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  • It seems now that the only way to do anything is all out revolution, theres no other way the whole system has been corrupted by these people. All Military should come back home and take the Country back and remove this Jesuit and Knight of Malta merchant scum from the lands and bring back Common Law and our nation of land with all its Bill of Rights and Constitution as a Republic under God and destroy the Federal Republic along with Georgetown University with it.

    The militia are full of it my friend, you have no real militia, if you did this wouldn’t have got no where near as bad as it has. Now you have a load of foreign troops working for FINCEN just waiting for the nod to come in and attempt to fight but you’d better not give up those guns first otherwise its night night. Unfortunately its revolution time, die fighting or die in a concentration camp the decision is yours.

    The problem is that America was destroyed from 1848 and by 1861 it was gone due to Lincoln trying to pay off the debt to the Virginia Company of London rather than give them American land.Privy Councillor, Roundell Palmer signed Lincoln’s death warrant and he was assassinated leaving the corporation Lincoln created and thus the Constitution and Bill of Rights have never stood since and won’t until America comes back as Kennedy attempted and was signed off by Privy Councilor John Hobson

    Senator John McCain the stooge of the Papacy, should be put in front of a Lawful Common Law Court and sentenced to DEATH for TREASON on the land of America. Its time all these Courts and lackies of New Jerusalem aka City of London Corp aka Knights of Malta (Ad Providam 1312) were removed and destroyed lawfully for their TREASON on our nations. We must not let them get away with it. Study how the British Constitution Group works and implement the same there QUICKLY!

    -=The Unhived Mind

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