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Blogger & forum poster (at Unhived Mind for around the past five years) Avles Beluskes had some very rare insider information on the Vatican Octopus arms, most notably the Constantinian Order, which is one of two religious-military lay orders of the Pope, the other being the Order of Malta. Unfortunately I do not have any saved webpages from his blogs or Unhived Mind posts – too many things to think about at any given time, it is too easy to let it slip to save these things. If anyone has a folder of his stuff then please pass my way.

The fact that Doug mentions that just after the original Avles Beluskes blogs were taken down a new blog called “Avles Beluskes Novice” appeared raises a few speculations:

Did AB pull his own blogs, perhaps due to a nervous/mental overload/breakdown or threats of violence (I do recall him mentioning strange goings on outside his home a while back) – or was he taken out of the equation (a la Rik Clay?) & had his blogs pulled “for him” & perhaps these new replies to Doug are not in fact from Avles’ hand?

Considering the newish blog being called (rather strangely) “Avles Beluskes Novice” did AB actually become a novitiate in some Masonic Order or Papal religious order, say even the Jesuits & choose not to keep his blogs up? (Unlikely I would have thought, but I guess that there is always the possibility. Also: Was that newer blog even by AB at all?).

Did AB discover a whole other dimension to the global conspiracy that fractured his understanding of it up to that point & was it was all too much to integrate?

If the blogs do reappear (unlikely I would think), will they take on a different direction?

Well, may never know I guess, but these things should be considered in this case & in others that are evocative of it.

Hopefully Avles Beluskes is able to come through whatever ordeal he is going through intact mentally, physically & spiritually & as his own man.

P.S.: & why (as Doug’s email exchanges show) is Avles Beluskes email coming from an “Alice”?

Are we to be led to believe by whoever sent the email on Avles’ behalf (whether Avles himself or someone else) that he has a female alter-ego called Alice? Avles/Alice?? Or was Avles actually a woman called Alice? Not that that makes his research any less valid one way or the other, but is that what he was referring to when he wrote in response to Doug’s enquiries as to what has happened to Avles Beluskes & his blogs:

“… my life has well heavier problems than Vatican NWO … problems without solution except death … I present a disturb even to you.”

All very curious …

- TS


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  1. Ken Ardel says:

    This is just some constructive criticism as I enjoy reading his informative blogs and I hope Mr. Beluskes does not take this the wrong way as I know he is not a native English speaker but…

    Avles should get someone he trusts that has a great comprehension of the written English language to go over his blogs to make them more understandable and grammatically correct so he can reach a wider audience.

    As an example his wide use of the word “putted” (sic) instead of the word “placed ” in his articles just drives me up the wall.

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