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Duchess of Cambridge ‘has potential to be the new Jackie O’, says Amanda Wakeley

The Duchess of Cambridge has is on her way to becoming “a modern-day Jackie O” for the fashion world, one of her favourite dress designers has said.

By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter
3:20PM BST 27 Apr 2012

Amanda Wakeley said the Duchess had become such a powerful trend-setter, particularly in the US, that she bore comparison with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the former wife of President John F Kennedy.

“I think she really has the potential to become a modern-day Jackie O,” she said. “She has a big impact on fashion. It always amuses me how much more, despite her being British, how much more the impact is in America.

“Whatever she chooses to wear is neat and quite youthful and it’s always occasion appropriate and that’s hard. This is a big role that she has and she always seems to get it right.”

Miss Wakeley spoke about her most famous client for the forthcoming documentary The Royals: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, which will be shown on CNN International on May 4.

In the same programme, the president of the US arm of the fashion chain LK Bennett came close to confirming reports that the British brand had only branched out to the US two years ago because of the huge awareness generated by the Duchess wearing its products.

Tony DiMasso said: “We are excited and flattered every time the Duchess of Cambridge wears our clothing and our shoes. She has brought brand awareness for our customers in the United States.

“We’re new to the United States and yes, because the American press is infatuated with her every move, her wearing our clothes and our shoes has brought a lot of attention to the brand.

“When she wears something the phones in our stores keep ringing because customers seem to follow her and then they want to wear what she’s wearing.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to spend their first wedding anniversary tomorrow enjoying a romantic meal at their home on Anglesey, after spending tonight celebrating with close friends and family.

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