Cry rape slap on the wrist: Teenage girl whose lies left one man in prison and another savagely beaten up gets off with an £80 fixed penalty notice

By Andy Dolan and Katherine Faulkner
Last updated at 12:11 AM on 15th December 2011

Jess Cooper, 17 had a one night stand with Andrew Lester, 40 but told her boyfriend at the time she was raped

A teenage girl whose false rape allegation led to an innocent man being beaten up and another man sent to jail was let off by police with just an £80 fixed penalty notice.

Jess Cooper was handed the penalty – usually given for minor traffic infringements, anti-social behaviour or environmental offences – for wasting police time.

However, her ‘wicked’ lie led to Andrew Lester being punched and kicked to the floor. He lost eight teeth and his hearing was permanently damaged.

Yesterday a judge who jailed Cooper’s boyfriend over the attack said the police’s decision not to prosecute her ‘beggared belief’.

Judge Michael Challinor said Cooper, 17, bore a ‘huge responsibility’ for the attack after telling the lie to boyfriend Philip Hollyman as they sat drinking in a pub.

Sentencing 22-year-old Hollyman to three years in jail after he admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent, the judge said Lester ‘may suffer from the effects [of the attack] for the rest of his life’.

‘He [Hollyman] is facing years in prison and she was given a fixed penalty ticket. It almost beggars belief.

‘Crying rape is an extremely serious thing to do. I hope the police will reflect on whether this was the appropriate action to take. It just isn’t right.’

According to Crown Prosecution Service guidance, women who cry rape, so risking the arrest of an innocent man, should normally be charged with perverting the course of justice, which carries a maximum sentence of life.

Failing that, they can be cautioned or charged with wasting police time, which carries a maximum penalty of six months’ imprisonment and a £2,500 fine.

Howard Searle, prosecuting, said Mr Lester, 40, had had a one-night-stand with Cooper, although it is unclear if this was before she started seeing Hollyman.

The court heard Cooper and Hollyman were at the Bricklayers Arms in Walsall, West Midlands, in August, when she told him that Mr Lester, who was also in the pub, had raped her.

Cooper’s ex Philip Hollyman, 22, brutally attacked Lester and has received a three-year sentence

Hollyman, a construction worker who, like Mr Lester, had been drinking heavily, followed him out of the pub and attacked him.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard Mr Lester’s cheekbone and nose were broken.

Mr Searle said Cooper made a complaint about the rape to police, but ‘quickly came to her senses and told them it was not true’.

Patrick Currie, defending Hollyman, said: ‘If it had not been for the false allegation he would not be before the court. Hollyman had no cause to doubt what he had been told.’

Outside court, Mr Currie said he was ‘very surprised’ at the action taken by police against Cooper.

The judge said he was able to reduce Hollyman’s sentence because the ‘provocation is very significant’. He added that Hollyman, from Walsall, was ‘in many ways’ a victim.

A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said West Midlands Police had already given Cooper the fixed penalty before it was consulted over the case against Hollyman.

Cooper, from Walsall, was not in court. Last night, a family friend of Hollyman said: ‘Philip knows he did wrong and is prepared to pay the price. Jess announced to the whole pub that she had been raped, in front of Philip’s friends and some of his family.’

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  • All whilst a feminine with a child gets put in jail for speaking out about third World Britain filling up with Africans and Polish. Wheres the real justice in this Country? It died when they usurped our Common Law thats when. Anyhow whats really scary about this case is it shows exactly whats going to happen when these new big brother domestic abuse laws come into force even for the use of words. You’re going to have numerous stitch up jobs done on people out of spite and if you’re a masculine then you stand no chance as right now the man has to be belittled and destroyed in the New World Order society. You see this daily with masculines being fleeced in divorce Courts and have no rights to see their own children. What this really is all about is simple its a chance for the nanny state to bib their beak in as usual at the same time make a profit from petty squabbles via fines and Court costs. If they’re really lucky then one of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals little puppets such as G4S, Serco or Geo Group will be able to incarcerate you in one of their private prisons and make £30,000 a year out of your sentence. The idea is to fine as many people as possible with hosts of fictional statutes to pay the Gross Domestic Product off now manufacturing as been given to the developing nations. They need to also fill these prisons up so these corporations I mentioned can state making a fortune. Its a system of slavery which feeds itself. Have you not thought of another equally powerful reason for this nonsense with relationships all of a sudden? Its to promote distrust and fear of relationships in case of persecution. Now this leads beautifully into the United Nations agenda of free love with no relationships and no ownership as highlighted in Brave New World.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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