ipec, Rhus tox, and all other medicines in the order given in my earlier posts.

Following medicines in order of priority as indicated and according to individual symptoms are useful and curative in Pulmonary Fibrosis. The following tests are good diagnostic tools. 1. Apply pressure between the joints of middle finger and ring finger on the palm of hand… if there us mire pain than the pressure lungs and thymus glands i.e. immune levels have issues. Pressing the point 2 minutes improve the condition and rejuvenate. 2. Hold the breath for 10 seconds and if there is no cough or discomfort the Fibrosis and pneumonia can be ruled out for that period in time. 3. Keep the tip of the index finger of both hands on the root of thumb fir 45 minutes a day i.e. vaayu mudra to increase lung power.

Arsenic Iodatum 30/ 200, Arsenic Album 200, Carbo veg 30, ipec,30, Natrum Sulph,3X , Phosphorous 30, Antim Tart, 30 Silicea 30/200. Teucreum Mar 3X. Causticum 30, Cuprum Met, 30 Nux Vomica 30, Stannum Met,30 Sepia,200 Hepar Sulph 30, Lachesis,200 Kali Sulph,3X, Kreosotem 30. Kali Bichromatum 30 Belladonna 30, Ammonium Muriaticum 30 for dry cough, Bryonia Alba 30, Rhus Tox1M Tuberculinum,1M, Thiosinaminum 3X for dissolving scar tissues ….Iberis Amara Q Cardiac debility after influenza..Wyethia Helinoides 30 for hacking cough with itching of palate and posterior nares..follicular pharyngitis…..

Use 30C or CH Potency 5 drops in one ounce water maximum three times a day as long as required. Use 3X and Q potency similarly. Use 200C or CH potency once a day or once a week as per acute or chronic condition. Use Lachesis 200 single dose once only and repeat only after one week.Use 1M potency one dose a day in acute conditions ..otherwise one dose a fortnight…..

When we talk of Fibrosis we should invariably be discussing on emphysema too.
Whereas Fibrosis damages in and around air sacs or alveoli of the lungs causing scar tissues, emphysema is destruction of air passage ways of lungs and enlarged state of alveoli where air is retained causing dyspenoea which may generally be described as enlarged lungs. This can also cause hypertrophy in heart restricting movements as movement aggravates sufferings.(Bryonia, Iberis Amara)…

1. In all lung diseases Arsenic has a very high role to play. All cells develop and grow and multiply in the media of Arsenic and therefore it is like a guardian to all tissues or tissue changes. Arsenic Album used in 200C has the potential to single handedly give relief or cure asthma as evident from many recorded cases in this forum….

2. Antimonium Arsenicum…. In emphysema Arsenic is used in the form of Antimonium Ars as well as Chinninium Arsenicosum. Antimonium Ars is considered as specific or head remedy and the key note for its use is dyspenea with cough worse on eating or lying down.

3. Antimonium Tartaricum 30…The peculiar symptom of Antimonium i.e. great rattling of mucus in lungs/chest which is difficult to expectorate as in Croup compounded with leathery coating or whitewashed coating on tongue with dyspnoea and hallucination leads to its use in Pulmonary oedema. Usually three doses in 30C aborts fatality in terminal cases removing oedema miraculously along with the ventilator and prognosis reverses from morbidity to homeostasis. IT IS specific for emphysema of aged. Coughing and gasping are visible symptoms with Short, Rapid, Difficult breathing makes it a great choice for the current pandemic.

4. Carbo Vegetabilis 30 ….Emphysema on ill treatment or incomplete treatment of pneumonia. It works in subtle air moving upwards and potentially repairs the tissues
and the basic Carbon Organic structure with the help of oxygen and hydrogen. Therefore it is a life saving medicine that corrects the trajectory of Udaana Vaayu which probably carries Dopamine; Serotin and Endorphin.

5. Curare : Emphysema with threatened stop of respiration on falling asleep. Very Distressing Respiratory Symptoms…should come handy in Sleep apnoea.

6. Naphthalinum : Tenacious expectorations. Sighing respiration, emphysema of the aged with Asthma. Lengthy paroxysms of cough. Valuable remedy for Respiratory syndromes.

7. Aspidosperma Q : Tonic to lungs just as crataegus and arnica are tonic to heart, Cadus M is tonic to liver and Phosphorus is tonic to muscles……Of high value in all cases of Asthma, Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pleural effusions, Pneumonia, Idiopathic COPD. Improves oxydation, stimulates respiratory system. 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day as long as required after all debilitating diseases of Lung.

8. Bryonia Alba.30 … Dry barking cough, dry throat, dry mouth, dry respiratory passage, dry mucus linings any where, frequent desire to take long breath, tendency of Must to Expand Lungs., movement of any kind aggravates …patient lye down without any movement for fear of aggravation of sufferings as in Typhoid, Menengitis, lung and heart and liver ailments, intermittent fever or high fever, quick difficult respiration with pain in chest…..Excellent remedy with phosphorus and antimonium tart in pneumonia and other lung ailments…


I would only like to touch upon the Sulphur aspect you have raised. Sulphur is predominantly antipsoric whereas the virus in hand requires a strong antisycotic medicine as it fundamentally relates to the element Air …whether it is lung or cough.

The other one is element fire relating to digestive system where Sulphur is useful and leading medicine. Sulphur basically is cause to all revolutions and rotations within the body including that of electrons neutrons protons and the like and therefore basis to creation of centripetal and centrifugal forces which are main forces for transformation or metamorphosis from morbidity to health and vice versa.

Sulphur works as Solid Fire…..when dissolved in liquid is liquid fire and when used in homeopathic potency it is ethereal fire….a d works in those levels. So it can be a booster to cell functions and synapse functions and other subtler functions and therefore is an ultimate inter-current remedy where well chosen medicines fail to activate the Life Force…. Its Psoric character which is basically purifying character as in Agnishuddhi in spiritual terms is fundamentally centrifugal and therefore morbidity in the body seen in terms of sickness toxins Sins, poison hazardous etc are expelled from the deeper layers into the surface and therefore is of paramount use in Chronic diseases and where the severity of ailment is gradual and endurable….whereas in acute diseases with life threatening severity the toxins surfacing to skin level as skin ailment adds to the misery as it may not be related to the current
Ailment and can prove fatal in weak and low immune patients who have been chronically suffering.

Therefore it is advisable to use short acting remedies like aconitum which is acute of sulphur or belladonna, arsenic (both chronic and acute and strongly anti psoric anti syphilitic and anti sycotic) etc in serious acute life threatening infections. I did not therefore include sulphur but can be used if strongly indicated otherwise or a psoric predisposition is blocking the curing process.

My question is if an earlier version of CoV attack a bat or any other host infected with Bacterium of Legionella will it mutate to a Bacterial Virus?

If so the mystery behind the droplets and airborne would solve as well as the frequent indication of Camphora as an important remedy towards its cure will become a realty. It has been bothering my mind why Camphora is solidly indicated while my experience with it was with bacteria as ultimate cure and not for viral infections where I resort to Rhus tox, Gelsemium, Arsenic, Eupatorium Channels. If my inference is true Camphora 1M should be curative. The Covid virus is showing all symptoms fundamentally shown by Legionnaires disease except that it is a bacterial infection. Whereas Covid shows the swiftness of virus while incubation period remains 2 to 10 days after exposure as in Legionnaires.

The Symptoms common remains startlingly same in both and as under

1. Both Assymptomatic
2. Both Affects weak immune system quickly.
3. In both heavy smokers and chronic lung patients are vulnerable
4. In both cough may appear as first symptom (dry cough stage Bryonia 30 then Ammonium muriaticum 200)
5. In both other accompanying symptoms are Fever, Chills, shortness of breath, muscle ache, headache, diarrhoea,
6. In both severe forms Pneumonia and Lung Inflammation ( Arsenic Iodatum 200, Phosphorus 30, Antim tart 30, veratr Vir, Kali Mur 6x)
7. Both have Muscle aches (Eupatorium perfolatum 200)
8. Fever ( 104 or higher in Legionnaires). High fever present in Covid 19N (Rhus tox Ipec, Bryonia, Belladonna)
9. Both cough brings up mucus and sometimes blood. (Ammonium Muriaticum 200, Arsenic Album 200, Antim Tart 30)
10. Both have chest pain (Aconitum 30, Arnica 30)
11. Both have gastro intestinal symptoms or digestive symptoms (China 30, Arsenic Alb 30, Lycopodium 30, cardus M Q, Chionanthus Q)
12 Both can effect heart
13. Both caused by inhaling microscopic droplets
14. Both can lead to complications like Respiratory failure due to inability to supply oxygen or remove carbon dioxide (carbo veg, vanadium)
15 Both can effect kidney functions and lead to kidney’s failure to filter waste from blood accumulating debris in blood )
16 Both effects 1. Weak immune system 2. Chronic lung disease 3. Emphysema, Diabetics, kidney disease, cancer and smokers…..

So here we have a situation where Legionalla symptoms are carried by a virus named COVID 19N……!!!

I hope this give some insights for further research …….

I can only say science will undo science… my focus is on alleviating the suffering of humanity…I would not be concerned about whether the neurotransmission channels of planet earth is the pathway or remote controlled or digital viruses or microwave transmitted viruses….

I will stick to the panchamahabhootaas the five gross elements ether, air, fire, water and earth for all my solutions that afflicts this body that has evolved from the sane five elements by quintiplication process.

I would like to believe it is a virus, because believing so gives hope and the way of transmission is a debatable aspect. I would not like to invoke or allude to ancient technologies of weapon acquiring and despatch through mantras and that technology getting revealed to any materialistic mind who could misuse that to the extent that will see the dissolution of the universe.

I only know that no virus can kill me because I am not the body…..

Homeopathy believes in natural cure through the Life Force within human body. I can see for certain the forces behind the virus are element air and element fire as digestion and breathing are involved. The scarring of the lungs surely is a work of fire element…wether natural fires like acids or microwave fires or radiation is debatable according to whether you are seeing 6 or 9.

The usual source of fire and heat are the Sun, the fire and the digestion…A new source of unmanifested existance of fire is revealed in microwave which astonishingly is true nature of unmanifested fire…..At digital level or nano levels or ethereal levels substances will get transmitted to the substances of their affinity i.e. fire will join fire, water will join water, air will join air ethereal will join ethereal and earth will join earth… so does their components however nano or sub nuclear they are…. fire i.e. sulphur will join sulphur phosphorus will join phosphorus, magnitium will join magnetium… we normally call this at earth or body level as nutrition
But this itself is the principle of homeopathic function also. each medicine we take joins or report to its counterpart within the body and enhance their function

On the negative side any substance that report to their counterpart can also deteriorate their functions like a peg of alcohol(spirit) corrupting the pure ethereal spirit within the head to inebreity…If that act is deliberate and happens without the individual himself consuming the peg, it could be weapon grade…

A poison entering the body kills the person instantly means the ethereal channel is being used…. the same ethereal channel can be used as medicine and that is what homeopathy is doing. So we have hope unless our body itself is destroyed….. The immortal soul will certainly watch that happening…..

Arsenic is the protector of cell and in the present virus digital or biotic the focus of destruction is the cell and endocrine system and therefore my choice of Arsenic Iodatum stands…….!

On a deeper study of China Officianalis I am convinced that the following remedied should cover all symptoms of Covid 19 N

1. Ammonnium Muriaticum …..30 or 200 For cough

2. China Officinalis ….30 three times a day for symptoms of lungs liver and kidney And as elaborated below.

3. Arsenic Iodatum ….. 200 if the ailment translates itself into pneumonia fibrosis or other lung ailments showing Severe Respiratory Distress.

4. Arsenic Album ….. 30./200 for stomach/Lung symptoms/Asthma.

All other medicines as enumerated and explained above for individual symptoms and diseased conditions.

China Officinalis here becomes a polychrest for following reasons.

1. Debility from exhausting (catarrhal )discharges and vital fluids.
2. Nervous eretheism .
3. Sensitivity to draughts like for e.g a fan may give a sensitive chill with sweat and when fan is stopped chill will disappear.
4. As per books “it is seldom indicated in the early stages of an acute disease” …the books could not  have said it better…. though I usually earmark it for convalescing stages… the fact remains that the book is alluding to various stages of ailments in an acute disease where the use of China is warranted. The stages here are :
1. Asymptomatic
2. Throat infection with cough
3. Lung infection with Severe Respiratory Distress Syndrome pneumonia etc. And fatality
4. Liver and abdominal stage after lung stage or circumventing lung stage.
5. Kidney Infection Pyelonephritis kidney failure and fatality…multiple organ failures
China plays multiple roles in Lungs Liver and Kidney …. It is the best medicine we have for pyelonephritis/ Chronic Suppurative Pyelitis. The setting of a Respiratory tract infection settling as Urinary Tract infection and Pyelonephritis is normal. But when it is proved fatal and there is no medicine available in evidence based medicine system the role of China Officianalis becomes crucial.
The Mind symptoms of China officianalis is wonderfully suited to the patient of Cirona where no medicines are available. I.e. Despondent, Ideas crowd in mind preventing
Sleep…. … apathetic , indifferent, ……!!!
The head symptoms may be peculiar and needs a keen observation by patient….Head symptoms may have dizziness, as if brain were balancing to and fro….striking against skull with pain…this symptom may ir may not be there…..and particularly when waking up in the morning is attributable to hangover from insomnia…the scalp may be sensitive to combing……dizzy when walking…..eyes may feel amaurosis, pressure, celiary neuralgia, photophobia, ears may have tinnitus, ear lobules may be red in colour.

Bitter taste in mouth…no appetite nor taste in mouth. Slimy mucus in mouth, tongue coated thick particularly if there is pulmonary issue….tongue dirty, ptyalism, hungry without appetite….flat taste….indigestion but longing for food, flatulence, belching of bitter food, hiccup, regurgitation of food gives no relief,
Bloated but better by movement, pain in right hypochondrium, hepatomegaly, spleanomegaly, jaunduced, internal coldness of stomach and abdomen ….

Respiratory : Cannot breathe keeping head low…..Influenza with marked debility ….Laboured slow respiration….Constant Choking….Rattling in chest (antim tart)….suffocating catarrh…..hacking cough….haemorrhages or haemoptysis from lungs….sharp pain in left lung….dyspnoea, worse damp weather ( note here that the ailment is worst now in countries where the weather is damp and moist)…

Heart : Irregular with weak rapid beats followed by strong hard beats….

Kidneys ….sharp pain in kidney area…Knife like cutting pain around the back….sprained like pain in limbs and joints….hard pressure relieves……

Skin ….coldness with much sweat…..when fever is not present….
Sleep…..Constant Stupor is a leading symptom as if in shock…..Sleeplessness….Confusee consciousness….on waking after frightful dreams…..fear of dreams remains after waking…..

Fever …..Intermittent…..debilitating night sweats….periods of fever marked…perspiration on least exertion…perspiration on single parts like cheeks chin neck region forehead….one hand cold one hand hot…..(if there is fibrosis)….
Modalities : worse slightest touch…draught of air….loss of vital fluids….at night
Better : Open air….hard pressure….bending double….warmth…..

Use in 30C potency 3 to five drops in one ounce water three times a day…three doses fir one day will give remarkable improvement…maximum three days China should put you in track to full recovery whatever be the name if disease or virus or whatever……
Get well soon without side effects…In China if it atarted with China it should end…

I am convinced symptomatically China Officinalis as single remedy prophylactic and cure for Corona Virus Alias Covid 19N. It is for the various Health Agencies and Front Line Doctors to try the homeopathic medicines at the first sight of Corona symptom which will be a sudden gripping feeling like onset of a sore throat beginning from the upper area of the throat behind ovula, a possible inflammation of adenoid as the virus enter and makes its way. At this stage single dose of China 30 should abort the feeling and if so the disease….
Within hours it can settle as cough which is debilitating and dry(Bryonia 30). If at this stage Cinchona Officinalis ( China Officinalis) is given in 30 potency three times a day, there is immense possibility that the virus will not descend the lungs and will descend to abdomen where again China is again the remedy.

If it descends to Kidney as Urinary Tract infection leading to pyelonephritis through blood then also China works and cures….I have already given good description the various symptoms of China Officinalis in my earlier write up.

The residual symptoms like Ozena, Agnosia, appetite loss or Anorexia, loss of taste(Ageusia), bitter taste in mouth are all covered under China. All digestive issues, convalescing issues,chills, bile issues, chances of jaundice are covered under China .

If the ailment descends to lungs the medicine is Arsenic Iodatum 200 The symptoms of this medicine covers most of the serious afflictions in Lungs viz pneumonia , scarring , fibrosis, Severe Respiratory distress syndrome, asthma, and all other ailments except oedema and rattling which can be taken care by Antim Tart. China also takes care of miocarditis and other organ issues relating to liver and kidney preventing multi organ failure. China also prevents shocks and storms as well as nervous erethism (not to be confused with Encephalopathy.)

The debilitating cough is the next issue. The debility will be removed by China. Whereas the Ammonium Muriatic at 30 or 200 according to severity would take care of two aspects. 1. Ammonia disinfects and do not allow functions of microorganisms at nano or subatomic levels. 2. Muriaticum works in preventing damage to T Cells. Natrum Mur 30 one to three doses only is effective here.

Homeopathic medicines only activate the endocrine system and the God or Ethereal principle or (Life Force as Dr Hahnemann) puts it, and therefore, there are no known side effects whereas miraculous and swift cures and prevention can be achieved. Waiting for evidence will kill millions and would be a crime on humanity…..with good wishes only …….

For other symptoms please use the link


Potency can be changed at the discretion of the physician. 30th would be most effective though…..

China Officianalis is the first medicine proved by Dr Hahneman
It is said he chewed the bark of Cinchona tree and Malaria like symptoms proved in him which was antidoted by higher potency of the same medicine, that gave him the idea of “like cures like” which was known in Ancient India as “”Ushnam Ushnena Shamana”” meaning “””Heat Cures Heat””” Thus China came to be taken and prepared from the bark of Quinine/Cinchona tree and homeo medicines came to be; by proving on human beings itself and not on animals and birds…. All homeo medicines are proven directly on human beings and not on animals.

The Cinchona is called Kunayana in Sanskrit perhaps from the deep eye like flower structure identical with a Goblin’s eye (Pishaachik)

One should know any substance in poisonous toxic or hazardous in nature becomes the best of the best medicines in homeopathic dilutions. Because of the same reason and its ability to activate the deepest of the deep ethereal synapse they are capable and potentially the best medicine for any ailment effecting the deepest areas of human body mind and spirit… I consider spirit as the body of soul whereas soul is a witness and is not effected by any human maladies.

China oIfficianalis is symptomatically the first choice and is curative before, in the beginning middle and end stages of the virus whereas once the virus enters vital organs like lung other medicines like Arsenic, Arsenic Iodatum, Natrum Mur, Ammonium Mur, Antimonium tart, Bryonia , Phosphorus Carbo veg etc would be needed to prevent, treat or correct the tissue changes…..
Prudent use of medicine should see the patient through to a quick recovery shortening the life of the virus to the minimum days.. Ofcourse allopathic managements for fluid loss and other issues can always go side by side. Wisdom should prevail and an integrated approach of the best from all medicinal systems is the clarion call of the day. The best of the best medicine in the world is running Spring water or pure water taken as medicine as it contains the diluted vibes from all medicinal roots it happens to embrace on its way. The best of the scientists in the world is oblivious of this fact because they have no measuring yardsticks to memory of medicine in plain water and for that matter consider homeopathic dilutions as
plain water…..They forget that human body is nothing but vibrations and the vibes of ionised medicine contained in that plain water is the only thing that can resonate at the deepest levels in root correction that rest of the ailments falls in place to normalcy automatically. Repair works and management is not the job of doctors, it should be left to engineers and managers…. the job of doctors are to create a world without any diseases and not multiply the count of disease from one to million. It is time human beings retract their steps to ancient treatment methods and if not more and more virus will gobble up human existance…..Saama Daana Bheda Dhanda should be the attitude and approach to homeostasis.

Additional precautions with no claims attached:

1. Press acupressure points for Thymus gland/lungs for two minutes on the palm of hand and sole of feet.

The Acupressure reflex points are situated between the root joint of the bones of middle finger and ring finger. If there is pain more than the pressure applied then it should be understood that the lungs / Thymus gland have an issue due to aby reason needing attention . Pressing there activates the lung as well as thymus gland and issues in the following areas will benefit. 1. Lymphatic system 2. Cytokine storms 3. Hormonal system 4. Lymphosite functions. 5. Afflictions of T and B Cells …5. Lung ailments. 6. Distressed breathing 7. Debility due to afflictions of lungs.
Not to do gentle press/pumping of the reflex point more than three times a day.

2. Do vaayu mudra for 45 minutes to improve lung capacity. Vaayu mudra is done by touching the tip of the index finger at the root of the thumb. It can be done anywhere any time. Doing it in padmasana posture would give maximum benefit .
To my mind, in case of a return of the infection or relapse or annual feature Cina 200 or Cina 1M should be used considering the virus as a parasite microorganism with Malaria as a base gene………along with Cinchona Officianalis, Arsenic Album, Ipec, Rhus tox, Gelsemium, Bryonia, Arsenic Iodatum, Mercurious Cyanatum, Ammonium Muriaticum, Phosphirus, Antim Tart, kali Mur
according to other symptoms present Relapse and or annual feature indicates Malaria base…. Cina has been found effective in the worst kind of malaria…the black hook shaped protozoa like plasmodium falciparum…….

AYURVEDA is Veda of Ayur or Longevity of Life. Veda is ultimate wisdom beyond which there is no no knowledge in Ayur subject. The reason for this is because Ayurveda believes in Panchamahabhootha
The five great spirits which are
1 Eashwar or Aakaash Tathwa in Sanskrit, Ether or Space or nothingness in English and Aether a unidentified chemical in Greek or as understood by Plato.

2. AIR




These five great spirits are responsible for formation of human body and also the entire universe….The whole phenomenal world is nothing but the metamorphosised form of these five elements or great spirits. Its natural union is a subatomic fusion called Pancheekaran or Quintuplication process.

Human body is constructed geometrically by close and harmonious geometrical equivalent of these five elements as a construction marvel par excellence in perfection. These are
1. Ether .Ether is a Dodecahedron of 12 faces and 20 vertices.
2. Air is an Octahedron
3. Fire is a tetrahedron
4. Water is an Icosohedron
5. And Earth is a cube.

When these five spirits are symmetrically arranged in a particular cell formation process a particular cell and organs of visible world are formed…..Its finest example would be seen in a virus…. For e.g. most of the virus like in Dengue, Chicken guinea, SARS and MERS are of the structure ICOSOHEDRON meaning the dominant element or spirit in it is the Great Spirit Water and therefore of ICOSOHEDRON shape…It can also be noticed that structurally it contains many equilateral triangles
showing the presence of Great Spirit Fire within that great spirit Water. We all know water contains H2O. Therefore a better microscope should be able to detect the presence of octahedrial shapes also within the basic structure. When a powerful enough microscope is invented to detect Didecahedron structure within it, we can proudly say God exists as we just saw God in that structure…..

The Shree Chakra is nothing but a geometrical representation of the Universe when those lines assume its multi dimensions a phenomenal world as we see it engulfing millions of light years can evolve from that blue print. That is the mathematical equivalent of the universe we live in.

Other equivalents being 0 = the Brahman 1= the Monotheistic God ( Adwaitha) . 2.= The Dualistic Existance( Dwaitha) 3 = The Brahma Vishnu Maheshwars…the creation the existance and dissolution .. 4= Four Vedas the ultimate wisdom of Creation and created or evolution or evolved. 5 = THE PANCHAMAHABHOOTHAAS the five Thathwaas or great spirit that is cause to all creation. 6 = Shadaadharas which is the path back to the source through Kundalini awakening. 7 = The sapta rishis (seven seers who could raise themselves to the level of a self evolving universe) the Saptha Swaraas forming the Seven notes which is pathway ti the Shabdha Brahma or the granary of all sounds, Saptha varna the seven colours the cause to vision of everything created and the white light which is celestial at variance with yellow light or light as we perceive which is attribute of Sun or Agni or Fire. 8 =Is Ashta Dikgh. The eight corners which give us direction and relativity. 9 = Navagraha or nine planets…navadwar or nine orifices…..navarathna or nine gems….. etc
10 = monotheusm taking precedence over brahma ….the cart before horse start from here to infinity of material plane of consciousness until everthing return back to zero.

The geometrical equivalents of philosophy of creation or evolution has to be understood structurally how an extra chromosome crops up or one is curtailed or how a icosohedron is replaced by some tetrahedron to give a thejaswi…charushmatic face or a beautiful face….or how more icisohedrons are introduced in an individual body to make it obese and how less ecosohedrons becomes a cause to a lean body or how its harmonious coexistance and perfection in its numbers create a beautiful and perfectly shaped body.

Here I would as the context requires me confine myself to the virus…..If we know the shape of the virus we should know its orientation….whether it is water oriented or air oriented or fire oriented and the study of genome would reveal all these including the colour of the viron should tell us its function where it will be having its affinity once it enter the body. If structurally it is Icosohedron it should be water droplet born and will relate to water in the body… if it has geometrical fire structure within…it will create issues in digestion, assimilation, metabolism etc and if it is having a dominant dodecahedron it is bound to create issues with the Vaayu Mhaabhootha or within subtle air in human body…Lungs is the seat of air within human body .The functions of 10 subtle airs within human body are 1. ALL movements in and out of human body including neurotransmission, inter cell movements, all pains felt in human body….3. Winking of eyes 5. Speaking 6. Breathing..7. Excretory process. 8. All materialistic thinking. 9. Happiness 10. Hiccups cough vomit purge belch burp maintenance of life..all expansions and contractions including that of lungs and heart.. etc etc. and many other.

Therefore if a virus is oriented and armed with dominant Air principles it will have affinity in areas of functions of Air. And that would be devastatingly quick…Some traits of current virus is air transmitted and some portion are water…..the air one kills quickly….

As I have already discussed before, the relapse, return or annual feature in an acute disease shows the presence of Malarial base. Similarly effectiveness of Quinine derivative whether Hydroxychloriquin or Premaquin or any other such quinine based medicines having a psychotropic or alkaloid content points towards the presence of Malaria. This invariably leads us to a conclusion that such ailments have a MALARIA Miasm which is not hitherto heard in homeopathy but is evident here and therefore need to be coined as a miasm or predisposition responsible for receiving acute ailments with varying fatality.

This can happen in two ways. 1. A natural genetic mutation. 2. A deliberate insertion as a micro chip in the form of Malaria Miasm in each human body which will work as receptors to any future acute ailments designated to enter human body with affinity and receptibility and resonating with the Malarial miasm within the body.

Just as a Sycotic miasm receives and nurtures all kinds of tumors…a syphilitic miasm receives and nurtures all kinds of disease with open wounds including cancer….a psoric miasm receives and nurtures all kinds of itching including all skin diseases and mental itches like repetitive motions like in autism spectrum illness.. … repetitive motions (stools) as in celiac disease and the kind….the malaria miasm receives all other symptoms showed by Covid 19N.

It would as of now include symptoms of Legionnaires Disease as pneumonia and lung issues, or indigestion as in Malaria itself, or as in Dengue, body pain as in Dengue and chicken guinea……Debris in blood and consequent pilonidalnephritis
as in Lupus….Miocarditis as in Rheumatoid or Reactive Arthritis etc etc. Thus, Covid 19N should be seen as a receptive miasm or a susceptibility placed in the human body for future diseases as dictated later rendering human body a permanent host for various infections that are in anvil..
Vaccination used to be the earlier technique to compromise the human system in the process of creating permanent patients and managed by life long medicines in the pretext of no cure.
Creating these receptiveness or susceptibility within this human computer has now become the norm to dictate who should fall sick at what time…..I am not pointing fingers but would certainly say it is an unfair game. The avarice that is playing such a game should stop.

How to counter it homeopathically?…
Homeopathy activate the human Life Force . Human Life Force is the share of God particles in each Human Being. It is the Being part in the Human Being. So, use of any number of homeopathic medicine will only boost the Chaithanya or Glory of God within each human being.

The principle behind Chloriquine or Quinine as such, is that it has an alkaloid which purify the ethereal within human being so that return of malaria do not have a receptive counterpart with in the body and therefore incapable of returning as relapse or annual feature. If for more than one year Malaria do not return we may consider it as cured case where as if it returns later we may consider it as a fresh infection. The medicine that removed this receptiveness is Cure….rest is suppression and management.

The reason why Hydroxychloroquin works is that Quinine has the capacity to cure what Quinine caused. It would invariably prove many theories wrong because it would mean Malaria is not caused by Mosquitoes but by Quinine tree. Meaning, a Mosquito which drank the juice of quinine tree from its bark would as well inject that poison into human body to a morbid state we call by name Malaria. This us same with many mosquitoes living on plant juice causing annual ailments as a natural phenomena like Tiger Mosquito living on the sap of Eupatorium perfoliatum could cause Dengue and Chicken Guinea which is curable with higher potency of Eupatorium perfoliatum . It may need complementary support with Rhus tox, Gelsemium etc to counter other alkaloids or toxic substances present in that plant which manifest as comorbidity.

Having said that, we should not lose sight of the moot point…. i.e. how to remove the receptibility. The best method would be to 1. Use the nosode of the germ. 2. Use the sarcodes wherever is available. 3. Make homeopathic medicine in higher potency from Hydroxychloroquin or similar effective medicines used for malaria and remove the miasm without any side effects. 4. Use the homeopathic preparation of Quinine i.e. China Officinalis or Cinchona Officinalis.
5. Treat and remove the Malarial base by using medicines in homeooathy like Arsenic Album, Ipec, Chininium Sulph, China, Rhus tox, Gelsemium, Belladonna etc etc.
6. Then treat the acute part with medicines symptomatically required as in this Covid case it could vary from Arsenic Iodatum, Arsenic Album, Ammonium Muriaticum, Mercurious Cyanatum, Bryonia, Antim tart, Rhus tox , Gelsemium , Carbo veg , Camphora, Phosphorus, Thuja, Apis Mel, Cardus, Lycopodium, Alphalpha, China Officinalis ( taste restoration and convalescence and digestion liver issues). etc etc according to individual symptoms….
If the miasm is not removed, this Covid 19 will become 20 and 21 and 22 and circulate from part to part of the world as an annual feature just as Dengue chicken guinea, rat fever, ebola, etc are currently circulating unnoticed as a part of the whole, by design or by no design….. If it is by design it should be stopped immediately because these dangerous monstrous viruses do not know the creators of such Frankenstein’s and sooner or later they would also become victims to their own creations….. If it is by design I wont be surprised if Corona itself come to me for saying this, but the Truth has to be said as it comes to my mind, before it is too late and before the game turns too dangerous. The Time is out of joint and the world is out of tune…..Have I ever born to set it right again …If so, so shall it be ….

I had well pondered over Naja as also phospholipase ……. When we talk of Naja I would like to think about Rahu and Kethu the double mouthed serpents…….These two headed monstrous serpent is keeping hostage all other planets within its belly within seven rashis starting from Medam Rashi (april-may) to Thula Rashi sept-oct..whether you go by naadi shastra or brghu astrology….Four things are happening 1. Kalasarpa yoga which is keeping everyone in locked in or locked up or gobbled by the serpent position i.e. the serpent has high-jacked the Time itself keeping everything in stand still position and 2. Kala-amrita yoga where the rich will become poor, the materialism will be annihilated, the poison will be turned into elixir….the axis will change position, kali yuga will translate to sati yuga, bliss and happiness and immortals will tread the world, the invisible will rule.
Meaning, the Rahus and Kethus are not doing any disservice to humanity….It is in fact giving the last chance to humanity to change themselves or face annihilation. The planets will be delivered from the shadows once the bliss is established, the world is reinstated to status quo ante paradise lost to that of paradise regained. These are a period of chance for redemption for human beings at large.

The third aspect is Vasundhara Yoga. Which means 3. The Saturn and Jupiter are clubbed in one Rashi. Or 4. The Jupiter is transiting through three Rashis within a period of 1 year. Both these causes immense suffering. And toppling of the world order upside down.

As per astrology each individual is born under a Mahaadasha as well as a tree, a plant, a bird and a personal Deity ascribed to them…The total of all mahadasha is 120 years which is the maximum ayu or longevity of life in Kali yuga. The individual is expected to protect those trees animals and birds
as per guidance received from the deity. I am telling you this in response to what you said above and I quote….Should you attract unwanted attention and Corona fixes an eye in your direction, I don’t think it will be finding an easy mark in you! Be well! …. unquote.

Going by the astrology above the eyes of Corona will be plucked if it dare to cast a glance at me for the reason I am born in Highest Heights of Planet Saturn in Shani Mahadasha and Jupiter or Brahaspati or Guru happened to be my personal Deity as per my horoscope. Brahaspathi for your information is the Guru and Teacher of all The Gods, The Humans and The Demons as per Indian Mythology as alluded to by T.S Eliot as Datta Dayadhwam Damyatha in his famous poetic collection which got him his Nobel Price for Literature viz. WHAT THE THUNDER SAID along with four quartets
and others in that compendium. So I am least bothered spiritually physically materially or of mortality.

As for Phospholipase A2 Inhibitor which is an unnecessary long name with complex synthesis are all covered under phosphorus 30C in the first place and here in this particular virus will be efficiently handled by Arsenic Iodatum once it reaches lungs and translate to pneumonia or fibrosis and in pneumonia with blistered cases with redness of throat by mercurious cyanatum 200.

I will simplify that for you. 1. No germs ever attack human body. 2. What is within is without meaning everything that exists outside in the macricosmic universe exists within the human body which is also a microcosmic universe 3. What is without of the same kind has an affinity with what is within of the same kind…. meaning Phospholipase outside entering human body has affinity with phospholioase within human body and will report to that..

Just as water entering the body joins water…air entering body joins air, fire entering body joins fire of digestion and vision and thermostatus..Earth entering the body as food joins the earth which is flesh nerves bones etc….and ether or god entering the body joins the life force or god within….

In human body phospholipase is largely found in lungs and as choline in above Bbb i.e Blood Brain Barrier. etc. and for this precise reason the choline ingested reports choline in the head and dopamine etc…Choline in itself is a ethereal or god level particle and that answers why phospholipase changes to choline once it passes blood brain barrier.

The reason why the virus in question descend to lungs is very clear here. Just as an Arsenic in material dose causes severe food poisoning in cells which grows with immense health in a subtle arsenic media, the phospholipase also does the same damage when it enters in material form…All allopathic medicines give side effects for this very reason that in material doses its toxicity is not removed….

The multiplication or proliferation or cloning of the phospholipase with the multiplication of the virus itself is the cause to all damages. Excess of phospholipase in lungs in material form damages the alveolar sacs and prevents the exchange of subtle air Praana Vaayu causing Severe Respiratory Distress Syndrome and fatality without the virus making a single move not even an eye wink. We blame innocent virus and attempt to kill him damaging many things in the process.

What should we do then… Just as we use Arsenic album 30 single dose to clear within seconds Arsenic poisoning which is deadly, we may even use potentised form of phospholipase or Choline but not material form of phospholipase which will to my mind, add to the malady and speed up fatality. Because potentised form finds its affinity with natural phospholipase in lungs and boosts its efficiency while material phospholioase in the form of virus or allopathic medicine tend to corrupt the natural phospholipase

i saw some media reports that clotting of blood is a fresh symptom in Covid
We need not worry about it in homeo approach. The following remedies are curative

1. Arnica 30C
2. Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200C

In haemophiliac conditions phosphorus 30C and in low platelet hemorrhagic conditions juice of papaya carica leaves is curative. One spoon two times a day for maximum 3 days to bring platelet levels to normal.

Now that we have come to pass Covid 19N…. the line of treatment do not vary much except for the different strains to which different individuals respond differently according to comorbidity or otherwise. As I have already mentioned in another post, where chest ailments ,coldness of the body, sinking feelings are there with dehydration there is a great option in Camphora single handed my as Dr Rajam Shankaran has propounded. But to my mind if the Camphor is to work there should be a Bacterial Background and we need to rethink the biological or microbiological composition of the virus. Because as I have already pointed out…1. The virus is bound to be bacterio-viral.. .where either malaria, legionnaires disease or some other amalgamation ought to be there which is causing attack on lungs and 2.. attack on above 65 years.  The phospholipase affinity of viral coating with that in lungs could also answer this vital phenomena….

My experiments tells me there is a Cinchona or Malarial factor where China and Cina are important. Wherever microorganisms incubate in lungs Cina will be required….Esonophilia will be high with ESR…Where is Lung asthmatic bronchial alveolar fibrosis pneumonia Respiratory distress etc Arsenic Album 200 would be required but in this case the immune system is the main target and therefore Iodatum has to be used and so we have a perfect medicine in Arsenic Iodatum 200 or above. Another most important symptom is peculiar debilitating cough, thickening of mucus and stopping entry above Bbb, (Bryonia)liver issues kidney issues(Cinchona) Croup issues
Where Ammonium Muriaticum(debilitating cough) Antim tart ( croup and rattling of mucus and other symptoms)carbo veg ,veratrum virde(high ALT levels) Natrum mur (single dose to clear phlegm from throat when sweating) phosphorus(pneumonia), clotting and cardiac issues (Arnica), anxiety and fear of death (aconitum) and other medicines as per my earlier threads may be used symptomatically. In earlier stages combinations of medicines may abort the the disease in a couple of days.




LAUROCERASUS Q 5 drops in one ounce Water or in split doses of one spoon every 10 minutes in Acute cases. Here use 10 drops in one glass of water and use one spoon of that as split dose. If it does not yield use 30C or 200C potency 3 drops in one ounce Water…In this strain of symptoms this single medicine should prove curative.

Other medicines for complementary use here would by Hydrocyanic acid..Camphor 1M …Secale 30..Ammonium Carb 30 and Ambra grisea 30 according to symptoms….

Use link for symptoms


PS: When CYANOSIS PRECEDES mortality it should be understood that any of the following things are happening

1. The oxygen is not present in the blood to carry blood to those areas. Any movement in the body or outside in this universe is caused by subtle air and here oxygen including Neurotransmission.

2. The blood is thick in viscosity that it’s movement is stagnant. This happens whenever the life is threatened by a shock and here a cytokine shock. It can also happen in electric shocks or annyphylactic shock or any other shocks

3. If there is a comorbidity of Raynauds Syndrome or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome….

4. Other reasons even if not so significant but life threatening.

If China doesn’t bring back to normal the sense of taste then use Pulsatilla 30 three times a day for one day …This will bring back the sense of taste.. Repeat if necessary.

Symptomatic COVID 19 Positive treatments by Homoeopathic physicians in Italy (PDF Available)

You will see that they have been treating with single medicine in the same order as suggested by me and they did not know the significance of Rhus tox in modern Virals as they still follow the footprints as enunciated by Dr Hahnemann with no inputs of their own in the ……changed ……changed…. environment in which we live. This anachronism is root cause to the present death bed condition of homeopathy. I have found in my 15 years of research here that Rhus tox should be given in single dose in 1M at the beginning of ever vital disease to break its virulence. If given at the first sign of vital it will abort the ailment within 12 hours. Mostly when the virus enters through the conjunctiva Belladonna follows Rhus tox to great advantage in aborting the onset of the ailment.

The COVID is little different from the usual virus. It has a set of specific targets like 65 and above are unusual for a natural virus. We can also see that the Development and manifestation of various kinds of virus in the past two decades are in layers…meaning the new versions do carry the imprints of the earlier. At first it was simply a viral with fever headache but of nausea and vomit chill cold cough pharyngitis laryngitis etc. We could easily tackle them in a day with Rhus tox, Gelsemium in flue like conditions and phosphorus belladonna in laryngitis conditions with aphonia and by Hepar Sulph in pharyngitis. Phosphorus prevents them causing pneumonia …..this is the wet type…. the dry type causing dry throat dry cough dry chest with solidification of mucus and consequent infections and pneumonia or those that tend to move upwards crossing blood brain barrier as Meningitis etc could be cured by Bryonia alone or with Bryonia, Belladonna, and Antim tart(once it turns wet and croup).

Then came the added symptom of body pain and platelet issues and further hemorrhagic fevers. Eupatorium was introduced and then arthritic factors were introduced….then focus came in lungs meaning mortality rates to go high. And also the focus of the virus turned towards the low immune, immuno deficient, immuno compromised, co morbid etc groups which means if vital organs are infected and they do then there is less time to react. Here the so called single remedy classic approach will fail. There is no time to waste. The success rate in this Instant case study published from Italy is because of mild cases treated. Wherever lethal cases are to be treated the approach of combination medicines will have to be adopted and load the patient with symptomatic medicines to prevent mortality.

I had looked around carefully and found that in COVID the conventional medicine may find inadequate as for e.g. there is cough and there is COVID cough which are marginally different but the effect of the COVID cough is so central to whole ailment and highly debilitating which exhausts the patient long before he gets pneumonia. Any debilitating cough one should know that lungvis getting effected if not the lymph nodes in lung.

The first sign is a painful grip on the upper portion of throat followed by extreme dryness. Here immediately Bryonia is called for… no doubt the classic homeopathy repertorised Bryonia first and used it 16 times….The Bryonia has the potential to regulate the viscosity of the Mucus. And therefore the dry cough immediately becomes wet cough. And Antim tart helps in expectorating those accumulations of mucus in chest relieving the congestion and aborting chances of pneumonia fibrosis etc.

In the case of COVID as I have already mentioned elsewhere the chances of pneumonia is very high not because of freak cause but by its self design of phospholipose it has affinity for phospholipose in the alveolar sacs of the lungs and therefore in all probability it will report to lungs at first chance. Our advantage is that COVID is a uni cellular organism whereas homeo medicines are ethereal in content and therefore homeo medicines travel at the speed of mind and reach the lungs in aid of the phospholipase or other front line casualties. Homeo medicines usually neutralise any foreign body entering human body in material form and posing danger to its corresponding micro nano level counterparts where they automatically report. This is the case with all poisons and the case with all corresponding medicines neutralizing poisons or the so called anti venoms. This applies to all vaccines…. whereas in vaccines they fail to remove the toxins which assault the stem cells to cause various challenging mind and endocrine ailments
under autistic spectrum of syndromes. Vaccines should stop….

It is in this scenario with additional symptoms like CYANOSIS , Kawasaki Disease, Debilitating Cough becoming central to Degenerating disease conditions etc that prompted me to look for more specific and out of the box medicines like Ammonium Muriaticum.(for described cough) Arsenic Iodatum ( Pneumonia, fibrosis, Severe Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Myicarditis etc etc with Endocrine Debility) whereas usually Arsenic Album 200 covers all Respiratory issues including Asthma and stomach issues simultaneously in all viral afflictions) Laurocerasus (Cyanosis and other conditions described above in main thread) China ( If there is a Malaria base orvunderlying malarial miasm which makes the COVID a permanent resident within our body)
What our Homeo physicians should realise and refrain from saying is that Homeo is slow in action….NO……Homeo is the fastest acting medicine presently available in this world……
And homeo treats symptoms picture of the whole patient and therefore no one can predict which medicine is going to give the miraculous cure…Medicines have to be taken to know. To say
there is no medicine is ignorance. Also in allopathy it is criminal apathy to say there is no medicines ….They should limit their circumference and say No medicines have been found yet or in allopathy we have not found yet a medicine to cure this ailment. A patient is half
dead when he is told there is no medicine…we should not contribute to the despondency of the patient…..!

Thank you for the first hand experiences shared by Dr Andre Saune and Dr. Nick Nossaman.

The clinical experiences shared by him are useful. I have been largely acquainted with American Institute of Homeopathy as I stayed at Fairfax County Virginia for a long stint in my life and had personally / physically visited this Institute as early as 25 years ago to enrol myself there….brought all the brochures and applications eye but could not register due to other preoccupations. I am happy that it needed COVID 1M potency to wake them up from along slumber as not too much activity has been seen in last two decades where homeopathy was on deathbed and I was struggling to give it the homeopathic medicines to keep it alive. The visit by a journalist he narrated is self explanatory to the silence.

You might have seen my choices. And for any viral I use Rhus tox 1M and Gelsemium 30 where flue symptoms are visible and settled in throat. The typical flue starts with a sneeze. This tox breaks the nub of the pen with which a viral writes. Whereas if any red coloration is there Bell follows as the virus makes their gate crash entry through the conjunctiva of eyes. Where such red coloration is there, if not treated with belladonna it will end up in skin rashes and eruptions vesicles etc including chicken pox. This will be very evident in streptococcus. …. I have deviated this course in COVID and has advanced Begins as the First and foremost medicine for several reasons.

Before Bryonia I have listed one more medicine which is Aconitum. It is because of the word epidemic pandemic etc which creates a sudden acute condition of anxiety and fear of death along with other individual acute symptoms for which Aconitum is a cure.

The first medicine I had listed as early as 2.2.2020 is Bryonia. Because the first symptom I could perceive with insight is a gripping pain at the top of throat near the adenoid region with extreme dryness of throat. followed by cough and intermittent fever. With the knowledge that COVID ends up in pneumonia if not anything else the first choice of medicine is Bryonia Phosphorus Antim tart. Bryonia prevents the ailments from crossing blood brain barrier or in other words it stops the phospholipase in translating itself into Cholines and escape to the more dangerous areas of brain Here aconitum and belladonna helps as these are purely acute conditions in the first place. Aconitum and Bell works at their best in medulla and meningitis and grey areas particularly when the virus has capability of penetrating the blood brain barrier. This combination works best in Encephalitis, Meningitis Streptococcus and staphylococcus invasion of brain or meninges etc. etc. Whereas Bryonia’ s intermittent fever, Bryonia’s capacity to thin and grease the mucus linings and regulate the mucus makes it impossible for chest to congest or get infected. Therefore the malady gets aborted in the first instance itself or on onset

When it removes the dryness the invader slips into abdomen. . Incidentally Bryonia is the best medicine we have for dry cough, aggravation on movement which will be a visible symptom in COVID or typhoid or lung ailment etc where movement aggravates symptoms and therefore patient will confine himself to bed. When there is oedema of lungs or inflammation with oedema of lymph nodes the first casualty is strength meaning weakness of body mind and intellect…high level fatigue…which is symptomatic of bryonia and Antim tart If there is serious breathing wheezing or asthma Arsenic Album 209 should be used. I have been vehemently saying that Arsenic 30 should not be used when there is heaviness in chest breathing difficulties laboured breathing or wheezing/ asthma because it will aggravate the condition … I have found Dr Andre mentioning that the patient recovered with Arsenic Album 30 after some aggravation ….this could have been avoided. Always use Arsenic Album 200 if the patient has above issues or Arsenic Album is targeted towards lung issue. For nausea vomit and other abdomen issues having no lung issue 30 potency remains best ….

The other issues he mentioned is chilblains where carboneum oxygenatum is prescribed. I do not see why the ailment to be allowed to reach that stage. I see it as a condition where air water and fire I.e oxygen blood and heat of the body do not reach there and I have in addition symptomatically suggested lauroserasus ….vanadium, Carbo veg as other choices with variety of curative value….When patient is on ventilator it is not an issue of oxygen it is issue of repair if alveolar sacs in lungs with urgency attached.

Yet another issue discussed is small vessel thrombosis or even deep vein thrombosis. Arnica 30 will take care of it adequately along with lesions scars, clots and other coagulation issues including cytokine or anaphylaxis shocks.

The other aspect is Euthanasia. Here the finest remedy is Carbo veg. Carbo veg hits the basics hydro carbon structure of the human body and therefore have the potential to bring the life back to the dead. And in cases where no possible life is sustainable will give a peaceful painless departure.

The main medicine for pneumonia remains phosphorus while China was suggested as very quick recovery from all debilities at convalescence and if the background of virus is malarial strain nothing can beat China officinalis as curative medicine

The next medicine I have mentioned is ammonium muriaticum and arsenic Iodatum, Natrum Mur, Mercurious Cyanatum whose roles are already well defined by me …..

Sulphur has been kept aside as it’s centrifugal functions can be aggravate and should be used with some amount of caution.

where hemorrhagic conditions are seen with body pain Eupatorium Perfolatum 200 with Carcapapaya extract be used to raise the platelet count. and other medicine as per specific individual symptoms.

For Carbon monoxide poisoning the best choice of medicines would be Acetic Acid 30 and Carbo veg 30 along with Arsenic Iodatum to clear the lung issues.

China Officianalis and pulsatilla works in taste buds.

At the present trends….One thing that Dr Saini has put at rest is use of Camphor where I was torn between virus and bacteria and The efficacy of Camphor single handedly to cure an epidemic of gigantic nature…as it has proved earlier in cholera epidemics. But I was doubtful about its role in a virus unless the virus is a mutated bacteria. I don’t know if that can happen … but my hypothesis seemed to me logically correct. This is evidently corroborated when the 11 or 12 who were given Camphor 1M as per Dr. Andre developed diarrhoea invariably means camphor was proving…….!!!!! It is a very freak instance for Camphor to prove at higher potency of 1M. Therefore the immune status or comorbidity or camphor interaction somewhere had to do something and may not be the right prophylactic as claimed. Camphor is peculiar and therefore antidote to all medicines from the vegetable kingdom and can behave differently when used out of context… Considering the high level potentials of Camphor it would need further tests with more patients before we can rule it out altogether as prophylactic while it’s symptomatic use would remain intact.

Best wishes


Homoeopathy for combating SARS symptoms

As we go to press the media is full of news and reports about SARS—Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome—the cold-like virus that develops rapidly into pneumonia and has spread panic and mayhem in Asia and various other parts of the world. As of April 24, there are 4439 reported cases. There have been 263 deaths: 219 in China and Hong Kong, 19 in Singapore, and 15 in Canada. In the U.S. there have been no deaths reported and as of April 17 there were 199 SARS cases reported.*

Right now the “epidemic” is mostly confined to Asia with cases in other countries brought in from travelers who had mostly traveled to or from Hong Kong.

The most terrible epidemic of all time

It is always sobering to reflect on the flu epidemic of 1918: the biggest pandemic in all of human history. It was said that the illness came on so suddenly that people were well in the morning and dead by the evening. In that epidemic an estimated 20–40 million people died worldwide.

Those treated with homeopathy had a mortality rate between 1% and 3% while those treated with conventional care had a mortality rate of 2% to 10%.**

Homeopathy for SARS?

Homeopaths around the world are on red-alert listening for the symptoms that might guide them to a small group of helpful remedies. At the present time, it is too early to identify such a group as the symptoms being reported are mostly common symptoms that are covered by a large number of remedies. We know that SARS comes on suddenly, that it exhibits a high fever, and is accompanied by a lowered platelet count and a dry cough that develops quickly into pneumonia.

There was an interesting report on a French e-mail list at the beginning of April. The writer, Frederic Schmitt, came down with flu-like symptoms four days after contact with a Thai friend who had SARS at the time. Frederic related that he had experienced the following strong symptoms: shivers, faintness and malaise, all violent and intense coming on with “impressive speed.” He took a single dose of the homeopathic remedy Eupatorium perfoliatum and the symptoms stopped in their tracks. He was fully recovered in another two days.

Symptom search

I searched through the Complete Repertory for the remedies that have the following symptoms in common:
• Sudden onset of symptoms
• High fever with shaking
• Malaise to the point of feeling faint
• Violent cough with pneumonia.

Arsenicum, Belladonna, Eupatorium perfoliatum, and Phosphorus are the four remedies that have each of these symptoms.

Arsenicum has the most weakness to the point of prostration, with terrible anxiety and restlessness.

Belladonna has the highest fever: a burning, dry heat with no perspiration and no thirst.

Eupatorium has the most (violent) shaking as well as terrible pains in the bones and joints and a violent cough that makes the head hurt.

Phosphorus has pneumonia with a terrible, dry cough and purulent, green and/or bloody expectoration.

Aconite and Ferrum phosphoricum are possibilities in the early stages of this disease—only in the first 24 hours of the fever before other symptoms have developed. (See Homeopathy Today, November 2002, “Ferrum phosphoricum; still vague after all these years” and “Research and rediscovery of a cherished remedy.”)

The mortality rate for SARS is running at 4–5% which means 95–96% of people are recovering. This may be a serious epidemic that is flexing its muscles or hopefully it will be something that fizzles out in the coming weeks or months. Either way let’s use this time to remember how lucky we are to have homeopathy in our lives.

* The World Health Organization has created a website to provide information about the spread of the disease. Their site includes recommended measures related to international travel and up-to-date reports on the numbers of cases and affected countries. http://www.who.int/csr/sars
** “Homeopathic Prophylaxis: Fact Or Fiction,” Todd A. Hoover, MD (NCH Website: www.homeopathic.org)

About the author:
Julian Winston has been Editor of Homeopathy Today since 1984. He is currently a Board Member Emeritus of the NCH, having been on the NCH Board since 1982. He is the past-Dean of the NCH Summer School(1988–1992), as well as author of The Faces of Homeopathy (the book and the video) a homeopathic bibliography, The Heritage of Homeopathic Literature, and two instruction books concerning pedal steel guitar. He moved to New Zealand in 1995 where he lives with his 2000+ volume homeopathic library and co directs the Wellington College of Homœopathy with his wife, Gwyneth Evans. He can be reached at jwinston@actrix.gen.nz



Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) / Atypical Pneumonia

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) / Atypical Pneumonia

Homeopathy for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Homeopathy medicines for SARS. Discussion with Dr. Manish Bhatia on SARS

Are you looking for a homeopathic cure for SARS? This article discusses the homeopathy treatment of SARS along with the best homeopathic medicine for SARS treatment.

 Dr. Manish Bhatia

What is SARS?

SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The illness is an acute respiratory infection of unknown cause. The main symptoms of SARS are high fever (> 38 degrees Celsius), dry cough, and shortness of breath or breathing difficulties. Changes in chest x-rays indicative of pneumonia also occur. SARS may be associated with other symptoms, including headache, muscular stiffness, and loss of appetite, malaise, confusion, rash and diarrhea. Death occurs in some cases due to respiratory failure.

What is the cause of SARS?

A new form of virus is being implicated in the recent outbreak of atypical pneumonia. The current studies show that the virus is either a paramyxovirus or a coronavirus-like virus.

Sign and symptoms of Severe acute respiratory syndrome

  • The 1st stage

A flu-like prodrome with fever reported in 99 to 100%, fatigue, headache, chills, aching muscles, malaise, anorexia, and sometimes diarrhoea. This phase lasts 3 to 7 days.

  • The 2nd stage

Affects the lower respiratory tract and begins 3 days or more after incubation. There is a dry non-productive cough, dyspnoea and possibly progressive hypoxia. The cough varies from mild to severe and is usually unproductive.


  • Temperature is usually over 38°C
  • Moderate respiratory disease is diagnosed with pyrexia and at least one respiratory feature of cough, dyspnoea, breathing difficulties or hypoxia.
  • Severe disease is diagnosed with the above plus pneumonia or respiratory distress syndrome.
  • Examination of the chest is often remarkably normal.
  • Rhinorrhoea rarely.

Investigations of Severe acute respiratory syndrome

  • Pulse oximetry and blood gases should be monitored as oxygen and even ventilation may be required.
  • Complete blood count shows a modest lymphopenia, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia.
  • U&E show mild hyponatraemia and hypokalaemia. Hypocalcaemia.
  • Enzymes show elevated lactate dehydrogenase, alanine aminotransferase, hepatic transaminase and creatine kinase levels.
  • Chest X-ray (CXR) may be normal at first and it may take a week or more to become abnormal but by 10 to 14 days all are abnormal:
    • Focal interstitial infiltrates can occur early and may progress to a more patchy, general distribution.
    • At first a peripheral opacity near the pleura may be the only abnormality. High-resolution CT (HRCT) of the chest may show infiltration behind the heart.
    • With progression, opacities become more widespread.
    • The lower lung fields are affected first.
    • Calcification, cavitation, pleural effusion or lymphadenopathy do not occur.
    • HRCT may be useful where there is strong suspicion of the disease but CXR appears normal.

Laboratory diagnosis of SARS depends upon any one of the following:

  • Antibodies to SARS-CoV in specimens obtained during the acute illness or more than 28 days after the onset of the illness.
  • Detection of SARS-CoV RNA by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and confirmed with a second PCR assay using a second aliquot of the specimen.
  • Culture of the virus.

Homeopathy Treatment of SARS

Considering the limitation of conventional medicine in treatment of viral disorders and the lack of any effective treatment for SARS patients in the conventional medicine, it is necessary that other alternative systems be used to combat this condition. Homeopathy with its vast range of medicines (>3000) can prove to be very effective against this atypical pneumonia. In this spirit an analytical study has been made for the relative effectiveness of Homeopathy medicines in this condition.

The information about the recent outbreak of SARS has been closely studied and the signs and symptoms have been analyzed to find out the group of remedies that can prove most effective against this form of pneumonia. The medicines for each stage are given in the order of importance. The details of this analysis are as follows:

Prophylaxis – The medicine that can prove to be a prophylactic in this pneumonia isChelidonium majus. This medicine can be taken by people working closely with SARS patients like doctors, nurses, relatives and colleagues of known patients.

First Stage – The medicines that can help most of the SARS cases in the initial phase are Aconitum napellusArsenic album, and Belladona. Of these, Aconite will prove most important in aborting the disease when given at the onset of flu-like symptoms. This medicine should be given as soon as one experiences flu-like symptoms.

Second Stage – When the symptoms of pneumonia are well apparent, then the medicines that can prove to be of maximum value in current outbreak are Natrum sulphuricumPhosphorusChelidonium, and Bryonia alba.

Third Stage – If the patient is terminally ill with threatened respiratory failure, the medicines that can help to save many lives are Crotalus horridusLachesisAilanthus glandulosa, and Muriatic acid.

Dosage and Repetition – Considering the severity and rapidity of illness lower potencies (6c, 12c, 30c) are recommended. The medicines should be repeated at short intervals (1/2 to 2 hrs)

Patient Management

Patients should be placed in an isolation unit. Strict respiratory and
mucusol barrier nursing is recommended. It is very important that suspected cases are separated from other patients and placed in their own hospital room.

Health care workers and visitors should wear efficient filter masks, goggles, aprons, head covers, and gloves when in close contact with the patient.


Note – The Homeopathy medicines mentioned in this article have been worked out with theoretical assessment of current information on SARS. Most of these medicines have known action in cases of pneumonia but the author does not guarantee a cure. Homeopathy medicines when taken in low potencies for short duration of time are usually harmless. Still, it is recommended that you consult your physician/homeopath before taking any medicine.


References –

Homeopathy Repertory – Kent
Homeopathy Repertory – Boenninghausen
Homeopathy Therapeutics – Ward
Homeopathy Repertory & Materia Medica – Boericke
Homeopathy Repertory – Phatak
US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organisation

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

(SARS) / Atypical Pneumonia

— Dr. Manish Bhatia

————– Kim Kalina —————————————–

I am a homeopath in NJ (USA) who recently recovered from probable SARS. I can’t honestly agree with most of the remedies you have listed in your write-up; they simply do not address the core issue of SARS – the inability to breathe. It took me multiple doses of Carb-V 10M to recover over a period of 2 weeks, but I wouldn’t have made it through without it. Having experienced it I can honestly say that the remedies, as a group, that will be curative are severe (life-threatening) asthma remedies. I also suspect ailments from vaccination remedies, as I believe this came from a mutated form of a live-virus Corona vaccine for animals (Asia is one of the few areas where they use live virus Corona vaccines – they are killed vaccines here, and live-virus vaccines are known to “jump” to other hosts and mutate). Aconite and Ars, possibly Phos may be helpful, but remedies like Carb-V and Spongia, Thuja, etc are the remedies I found most helpful and fit the pattern of this disease. I will be writing up an article about my experience for Homeopathy Today, but I hope you find this info helpful now for others who may be afflicted. Sincerely,Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA)

————- Dr. kamal ——————————————

Greetings from a homeopath from your neighboring country for hosting an excellent website on homeopathy. I have gone through your article on SARS. It’s nice. But I cannot make it out how have you reached to Chelidonium M as the prophylaxis of SARS! Do the symptoms of SARS, at least at the 1st stage of infection, correspond to Chelid’s picture? Could you throw some light on your selection of SARS’ prophylaxis?

Warm regards.

Dr Kamal.

———— Dr. B’s Reply —————————————–

Thanks Kim, kamal, and everyone else for all those replies, inputs, objections, and suggestions. First of all I would like to point to two useful threads related to this subject.

Homeopathyhome Discussion Forums – This one has two very useful posts by Simone and Shirley

Hpathy Discussion Forums – This one has contributions from Geir

Many people have asked about the choice of Chelidonium as a prophylactic, so I will elaborate on this one first. When we select a prophylatic for a condition, the selected remedy should –

— cover the signs and symptoms of current illness.

— should have known therapeutic efficacy in the said condition.

— should be deep acting enough to create an artificial state powerful enough to work as prophylatic.

— should cover the mental state/social state at that time.

Now, while there are many medicines that can cover the common symptoms of SARS, there are not many which cover all the four criteria. For eg., Aconite covers the symptoms in the initial stages very well, but it is not deep acting enough to work as a prophylactic. The factor which tilted the scale in favour of chelidonium is that I found it to be the only medicine covering the social mental state at present. The state is that of Fear, and specifically Fear of Pneumonia. Chelidonium is the only medicine to have this (fear of pneumonia – Kent, Phatak). Since it covers all other common symptoms too, it was my natural choice as a prophylactic. In other stages also you will notice that the medicines which are coming up high have lot of ‘fear’ in general. Aconite, Arsenic, Natrum sulph, Phosphorus are all fearful remedies, with lot of anxiety, fear of disease etc.

—>> I must add a note here that the medicines were not selected on the basis of fear but on the basis of signs and symptoms of existing cases. It was only appreciated later that the remedies have something more in common – the element of fear and anxiety. Even chelidonium came up in the list by the virtue of its covering the physical symptoms. Only later it was picked up as a prophylactic because of the specific fear it covers.<<—

I still believe Aconite will hold the key in first stage, Natrum-sulph in second, and Crotalus in third. I will add Chelidonium in the second stage too. The medicines for third stage will be required by only 10-15% of all SARS cases as only this much percent of cases do not show spontaneous improvement by 7th day and start progressing towards respiratory failure.

Many homeopaths have raised the issue of general vaccine damage, or vaccine causing mutation. One thing I would like to share is that though scientists have isolated coronavirus and paramyxovirus from SARS patients, they have not confirmed them as causative as yet. Many of these viruses are found in our naso-pharynx in health too and scientists are still probing the hypothesis that this new form of disease has flared up due to a chance co-habitation of two viruses. It means that it is possible that disease has taken its current form due to simultaneous infection by two viruses. So, I still have my reservations regarding vaccine theory. But as kim has suggested the effect of live-vaccines, it may be possible that such use of vaccine may have originally resulted in this simultaneous infection.

I invite further comments on this.

Dr. Manish Bhatia

———— Dr. kamal ——————————————

Dear Dr B,

Thanks for your prompt response. I have gone through that, and here are my observations (this is a fair discussion, I think):

1. Remedy selection based on social/mental aspects are granted as the most appropriate approach, and that is commendable. However, the peculiar rubric with single remedy (fear of pneumonia) is questionable. This symptom is found only in Allen, and no confirmation has ever been reported by any other authority so far. (I searched it in Encyclopaedia Homeopathica software).

2. During the outbreak of any deadly disease, people are scared about the supposedly “deadliness” of the disease, merely by its name. As such, to capture the mental state, rubrics like “Fear of disease”, “Fear of Infection”, “Fear of death”, etc. seem to be more appropriate. Consideration of the singular rubric with only one remedy to consider the mental state of people during an epidemic may not be a sound approach.

3. Pathogenesis of Chelidonium encompass, among others, the characteristic “biliousness”; even in Pneumonia – bilious vomiting is the concomitant of the chest affection (Clarke). Do SARS patients represent such hepatic disorder? I am not sure.

Considering the high fever, dry cough, breathing difficulty, myalgia/ muscular stiffness, headache, etc. Bryonia seems to me more as the prophylaxis for SARS.

Kindest regards.

Dr Kamal.


———— Dr. B’s Reply —————————————

Thanks again Dr. Kamal. Sometime after putting up the second part on this article, I added a small note to that discussion that all the medicines listed in the article were primarily selected on the basis of physical signs and symptoms. From the group of remedies so selected, Chelidonium was picked up because it not only covers the symptoms very well (high fever, dry cough, respiratory embarrassment and difficulty, muscular weakness, confusion of mind, bodyache, nausea, vomiting etc) but also had this specific fear of pneumonia. For the other medicines it was noted after the initial analysis that they all had a very strong streak of fear (of disease, of infection, of death), hence confirming their utility in the current scenario.

I do agree that this symptom is not given at too many places and there are hardly any known cases of its use but if Kent and Allen have mentioned it, there must have been some data for it. Also Phatak’s repertory contains only clinically verified symptoms and medicines. It also lists this symptom. So, if I have to begin my work, I would prefer to start with Chelidonium. If it fails, then I would move to other remedies.

Regarding the biliousness. Yes Sars patients, in later stage, do manifest gastric disorder like nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. I have not been able to confirm the nature of vomiting though. Also, I think ‘absence of a symptom’ can not be a criterion to rule out a medicine, if other criteria fit in properly. No patient can give ALL the symptoms of any given medicine.

Lastly, I would like to say that what I have written is my personal analysis, based on my understanding of the current symptoms, my knowledge of materia medica and repertory, and my clinical experience. I do not claim to be absolutely right with this analysis. My effort is just to make the homeopathic community think further into this. Your ideas about the prophylactic and indicated remedies may differ. We can not say who is right and who is wrong until we get to test our analysis in the field. But at least, we can get everyone’s opinion on this.

I invite further comments on this.

Dr. Manish Bhatia

————- Dr. kamal —————————————–

Dear Dr B,

Thanks again for your explanation. Here is my response:

You wrote: “So, if I have to begin my work, I would prefer to start with Chelidonium. If it fails, then I would move to other remedies.” Well, you’d get chance to switch to another remedy as prophylaxis – but if the 1st remedy was of little value as prophylaxis, people would contract the infection already, and belief in the prophylactic power of homeopathic medicine would be lessened severely.

Again, you wrote: “Also, I think ‘absence of a symptom’ can not be a criteria to rule out a medicine, if other criteria’s fit in properly. No patient can give ALL the symptoms of any given medicine.” You are absolutely right. I would like to supplement your version with what Kent said in his Philosophy: “After working in an epidemic for a few weeks, you will find perhaps that half-a-dozen remedies are daily indicated and one of these in a larger number of cases than any other. This one remedy seems to be the best suited to the general nature of the sickness. Now you will find that for prophylaxis there is required a less degree of similitude than is necessary for curing. A remedy will not have to be so similar to prevent disease as to cure it, and these remedies in daily use will enable you to prevent a large number of people from becoming sick. We must look to Homoeopathy for our protection as well as for our cure.” Probably, this is the core idea, very much in line with what Hahnemann did with Belladonna for scarlet fever prevention.

Now, the question remains: has Chelidonium been used with success for actually SARS affected patients so far? In fact, if we imagine the sick image of the patients afflicted with the severity of SARS (with respect to the respiratory problems) – does it call for Chelidonium instantly on one’s mind? Clarke has put only two symptoms of relevance, viz: “1.Short breath and tight chest. 2.Nightly attacks of asthma with sense of constriction in region of diaphragm.” All other symptoms are up to trachea, or at diaphragm, and not really severe anything. And Phatak: “Bilious pneumonia. Respiratory symptoms with liver symptoms.” (also other symptoms as of Clarke).

I think, what I really want to point out – has been nicely stated by Kent: “Right-sided pneumonia complicated with liver troubles or jaundice. This remedy seems to act throughout the system but almost always along with it the liver is involved and it is suitable for what the old people and the doctors called biliousness. The patient is generally bilious, has nausea and vomiting.”

I do not (rather never) intend to say, at least on the controversial topic like homeopathic prophylaxis, that someone is wrong! But our mission is the same: cure people, and save them in case of epidemics, as Kent uttered. May be, within couple of days (or weeks), we would be able to come up with the most effective SARS remedy – pointing towards its capability of being the prophylaxis.

All the best for you.

Dr Kamal.

———— Dr. B’s Reply ————————————–

Thanks again Dr. kamal. I do understand that it is necessary that the prophylaxis that we administer should be able to prevent the disease or some beliefs will get shaken. But the big question is how do we know beforehand that a remedy will work? We can only judge the action of a medicine after administration. When Kent wrote those words, they had the opportunity to work on such epidemics. These days how many homeopaths will get a chance to work on a known SARS case? How many have worked ‘in field’ in this outbreak? I doubt many! So Kent’s words can only be applied if we test a probable group of remedies in field. This whole exercise has been to work out that probable group. But unless and until we get to work on large number of cases in the field, it will not be possible for anyone to make definite judgments regarding the prophylaxis issue.

Regarding Chelidonium and severity of respiratory problems. Firstly, Clark is just one author and it does not list all the symptoms. Have a look at Allen’s encyclopedia. There are hundreds of symptoms indicating the severity of respiratory oppression. Having said that I must say that although the current illness is termed as ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Disorder’, but not all cases become ‘serious’ or have ‘acute’ respiratory difficulty. Actually, only 15-20% go that way. The current illness can range from symptoms of acute flu to severe pneumonia and respiratory failure. With most people it remains on the lighter side. So what do we give more focus to while choosing a prophylaxis – ‘flu-like’ symptoms which are found in all cases or ‘severe dyspnoea’ which is found in much smaller percentage of cases and that also in later stages? We give more focus to symptoms at the start or the symptoms at the end? I had these questions in mind in the beginning too and chelidonium appealed to me as it covers symptoms of both the stages equally well. Anyway, I am not dogmatic about chelidonium. I do agree that some other medicine (aconite, sulphur, tuberculinum, spongia, carbo veg, bryonia etc have been suggested by others) may work out to be a better choice. I have just presented my own analysis.

I invite further comments on this.

Dr. Manish Bhatia

————- Kim Kalina —————————————–

Dr. Bhatia,

I am very interested in why you keep thinking that people with SARS exhibit gastric symptoms – I have spoken to the clinicians at the CDC about the numerous suspected probable cases and they do not see these symptoms you describe. I have not encountered that at all either. Please advise on where that info is coming from.

To add my most recent discovery, after I suffered a brief relapse this past week I discovered that the remedy for the relapsing state of SARS is Bryonia, which in fact makes a lot of sense since it is the premier remedy of the Typhoid Miasm. This illness, in my estimation, definitely fits Sankaran’s picture of Typhoid miasm – “the “subacute” miasm between the acute and the psoric miasms. Typhoid has a prolonged prodrome with a feeling of malaise, days before the temperature rises significantly. Typhoid has both the acute features as well as slowness. It is an intense struggle in which there is an acute threat from outside – the response is not just instinctive but has the component of a struggle. The feeling is that of a critical situation, which if properly handled for a critical period, will end in total recovery.” I also wish to share that I am not a person who has ever taken a 10M of any remedy, but I find that in this illness it has taken multiple doses of very high potencies to eradicate. I would guess, therefore, that that need for very high potencies is part of the disease itself, since it is not common to me. I hope that this info is helpful to anyone attempting treatment of SARS.
Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA)


———— Dr. B’s Reply —————————————

Hi Kim,

I have nowhere written that all cases of SARS show gastric symptoms. When I replied to Dr. Kamal’s query regarding this, all I said was yes in later stages SARS patients do show gastric symptoms like nausea and diarrhea. This information has not come from my brain. The source of this information has been the net. Nearly every site which lists the symptoms of SARS in detail, list loss of appetite, malaise, nausea, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal disorder among the signs and symptoms. Even WHO site lists these. I have not dreamt this information. And you wont see these symptoms in suspected probable cases (your words) as they are known to occur in later stages. There has not been any confirmed case of SARS here in India as yet. Even when we get one, I do not think I will get to treat such a case (if it is prediagnosed) because of all the political ho-hala and scare of epidemic. So my information remains indirect but well-confirmed from more than one source.

Regarding your own case. Again the diagnosis was never confirmed in your case. I have seen numerous cases of influenza with marked weakness and dyspnoea, often needing carbo veg. I do not say that you did not get SARS but I cant say ‘you did get’ either. That would be presumptuous. Bryonia of course can play a useful role. It did come up in the initial analysis and is listed among the second stage remedy group. I will leave the interpretation of your analysis about Typhoid miasm open for others. Nearly every homeopath has his/her own different understanding of the theory of miasms, so I would refrain from making such a general analysis myself. But I would like to hear from others too regarding their understanding of the miasm behind this illness.

I invite further comments on this.

Dr. Manish Bhatia

More emails…so the discussion continues!

————- Kim Kalina ——————————————

Dr. Bhatia,
Your response seems to indicate that you read something into my comments that was not accurate – I did not think you got the info “out of the air” as you put it – but I have spoken directly with the CDC on a number of occasions and they have told me that the numerous cases they suspect of having SARS do not have GI symptoms – that infact those are not symptoms of SARS but likely the result of a secondary infection. That is why I asked what I did…

As for the reason I used the term “probable suspected cases” – that is what ALL suspected cases of SARS are referred to as, since there is not yet any test to confirm or deny anyone’s case as definitively having SARS. All cases are probable suspected cases if they have the symptoms and the travel history – I have both which is why mine was a “probable suspected” case. Hope this clarifies the issue for you.
Kim Kalina, USA

————– Dr. Kamal ——————————————

Thanks! Here is my further comments:

1. Yes, indeed, all the SARS patients may not assume the “severe” condition as the definition generalizes, and the symptomatology in general resembles much like “flu-like” symptoms. I think, the only exception is the characteristic respiratory difficulty in SARS, which is not really characteristic of flu.

2. Which symptoms (start or end) to consider for a remedy to be prophylaxis? Good question. I am not sure whether I have a straight answer, but here is an example: for Dengue – most of the homeopaths prefer Eupatorium perfoliatum as the prophylaxis; some of course in favour of Rhus tox or Influenzinum. Here, all the remedies chosen for the Classical Dengue syndrome – not for Hemorrhagic one. I think, it is all right, because very few cases assume hemorrhagic symptoms – at a later stage of the disease.

3. For flu-like symptoms, by virtue of the symptomatology, I think Bryonia, Gelsemium, Influenzinum, Oscillococcinum, etc. score much higher than Chelidonium.

4. Of course, Clarke is not the only authority to be mentioned. But, on going through the abundance of symptoms for the polychrests in Allen’s Encyclopaedia or Hering’s Guiding Symptoms – it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to visualise the genius or essence of a remedy thereof. Would anybody think of any other remedy, necessary in any case, after going through the 120 pages of Sulphur in Allen or 80 pages of Lachesis in Hering?

5. Let’s look at the original pure source of pathogenesis of Chelidonium and Bryonia in Materia Medica Pura of Hahnemann. Which one has more pronounced action on the chest and lungs along with other flu-like symptoms? Of course, I am not suggesting here Bryonia to be the prophylaxis of SARS. I am putting some food for thought.

Kindest regards.

Dr Kamal.

—————— Paula Kriwoy ————————————-

Hello Dr. Bhatia,

I am a Homeopath in Canada and my husband is a Paramedic in Toronto.

I found your site last week and have been reading the discussion of SARS following your article.Thankyou for your good research on the remedies to look at in various stages. I appreciate your scolarly work , and I appreciate your patience and professionalism in responding to those in the discussion.

Because of my close connection to the health care professionals in Toronto I may soon have a chance to interview recovered SARS patients. When I do have individual symptom pictures from these people, I will forward them on to you. You might consider asking others to do the same if your group would be willing to act as a processing center for the genus epidemicus.

warm regards,
Paula Kriwoy McDonough

———— Dr. B’s Reply —————————————–

Hi Kim,

I just made those comments to tell the source of my information. Don’t take them otherwise or personally. I have no way to chose between your source of information and my source of information. They are both secondary to me. May be when Paula is able to provide individual symptom pictures of SARS cases, the air will clear. Initially, there was some doubt about the cause of SARS but now every update seems to say, it is due to corona virus. Every ‘suspected probable case‘ is being subjected to identification of this virus and if the virus is not found, the case is declared not to be of SARS. Atleast this is the procedure here in India. Also, I read yesterday that scientists have already started work on creating vaccine for this particular virus. Why would they pour millions of dollar in this work if they are not yet sure if the cause is coronavirus or not? Also, I have not denied your case as being one of SARS. I have just said I have no way to know for sure!

Dr. kamal,

I do agree that the characteristic difference between influenza and SARS is the difficulty in breathing. But I have not come across any statistics which can tell how many of ‘mild’ cases of SARS suffer from difficulty in breathing. Do you have any such information? Anyone else out there?? The example of Dengue that you have given does suggest that the symptoms of initial stages have been used previously for finding the genus epidemicus or prophylactic. But still, this is a question to ponder upon.

Regarding your remedy suggestions. I am quite open to them. I ran an analysis on the information that I could gather and presented to peers for thought. I am not defending chelidonium. I have already stated that some other medicine may prove more useful. But we can ascertain that only when we get to test our remedies in field. When and If I get to work in the field, I would prefer to start with chelidonium, you can start with bryonia or gels. My aim also was to give ‘food for thought’ to everyone and now all I am doing is transmitting the views and discussions to everyone as more ‘food for thought’. I welcome every bit of information and suggestions, even if contrary to my own views. Ah! that reminds me of something. Two days back I received an anonymous email suggesting the remedy for SARS as Calcarea Hypophosphoricum 1M for 7 days! Now this one is new for me!! More food for thought 😉

I just mentioned Allen’s Encyclopedia because you mentioned that u can find ONLY TWO symptoms. I just wanted to give you more numbers! You can find more verified symptoms in many other works like Tyler, kent, Farrington, Chaudhary, Phatak etc.


We really look forward to receiving this information through you. Thanks.

I invite further comments on this.

Dr. Manish Bhatia

The above information about homeopathy treatment of SARS is only for information purpose. Please consult a professional homeopath before taking any homeopathic medicine for SARS.


I am copying a post I received a short while ago on my Website <joedelivera.com> which reported that Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose helped Corona positive patients.

March 31, 2020 at 9:01 PM (Edit)

Thank you for reporting the response of many patients who have benefited by using my ÒJoepathyÓ (Google) to treat the Corona Virus.

You are the first person to report an improvement in a Corona Positive and I am indeed very happy that you did so.

Please spread the word to all who can benefit by using this simple therapy which can be copied by anyone living in all countries where Homeopathic Remedies are marketed. Please share this vitally important information with the doctors in your city which your IP address indicates is Breda in the Netherlands.

I would appreciate if you will remain in contact with me as your information can make a monumental difference in the treatment of patients suffering from the Corona Virus through the world.

I shall copy below your post on my Website to enable others who visit it to also appreciate the valuable contribution that we can all make worldwide, to annihilate this Virus which has been responsible for thousands of fatalities throughout the world up to today and adding.

I shall be very grateful if you will co-operate with me in saving the lives of many thousands of Corona positive patients throughout the world with Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose used as prescribed by me on 31st January 2020.

Copy of your post received by me today 31st March 2020 from:


ÒI wrote you for the first time in September/October 2017, looking for help for my father with cancer, for my mother in law and her brain tumor, and my daughter with what seemed to be an asthma. I am writing this message quickly, so please excuse any omissions or mistakes. I have followed and used your therapy for all these years. Since beginning of March my whole family has been drinking Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c as suggested by you here. I gave a bottle yesterday to a family with confirmed Corona virus. The dad, 50 years old, was starting to develop breathing problems. The mom had been already in the hospital but was sent to recover home as she us young, 30 years old, and was still not critical. They are all doing much better today, after starting on the Eupatorium Perfoliatum. That is amazing. Be blessed for all the amazing work you do for the humanity!!!!Ó

Please revisit the first Article I made on January 31 2020 on my Website copied below:

ÒEupatorium Perfoliatum 200 may succeed in treating the Corona Virus.Ó

I would like to add that I am over 90 years in age and I treat all patients who seek my assistance with my ÒJoepathyÓ (Google) free of charge through my Website. I am not a professional Homeopath

I hope and pray that the medical profession will take notice of this first report of a positive response to my therapy of a confirmed Corona case as this is important to prove that Homeopathy can also help in CURING seemingly impossible cases of disease, in this case the Corona Virus in anyone who follows the simple protocol I have prescribed which can be replicated in almost all countries.

One last thought before I post my response on my Website.

You have used Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose and reported that it has helped patients who were Corona positive. I first discovered in 2005 that it cured patients who presented the Cold Virus. I later used it to CURE thousands of patients who presented the Dengue Virus in Sri Lanka and abroad.

It is possible that it may also prove to be effective in CURING AIDS.

I hope and pray it will.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka.


I was touched by the very warm welcome I received from all my friends here on the H&M which proves that my contributions in the past did not go unnoticed and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I have been born with a certain sense of originality to do things my own way, and many of you have supported me when I was being unfairly attacked by a coterie of ‘classical’ Homeopaths on this Forum and others including the ABC and it was they who were responsible to coin the term “Joepathy” to derisively describe my contribution to my healing protocol which strangely enough surprised both me and them, because my “This for That” therapy worked to cure ailments far more effectively than they did with their classical therapy, which I had also originally used without the success I achieved with mine. It was a surprise to me to see, many years later, that the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Foundation, Kolkata also used the same “This for That” protocol unknown to me, and they are all professional Homeopaths of world renown.

I established my own Website in 2010 to filter out these trolls but I have been visiting the H&M sometimes, to keep in touch with its progress and also to filter out the many Spam messages which originated from a source in China, which thankfully is not a problem today.

It is my fervent hope that many more cases of Cures will result if our Membership joins me to do everything possible to introduce EP200 in the Wet dose to the medical profession, as to me is seems that the drugs now being used are not the Cure and what is more dangerous is that their doctors seem to fall victims themselves to the Virus like has already happened in Italy with over 50 fatalities, leaving a vacuum in the treatment of patients who depend on doctors to cure them.

I have done my bit to prove that EP200c works both as a Prophylactic and the Curative agent. I implore all of you to do your bit to persuade doctors to use this remedy on patients who are Corona Positive and discover for themselves that this Remedy CURES their patient in a manner that is nothing short of Miraculous. It seems to have something that the many drugs used like Chloroquin, Tamiflu and others lack, while also creating severe side effects.

I am fearful that the world is in for a very long haul with the Corona Virus for many months into the future unless immediate action is taken to stop it in its tracks. It seems to spread by droplet infection like by sneezing, and there is just this one Remedy that has the power of stopping it as we now have evidence that it has done so. All the hand washing and sneezing into a folded elbow are just useless as the droplets escape and spread the Virus.

I also have proof that EP200c will provide Prophylactic cover when a 5ml of the Wet dose is taken daily. All that is needed today is that the Care givers overcome their prejudice against Homeopathy and use it in hospitals in conjunction with the standard drugs they are using today till they are convinced that EP200 in the Wet dose alone can take over the burden of curing the patient in a manner that no other drug or vaccine can replicate. What is more is that it can be obtained from the nearest Homeopathic pharmacy in any city and can be in action very quickly.

We will have to think of the many thousands of lives that we can save if only we can get the cooperation of a World renowned agency like the WHO or the CNN / BBC who will understand that the current Curative process is falling far short of curing the intake of patients in US hospitals today with over 5000 fatalities and 600 in the UK today. 30000 fatalities in the EU up to today. Italy, Spain and S Korea are other examples with India following with unknown statistics.

It is in your hands to start this Revolution in Curing patients who are Corona positive with EP200c. I am too old to do so actively today at my age of over 90 years and I do hope and pray that this single Remedy EP200c in the Wet dose will halt the spread of the Corona Virus and help preserve precious lives.

I have also every hope that EP200 will also cure HIV Aids. All that it necessary is to test it on a few HIV positive patients.

I shall repeat my protocol to use Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose below in the hope that this post will be read by many interested members.

The working remedy is made by inserting 3 drops of the Liquid Remedy in Ethanol into about 200 pellets / globules #30. The glass vial is rolled over by hand and the contents should not stick inside the glass.

10 medicated pellets are inserted into a 500ml bottle of pure water and even tap water will do, after boiling to release the chlorine. This constitutes the working Remedy which is then given to the patient in a dose of 5 ml every 2 hours till an improvement is noticed in the patient’s condition and the headache,fever, coryza, vomiting and other symptoms cease when the frequency of the dose can be reduced slowly.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c is also marketed in standard Globules / Pellets and the same protocol can be followed with 10 pellets being used to activate 500ml water.

The great advantage of my treatment protocol is that there is no danger of any overdosage as it is in water. A dose taken twice daily will provide Prophylaxis and I have already proved that this therapy will Stop a Cold as it will Stop the Corona Virus.
Please remember that the success of using this CURE of the Corona Virus is in your hands and it is my fervent hope and prayer that you the reader will take action to spread the news of this cure of Corona Victims to the higher authorities with the request that they in turn will test this remedy on a batch of patients and when they respond positively in a few hours, to follow my therapy and thus save the world from further harm.

A Nurse in a Hospital in the UK cured of the CORONA Virus in 5 days.

I am copying the conversations I had with a client who gave Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose to a patient as prescribed by me.

MR Chandu Patel

Hi Dear Sir Dr Joedelivera, Namastay God Bless you and family.
I am glad to let you know one Nurse who I know more than 30year, when find out about she suffer with coronavirus, so i offer her help and she said ok willing to start, I give her wet dose bottle to help her out for coronavirus! which cured with your Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c wet dose three time 6pm, 8pm, 10pm than twice a day for five days, this wet dose work wonderfull with coronavirus. She is back to work after 10/12days She said thank you very much
I would like to let many people about your kindness and wonderful work so i this present situation follow your wet Eup perf 200c wet dose world wide.
Thank you very much for your kindness. God Bless

I am happy that you reported this case of the Nurse in the hospital who was infected by the Corona Virus a few weeks ago to whom you gave the Remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose which I prescribed by email, to you.

Please confirm for the record that you gave her the Euph Perf 200c in the Wet dose for just 5 days after she was on sick leave for some days and that she was cured. Please indicate for how long was she on sick leave.
Why was she not warded in her own hospital for further treatment and can you name the Hospital?
Did she take any other drugs after she was diagnosed?
Did she take any other drugs when using my therapy?

This information will help to prove to any visitor to my Website that my therapy can CURE patients infected by the Corona Virus. All that is necessary today is that it is used by all who are infected and it is very likely that they will also be CURED. Euph Perf 200c is available in any Homeopathic Pharmacy in the UK and worldwide and if used as per my prescription, it can save lives very quickly.
This same remedy CURES Dengue, another disease caused by a similar Virus, in just 3 hours within the first 3 days after infection.

As you are aware, I first prescribed this remedy to stop Colds since 2005 and when we had Dengue in Sri Lanka in 2007, I used it to CURE thousands of cases by giving it in water, free of charge. It is also an excellent Prophylactic as it prevents others in the same household from catching the Dengue after being bitten by the Aedes Egyptii Mosquito.

I have not succeeded in using it to treat a Corona patient in Sri Lanka as I am not a professional Homeopath and although I have studied this science, I chose not to qualify but have my own Website at 90 years in age.

It is unfortunate that the medical profession just refuse to use this simple and safe remedy although there is now proof that it cures, from many sources. I feel confident that if it is used all over the world to treat the Corona virus this Pandemic can be CURED in a few weeks and thousands of lives will be saved.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka.


Louisa Williams, ND

Coronavirus Recommendations Update

Updated: Mar 20

Camphor tree

Update on Coronavirus

Because the information and experiences from homeopaths worldwide are rapidly evolving, I am updating last week’s blog post here.

In Iran and other parts of Middle East, as well as China, Korea, India, and Europe, other “genus epidemicus” remedies—the most closely-fitting homeopathic remedy for the majority of people experiencing flu-like symptoms—are being proposed. These include Bryonia alba, Gelsimium sempervirens, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Antimonium tartaricum, and other classic upper respiratory infection and flu remedies.

Based on the various symptoms reported from around the world however, I still believe that Arsenicum album 30C is one of the most optimal choices in the first-line homeopathic defense of coronavirus. However, another remedy has recently emerged that I believe can be characterized as a “co-genus epidemicus.” This remedy, Camphor 1M, has reduced symptoms experienced during more severe coronavirus infections in other parts of the world. Therefore, I believe that stocking both of these remedies will provide the best homeopathic home safety net. And short of ordering 10 to 15 homeopathic remedies for the flu—which also requires extensive study into each of their indications—I think this two-pronged approach is the most effective and reasonable homeopathic protection against this virus.

Updated Recommendations

If you begin experiencing flu-like symptoms, or if are especially afraid and worried about contracting coronavirus, or if you might have gotten recently exposed:

  1. First take one dose (about 2 to 3 pellets) of Arsenicum album 30C. If your flu-like symptoms are significant contact your local MD, describe your symptoms, and see about getting tested for coronavirus. If the Arsenicum album 30C helps alleviate your symptoms, continue dosing this remedy two to three times a day, for three days or more. If your flu-like symptoms are not being alleviated by this remedy however…

  2. Then take one dose (about 2 to 3 pellets) of Camphor 1M, from two times a day to every four hours (depending on the intensity of your symptoms), for three days or more.

  3. If neither the Arsenicum album or Camphor help reduce your symptoms within a few hours, contact me or your local homeopath as soon as possible. Early intervention is crucial.

Note that if you are on your constitutional remedy, you would dose that remedy first. But if it does not help abate your symptoms then follow the three instructions above.

Arsenicum album 30C is available at most health food stores, or on my site.

Camphor 1M is available from homeopathic doctors and practitioners, or on my site.

Historical Note

The reason emphasis is placed on stocking these remedies is that during epidemics homeopathy has had a remarkable track record. For example, during the cholera epidemic in 1849, only 3 percent of homeopathic patients died compared with nearly 70 percent of patients who received conventional allopathic treatment. (Radical Medicine, p. 410) And during the 1918 flu epidemic a survey of 26,000 cases of flu treated in homeopathic hospitals revealed a mortality rate of 1.05%—in contrast to 24,000 cases of flu treated at conventional medical hospitals that had a mortality rate of 28.2%. (Ullman, Mercola, 12/6/18)

Unfortunately, there are no longer any homeopathic hospitals existing in the US. But stocking homeopathic remedies at home can be an important and potentially life-saving step, along with an optimal diet and natural nutritional supplementation, good hygiene habits, and support from your holistic and allopathic physicians.

Other Support

The following nutritional recommendations are always essential for supporting a functional and robust immune system that can defend itself against invading pathogens during the winter months:

A Wise Traditions diet along with avoidance of your primary food allergies such as gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, etc.

Extra natural vitamin C such as Pure Radiance C – 1 teaspoon two times a day or 6 caps daily

Fermented Cod Liver Oil or Skate Liver Oil – 1 teaspoon or 6 caps a day

Emu oil – 1 teaspoon two times a day CHAMP Pro Plus – From ½ to 1 scoop daily in water (GALT, Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue, regulates almost 70% of the immune system.)

NotaSan 4X – 2 drops rubbed over the tonsil areas of the upper neck or snorted up the nose, three to six times a day, to help reduce cold, flu, sinus, or allergy symptoms when they arise. Please contact me for these isopathic remedies.


The nosode of Influenza.

The nosode of influenza has with many practitioners taken the place of Baptisia as the routine remedy in epidemics. It may be given in the 12th or 30th potency, either in the form of tincture, pilules, or discs.

or ten globules may be dissolved in six ounces of water, and of this a dessertspoonful may be given for a dose. It may be repeated every two hours. This will be found sufficient to control a large proportion of the cases. The general directions I give to my patients are these When “colds” appear in a family let all those who are unaffected take Arsen. 3 thrice daily, and let the patients take Influ. 30 every hour or two. This generally prevents the spread of the trouble and clears up the “colds,” whether they are of the influenza type or not. Influenza has the property of developing old troubles, and thus it takes an infinite variety of forms in different persons, so that Influ. need not be expected to cure all cases unaided, or, indeed, to be appropriate to every case.

Catarrh. Colds. Influenza.

I find Influ. compatible with Act. r., Ars., Bell., Bry., Hep., Merc., and many others.


Dr. Clarke wrote “The general directions I give to my patients are these: When “colds’ appear in a family let all those who are unaffected take Ars. 3 thrice daily, and let the patients take Influ. 30 every hour or two.”


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