Whilst most of us intelligence and in-the-know peoples want out of this gaga illusional World we see there’s some who cannot wait to jump in head first and become slaves when they cannot see that they are truly free. Interesting this woman adores The City of London so much seeing as she is now its slave under the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. Her Soul is now held by Eyelyn De Rothschild and the Vatican whilst her physical body is held by Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain and the Vatican for the rest of her life. She has seven years from now to learn how to present herself as a living being like she was until she done this most recent stupid act. Now she’s a dead soul beyond the sea whilst the fiction she now animates as the Birth Certificate is simply a corporation or vessel on the high sea. She has now allowed a bond as security into the Bank of England which will make currency by the day for the rest of her life whilst traded against other World banks daily. She will never see this currency of course seeing as its only allowed to The City of London when she dies and the death certificate is put in. This is nothing more than the closing down of the corporation but hidden as a death. How can someone who’s died be dead again? Its all in the deception because at one time this system wasn’t around but in 1933 came into place through usurping and deception due to the Nation’s bankruptcy. The City grabs a hold of the sum via the Escheat law similar to when you die with wealth but no relatives. How wonderful.. To be free you create your own lawful money and keep away from debt instruments of The Worshipful Company of Mercers. You then start farming and doing local needs and building up a new system to compete and destroy the fraudulent slavery system thats in place now. All belief in the Government and current system must be stopped. The people are the Government not the false politicians front roles as if they are Gods telling us what to do. Remember join the British Constitutional Group.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  2. Lou Cifer

    Have you found out any information about when the BCG are going to be training up Peace Officers yet? I’d appreciate it if you could, because their website is void of that knowledge. Thanks!

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