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    Please remember that a cancer cell has a protective coating that has a negative charge. Your immune system also has a negative charge and so when the immune system comes within a distance of the cancer cell it simply repels away like two magnets of the same pole. What you need to do is remove this negative coating which is a natural protection designed for the creation of life with the placenta. To remove the coating you utilize proteolytic enzymes like Bromelain, Papain, Trypsin and Chymotrypsin. The herb Avens is a good aid to increasing natural production of Trypsin. Of course this is all dependent on the level on dysfunction in the Pancreas and Spleen behind the part of the problem of your Cancer. When these proteolytic enzymes come into contact with the protein coating they burrow holes into the coating and eventually expose the inside of the cell. Now this exposure gives off the positive charged environment within and now the negative charged immunity can see and attack the problem. The main three areas that will need restoring are the Spleen, Liver and Kidneys. I strongly suggest you study the work of Dr John Beard of Scotland and his work on the trophoblastic cell.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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