Angelo Scola gets closer to becoming the Risen Pope Horus [Video]

Aging Pope uses wheeled platform

For the first time, Pope Benedict XVI is using a wheeled platform to move up the long aisle of St. Peter’s. The Vatican’s spokesman insists that the 84-year-old pontiff is not using the platform for medical reasons but to “lighten his fatigue.” (Oct. 16) (The Associated Press)

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  • Remember folks I’ve told you for a while that I believed Angelo Scola would become the next Osirian Pope to be slain (assassinated) and risen as Horus aka Anti-Christos. Remember Venetian Popes do not last long in the Chair of Peter (Ptah/Jupiter). Marco Ponce believes it will be Peter Turkson in the Chair, its possible but I stick my old choice who has since now become the most powerful Cardinal Archbishop in Europe controlling the Milan diocese.

    -The Unhived Mind

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