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  1. All whilst a feminine with a child gets put in jail for speaking out about third World Britain filling up with Africans and Polish. Wheres the real justice in this Country? It died when they usurped our Common Law thats when. Anyhow whats really scary about this case is it shows exactly whats going to happen when these new big brother domestic abuse laws come into force even for the use of words. You’re going to have numerous stitch up jobs done on people out of spite and if you’re a masculine then you stand no chance as right now the man has to be belittled and destroyed in the New World Order society. You see this daily with masculines being fleeced in divorce Courts and have no rights to see their own children. What this really is all about is simple its a chance for the nanny state to bib their beak in as usual at the same time make a profit from petty squabbles via fines and Court costs. If they’re really lucky then one of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals little puppets such as G4S, Serco or Geo Group will be able to incarcerate you in one of their private prisons and make £30,000 a year out of your sentence. The idea is to fine as many people as possible with hosts of fictional statutes to pay the Gross Domestic Product off now manufacturing as been given to the developing nations. They need to also fill these prisons up so these corporations I mentioned can state making a fortune. Its a system of slavery which feeds itself. Have you not thought of another equally powerful reason for this nonsense with relationships all of a sudden? Its to promote distrust and fear of relationships in case of persecution. Now this leads beautifully into the United Nations agenda of free love with no relationships and no ownership as highlighted in Brave New World.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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