Pope could be the victim of assassination plot within a year, claims senior Vatican cardinal

Cardinal Paolo Romeo said to have revealed details on a visit to China

Another cardinal then submitted a top-secret report to the Vatican Secretary of State
Plot ‘beyond realms of reality’ says Vatican spokesman

By Nick Pisa
Last updated at 7:48 PM on 10th February 2012

A senior Vatican cardinal has sensationally claimed Pope Benedict XVI could be ‘the victim of an assassination plot’ within the next 12 months, it emerged today.

Cardinal Paolo Romeo is said to have revealed the details while on a visit to China and that another cardinal who was told of the comments, then submitted a top secret report to the Vatican Secretary of State.

The plot, which could come straight out of a Dan Brown-style thriller, was revealed in Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano today.

Cardinal Romeo, who is Archbishop of Palermo, is said to have made the claims during his visit to China last November where he met with Italian businessmen and local Catholic Church officials.

The Catholic Church is not officially recognised in China and relations between the two are strained but in November, Pope Benedict did grant approval for the ordination of a new bishop which was accepted by the Bejing government.

Il Fatto claimed that Cardinal Romeo told the businessmen that there was a ‘death plot’ against the Pope and that he would be ‘dead within twelve months’, the end of the year at the latest but it was not clear where he had obtained the information.

His comments were then relayed back to another cardinal in Rome, Colombian-born Dario Castrillon who wrote up the report and submitted to the Secretary of State, cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

The newspaper claimed that the report was ‘translated into German’ so as to keep the sensationally revelations as quiet as possible within the Vatican but it was submitted to German born Pope Benedict XVI as well.

Cardinal Romeo, 73, has a long career as a Vatican diplomat and has worked in the Philippines, Belgium, Luxembourg, Venezuela and Rwanda and he was also the Vatican’s official ambassador to Italy between 2001 and 2006, when he was made a cardinal by Pope Benedict.

Il Fatto said that it had been leaked a copy of the report and that the German words for ‘death plot’ were in it and they added that they had verified it was original by the Vatican rubber stamps that were on the pages.

They also went on to detail how cardinal Romeo had even said that a successor for Pope Benedict was also being lined up and named him as cardinal Angelo Scola, the current archbishop of Milan.

Il Fatto added that cardinal Romeo had ‘seriously predicted a criminal plot against the pope and that he would be dead within twelve months’ and that the report had been written on New Year’s Eve and then passed to the Pope last month.

Il Fatto deputy editor Marco Travaglio said:’ We are happy the report is a genuine Vatican document and that the details are accurate as we reported them.

‘Obviously we hope that it is not true but the words death plot are clearly there in German and it was written in German so that only a handful of people within the Vatican knew the details.’

Today Vatican spokesman father Federico Lombardi tried to downplay the report saying that it seemed to him ,to be ‘’beyond the realms of reality and not even worth considering”‘.

In 1978 Pope John Paul I died after just 33 days in office and there have long been suggestions that he was poisoned by the Mafia after they discovered he was about to name senior Catholic church officials who were involved in money laundering for the Mob.

In 1981 late Pope John Paul II, who died in 2005, was the victim of an assassination attempt when Turkish hit man Mehmet Ali Agca fired at him from close range, as he greeted crowds in St Peter’s Square.

The Pope was rushed to hospital where he underwent life saving surgery and he went on to make a full recovery, putting his survival down to the intervention of the Virgin Mary and later one of the bullets removed during the operation was placed at a shrine to her in Fatima, Portugal.

In 1991 comedian Robbie Coltrane starred in a film called The Pope Must Die, in which he played a lowly priest who is mistakenly elected Pope and then has to avoid being assassinated by the Mafia.


Over the years, many popes have met a grisly demise – by strangulation, poisoning, crucifixion, and even by being clubbed to death. Much of the bloodshed occurred during the Middle Ages. But as the death of John Paul I in 1978 shows – if conspiracy theories are to be believed – with great responsibility comes great danger…

St Peter (AD 64): Crucified.

John VIII (872-882): Allegedly poisoned and then clubbed to death.

Adrian III (884-885): Allegedly poisoned.

Stephen VI (896-897): Said to have been strangled.

Pope Benedict XI, who reigned in 1304-5, was allegedly poisoned

Leo V (903): Murdered.

John X (914-928): Allegedly suffocated under a pillow.

Stephen VII (928-931): Possibly murdered.

Stephen VIII (939-942): Mutilated and died from injuries.

John XII (955-964): Murdered by cuckolded husband.

Pope John VIII (872-882) is said to have poisoned and then clubbed to death; right, Stephen VI (896-897) is alleged to have been strangled

Benedict VI (973-974): Strangled by a priest.

John XIV (983-984): Starved to death or poisoned.

Gregory V (996-999): Said to have been poisoned but probably malaria.

Sergius IV (1009-1012): Possibly murdered.

Clement II (1046-1047): Rumored poisoned.

Damasus II (1048): Rumored murdered.

Boniface VIII (1294-1303): Died from abuse received while a captive of the French in Anagni.

Benedict XI (1304-1305): Allegedly poisoned.

John Paul I (1978): Allegedly poisoned.

In 1978, Pope John Paul I (left) died after just 33 days in office and there have long been suggestions that he was poisoned by the Mafia


    What have I told you about Cardinal Angelo Scola? I told you he would be the next Pope whilst others have trumped up Peter Turkson. This once again shows I was on the money and it looks like someone may be trying to hinder Angelo Scola getting the position. Why? Maybe to get the negro Turkson in the position instead through a dirty tricks campaign making sure a Venetian Pope doesn’t come in and need assassinating yet again like other Venetian Popes. Venice and the Vatican have not been on the best of terms for a long time and remember Venice was at one time ex-communicated. I told you about Cardinal Angelo Scola a long time ago now and way before he became the most important Archbishop in the World by running the Diocese of Milan. Benedict XVI is a Jesuit controlled Pope through and through as we saw when he destroyed what seemed like a challenge by the Opus Dei between 2006-2007. Why would a non-Jesuit controlled Pope (no such thing since 1814) allow this to happen seeing as everyone hates the Jesuits guts and would prefer anyone other than the Jesuits ruling and stealing from them. Nearly two hundred years of Aragon Templar rule needs to be destroyed and replaced to save humanity from darkness.

    -=The Unhived Mind

  • FreemanInChrist

    What happened 2006-2007 with Benedict XI and Opus Dei?

    • Its Pope Benedict XVI not XI my friend. Take a look into the matters of Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith during the time and the Opus Dei connection to it all which included the actions against the Institute for Works of Religion aka the Vatican Bank.

      -=The Unhived Mind

    Vatican conspiracy, just behind the internal war for the succession to Ratzinger

    The document revealed by The Done contains specific messages against Cardinal Scola, considered the favorite of Pope Ratzinger as the next in the viewfinder also the Secretary of State Bertone. Behind Cardinal Castrillon, the prelate who gave the information to the Holy Father, moving environments ultraconservative

    11 Feb 2012
    The explosion of poisons in the Vatican is a sign of decay. The war of photocopies witness the fall of a kingdom, characterized by a monarch who feel psychologically safe only with his right arm but is aware of his inability to lead with an iron fist the curia machine. Around is the plethora of Curial irritated and dissatisfied, they send out smoke signals as secret documents to show that it can not go forward. No one can read the latest report on “the end of Pope Ratzinger” without twist, the painful story of the expulsion of Viganò – guilty of alleged corruption – and without going back to my mind another death threat: that of the “crow” against Bertone.

    Secretary of State is always in the eye of the storm. L ‘”precisely” secret cardinal Romeo’s trip to China, which like a cluster bomb sowing hatred and malice against key figures in the Ratzinger papacy, brutally brings to light the profound crisis that troubles the Government of Benedict XVI.

    A first remark: the mission of Cardinal Romeo in China, his comments in a private circle, its possible lack of interest on the assessments of the pontiff for the government machine Vatican newspaper, his speculations on the duration of the reign of Benedict XVI – woven items grandguignoleschi as a murderous conspiracy against the Roman Pontiff – have the excuse to hit two big shots to dear Papa Romeo is not the goal: the missiles are directed against the papal candidate number 1 and Bertone, Scola. Pope Ratzinger said that “literally hates” Bertone is false. But is the means to remember that Benedict XVI on several occasions felt uncomfortable for the management of his Secretary of State, even if due to age, the pope feels “safe” only with trusted Bertone, which established a link ten years of total psychological harmony when he was secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    So the letter, made out by the Vatican, serves as a reminder that in 2009 the well-informed of the Curia and of international diplomacy were aware (Wikileaks documents) of the sea of ​​criticism to Bertone for “weak leadership” in the Vatican. April 2009 is being held in Castel Gandolfo, a meeting between the Pope and the cardinals Scola, Schoenborn, Bagnasco and Cardinals Ruini where – absent Bertone – pose explicitly the question of the functioning of the Secretariat of State. But the Pope does not want or know how to change it – the ‘”precisely” the good points – and so the car Vatican continues its march between a cream and the other.

    The archbishop in his career Scola is the second target. A burst calcolatissima. His shift from the patriarchal head of the diocese of Milan was so against the traditions and the anxiety of Ratzinger to present him as his protégé doctrine is so obvious that the anonymous writer of the document begins to summon all the resentment against a future pope already “announced” and against the Italian conquest of the papal throne. It will be rambling style of the document, as stated by the papal spokesman Lombardi (who also must recognize the existence of the text), but opponents could damage are carefully chosen.

    Also the “twelve months” attributed to the reign of Ratzinger have an oblique reference to the difficulties caused by the pontiff’s persistent stress and heart disease treated with medication. As to make it appear one day in great shape and one day exhausted. Another remark: German document is excellent, it is difficult to Castrillon Hoyos, while the Italian instructions on investigations to do is limping. Castrillon, however, knows German and has good links with ultra-conservative Catholic circles in Germany. Thanks to these contacts has already been warned once Benedict XVI of libelous antiratzingeriano, which circulated in Germany.

    L ‘”fact” – that may have found its first inspiration in environments Lefebvre – allows Castrillón to make himself useful again to the Pope Done shows that the document was “delivered” (physically) from the Colombian cardinal. “Castrillon-pasticcion,” as he called Cardinal Re for disaster combined with the lifting of the excommunication of the Lefebvre holocaust denier Bishop Williamson, after the story has lost the leadership of the Ecclesia Dei commission appointed to negotiate with the followers of Lefebvre and came from around the intimate ratzingeriani. Thus he hoped to rejoin the game.

    The thing that strikes you most in this situation is the frenetic activity of the external communication of various monsignorili deep gorges. Symptom of a desire to mess up – in a war of all against all – the management bertonesca deemed to be both inefficient and adventurist (see Utopia’s focus on health Polo San Raffaele). But there are some who fear that dismissed him, let him come forth a strong man, very conservative, for now quiet in the shadows: Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, 67 years. Head of the powerful Congregation for the Clergy.

    “Plot against Benedict XVI

    He will die in 12 months”

    10 Feb 2012“plot-against-benedict-will-months”/190419/
    A note delivered to the Pontiff by cardinal Castrillon a month ago, reports what archbishop of Palermo, cardinal Romeo, said in one of his conversations in China last November: “His interlocutor thought, with fear, that the Pope would be the victim of an attack”. Scola could be his successor. The spokesman of the Holy See, Lombardi: “So incredible we cannot comment on”.
    Mordkomplott. “Plot of death”. It is somehow unbelievable to read on a strictly confidential document how an influential Cardinal, such as archbishop of Palermo Paolo Romeo, predicts Pope Benedict’s death no further than November 2012. Being so sure about the death period he made the interlocutors think of the existence of a plot to kill Benedict XVI. The exclusive content published by Il Fatto Quotidiano reveals a note written by anonymous dated Dec. 30th 2011. In Early January, the note was delivered by Colombian Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos to the secretary of State and the secretary of the Pope. Castrillon also suggested making inquiries to understand whom exactly archbishop Romeo talked to while in China.

    The Pontiff was told about the content of the note by cardinal Castrillon in person in mid January, during a private hearing. The document opens with a premise in upper case letters: “Stricly confidential”. Although many books have been written about Vatican conspiracies and the suspect death of John Paul I, these circumstances are surely uncommon. No one ever before putted on paper a plot to kill the Pope. A scheme that can have his final showdown in November, due to the deep divisions in the Holy corridors that picture the Pope opposed to secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone the day before an alleged succession.


    Archbishop of Milan Angelo Scola will be Pope Ratzinger intended successor, the document says.

    A document that is written completely in German, Pope Benedict’s mother language. The note has a long object line in bold: “Archbishop of Palermo, cardinal Paolo Romeo’s trip to Beijing on November 2011. During his hearings in China, cardinal Romeo foreshadows the death of Pope Benedict XVI within 12 months. Cardinal Romeo was told of a serious death plot by a well informed source. He was so sure and resolute, his interlocutors in China thought of the existence of an attack scheme against the Holy Father.”

    Right after this astonishing preliminary remarks, the document has a three paragraph structure, each one with a bold title. The first one is “Trip to Beijing”; the second one is “Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone” and the third one is “Pope Benedict XVI succession.”

    The first paragraph retraces the unusual trip to Beijing of archbishop of Palermo, Paolo Romeo, an influential character in the Catholic Church: 73 years old, nominated cardinal by the Pope during Nov. 20th 2010 Consistory, he will participate by all meanings to the Papal conclave.

    Born in Acireale (Sicily) from a prosperous family, Romeo loves new technology so much that on his archdiocese’s website you can click on “Follow us on Twitter” because “the Lord could use it to reveal all the ten commandments”.

    After a long career in the Philippines, Venezuela, Rwanda, Colombia and Canada, Romeo was named papal nuncio in Italy. Pope Benedict disavowed his willing to promote a conference among all Italian bishops anyway, right before he was supposed to be elected as president of Conferenza episcopale italiana (Italian episcopal conference).

    Pope Ratzinger disavowed cardinal Castrillon de Hoyos’ letter too, in which he was praising a convicted French bishop that didn’t press charges against one of his priests, guilty of sexual abuse of children.

    Older than Romeo, Castrillon is a diehard traditionalist and, when in charged of the Lefebvrian movement as president of the ‘Ecclesia Dei’ commission, he didn’t report bishop Williamson’s anti-semitism to the Pope.

    In his eighties in 2010, Castrillon retired and will not participate to the next conclave. He felt humiliated, although, when he discovered Romeo was in China.

    “On November 2011, cardinal Romeo landed in Beijing with a tourist visa but he never met any representative of the Roman Catholic Church in China. He met, however, with Italian business men, living or working in Beijing, and some Chinese interlocutors. When in Beijing, cardinal Romeo reckoned he was a special envoy of the Pope to pursue his hearings started by cardinal Dario Castrillon in March 2010. He also stated he was nominated directly by the Pope to carry on the relationships between China and the Vatican”.


    The anonymous writer describers Romeo as a braggart. The archbishop of Palermo bears out to be an old friend of cardinal Castrillon, expert of undergound churches in the Philippines and even as a member of a secret council that manages the Roman Catholic Church under the Ratzinger pontificate. “Cardinal Romeo surprised his interlocutors with the statement that he- Romeo- the Holy Father- Pope Benedict XVI- and cardinal Scola are a troika. On important matters, then, the Holy Father consults with him- Romeo- and with Scola.”

    Then, in the second paragraph, Romeo seems to criticize the secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone. “Cardinal Romeo harshly criticized Pope Benedict XVI because he would take care only of the liturgy, neglectting ‘daily affairs’ entrusted from Pope Benedict to cardinal Tarcisio Bertone”.

    Bertone and Ratzinger are described having continuous quarrels. “The relationship between Pope Benedict XVI and his secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone seems conflictual. In confidentiality, cardinal Romeo reckoned that Pope Benedict XVI hates Tarcisio Bertone so much he would replace him right away with another cardinal. Romeo added, although, that there is no other cardinal available to fit this position and that is why cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is still in charged of the secretariat.”

    At this point, given that “also the relationship between the Secretary of State and cardinal Scola is troubled as well”, here comes the paragraph that deals with the Pope’s succession. And cardinal Scola is way ahead in the nomination, due to his links to Comunione and Liberazione. “The Holy Father is managing the succession and he picked cardinal Scola as a suitable candidate, because he appears close to his personality. Slowly though relentlessly he is preparing and training him up to be the next Pope. On Holy Father’s initiative – says Romeo – cardinal Scola was transferred from Venice to Milan to get ready for his Papacy. Cardinal Romero kept astonishing his interlocutors in China – reckons the document delivered from the Colombian cardinal to the Pope – with his ever increasing indiscretions”.

    After picturing conflictual relationships inside the Vatican, Romeo now tosses the bomb. “Cardinal Romeo announced the Holy Father had only 12 months ahead to live. And he was so sure about himself, as he knew it with precision, that he prophesied Pope Benedict’s death within the next 12 months. Cardinal Romeo’s allegations were told by a well informed source. His statement of a death plot against the Pope made his Chinese interlocutors thought the Holy Father was about to be the victim of an attack”. But the note goes on: “Cardinal Romeo didn’t imagine that his statements during private hearings in China could be sent from third parties to the Vatican”.


    The last paragraph is all about the succession. “Pope Benedict’s successor would be Italian. As cardinal Romeo said in China, after Pope Benedict’s death, cardinal Scola would be elected Pontiff. But Scola has important enemies inside the Vatican as well”.

    Il Fatto called the spokesman of the Holy See, father Federico Lombardi, to ask the Vatican official position on the document. His response, yesterday night, was: “You can print anything you want but you’ll take the responsibility for that. It is so out of reality that I won’t even take it in consideration. It is so incredible I won’t even answer your question”.

    The denial is questionable because the document raises many questions about the health and the security of the Pope, giving the picture of a troubled Catholic Church.

    Besides the truthfulness of the document, the note must be taken to the attention of the public opinion and cannot be kept as a secret. Then again, the document must be explained to Christians worldwide. On Feb. 4th, Il Fatto published the letter in which papal nuncio in the U.S. Carlo Maria Viganò underlined corruption cases, theft and false billing inside the Vatican and pointed to the director of the Vatican museums, Paolo Nicolini, as responsible for those crimes.

    Then again, Il Fatto published as exclusive document that shown how the Vatican never gave its bank information to the anti-recycling authorities before April 2011. And now this note that unequivocally talks about the plot of death against the Pope. That is why we have published the note: first of all because officials have to verify the truthfulness of the document and, second, because the Holy Roman Church has to explain the reason why hypothesis of murder circulate among cardinals and bishops.

    Traduzione di Massimo Paradiso

    AntiChrist Pope Benedict XVI to step down April 15th 2012?

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